og bobby


1. OG Bobby Johnson by Que

2. Trashwang by Tyler, The Creator

3. Herb Shuttles by The Underachievers

4. Old English by A$AP Ferg

5. Upper Echelon by Travi$ Scott

6. Domo23 by Tyler, The Creator

7. Multiply by A$AP Rocky

8.Rella by Odd Future

9. Dark & Violent (Feat. J.K. The Rapper & Nell) by Denzel Curry

10. Rob Me A N*gga (Feat. Alley Boy) (Original Mix) by Freddie Gibbs

11. The Brown Stains Of Darkeese Latifah Part 6-12 (Remix) by Tyler, The Creator

12.Ashtray by Smoke DZA

13. Power (Feat. Danny Brown And Despot) by Das Racist

14. Nocturnal Rainbows by Hopsin

15. Dta Feat. Tyler, The Creator by Casey Veggies

16.Gangsta by Schoolboy Q

17. Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) [Feat. Zack De La Rocha] by Run the Jewels

18. Whoa (Explicit Version) by Earl Sweatshirt

19. Trillmatic by A$AP Mob

20. Hive (Explicit Version) by Earl Sweatshirt

21. The Purge by Schoolboy Q

22. Gold Soul Theory by The Underachievers

23. Drug Dealer by Sir Michael Rocks

24. Self Titled by MellowHigh

25. Checc Me Out (Feat. Cobby Supreme & Dom Kennedy) by Nipsey Hussle

26. Dis Ain’t What U Want by Lil Durk

27. Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5 (Original Mix) by Hopsin

28. Hands Up by Vince Staples

29. Fire by Vince Staples

30. 36 Chamber Flow by Flatbush Zombies

31. King Of The South by Big Krit

32. Threatz (Feat. Yung Simmie & Robb Bank$) by Denzel Curry

33. Canal by RATKING

34. Rainbow In The Dark by Das Racist

35. Soliloquy by Isaiah Rashad

36.Monopoly by Danny Brown

37. Hella Hoes by A$AP Mob

38. Yonkers by Tyler, The Creator

39. Kill Switch by Sir Michael Rocks

40. Pretty Flacko by A$AP Rocky

41. Let Me Find Out by Doe B

42. Red Dot Music (Feat. Action Bronson) by Mac Miller

43. Jeopardy by Run the Jewels

44. Bussin’ by Sir Michael Rocks

45. Jealous (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) by Fredo Santana

46. Get Through Feat. Dom Kennedy by Casey Veggies

47. Sasquatch (Explicit Version) by Earl Sweatshirt

48. Side B (Dope Song) by Danny Brown

49. Worldwide Choppers by Tech N9ne

50. F**k Out My Face by A$AP Ferg

51. Love Again (Akinyele Back) [Feat. Gangsta Boo] by Run the Jewels

52. One Eighty Seven (Feat. Problem) (Original Mix) by Freddie Gibbs

53. O.K. (Feat. Tyler, The Creator) by Mac Miller

54. Smokin & Drinkin by Danny Brown

Prologue- A Night's Ride

“Church in an hour.” Clay’s voice rang through the clubhouse, anger laced in his tone as he scrubbed a hand over his face and headed towards the garage.
“You think that means me too?” I turned and looked at Tig who was nursing a beer and bugging Juice about his “weed shop.”
“When does it not, doll?” He shoots me a crooked grin as he takes a swipe at Juice’s face to knock him off balance.
“Fair point.” I nodded, leaning up to steal his beer and chug the rest of it before he could try and get me to stop.
“You slut.” Tig mumbled with a fond smile, motioning for one of the prospects to bring him another.
“Always for you, baby.” I winked at him with a smirk of my own, moving to stand on my feet and fix the hem of my shirt.
“Lee! How the fuck are you?” Happy comes bounding into the clubhouse with Chibs and Kozik following behind him, Bobby and Piney stumbling in soon after.
“Happy!” I turned at the sound of my name and a grin made my dimples apparent. I jumped into his embrace and hugged him tight, Happy swinging me around before finally settling me on my feet.
“Where you been, Princess?” He kept an arm slung over my shoulders as we all congregated by the bar for some beers and to catch up.
“I had to go upstate for awhile and help with an op. Bastards thought they could keep me out of their system but I got through quicker than expected. If I share anything else, I’ll have to kill you.” I winked at him and we all clinked our beers together before taking a swig. The boys broke into laughter and I shot Happy a toothy grin.
“We missed ya, love. Jackie-boy wouldn’t shut up the whole while you were gone, whining like a lil’ bitch an’ carryin’ on. It’s good yer home.” Chibs nudged my shoulder with a fond smile, pressing a kiss to my forehead before ruffling my hair.
“Alright boys, get the hell off my old lady.” Jax yelled from the doorway, Opie grinning next to him as I broke away from the crowd to go hug him and get a kiss from Jax. It didn’t pan out like that, never does, as I was pulled in with a hand at my hip and the other wrapped in my hair as I was kissed until I was breathless.
“Hello to you too.”

Tbh Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby are VERY underappreciated, which I find strange, considering that their song basically brought the LT fandom back from the dead. Like, barely anyone talks about them. Not a lot of art, not a lot of headcanons, barely any stories. They deserve more love. My friend Nicole and I are pretty much the only people who constantly make Rottens content. It isn’t fair, it’s not fair to my pure precious boys.

monsta x taking care of u when ur sick


• always asks u questions about how ur feeling
• “are u feeling okay?” “are u dizzy?” “do u want some water?”
• if u ask him to get u something he will get it with SPEED
• cooks hot soup for u and if u ask him to feed u he’ll do it w no hesitation
• is convinced that ur cold and need a blanket. at all times
• which gives him an excuse to cuddle u
• when u start sweating bc of all the blankets and a large shownu wrapped around u he’s like “good!! ur sweating the fever out!!!”
• “don’t worry i’m strong i’m not gonna get sick after hugging u!”


• will freak out when he feels ur forehead and its burning
• “!!! ur super hot-oh that sounds weird i mean like temperature-! oh but i mean i guess ur hot too……” he gives u a shy smile
• “hoseok can u please just get me water”
• absolutely does not care if ur sick and dying he will give u SMOOCHES and HUGS
• his heart will hurt when he sees u miserable in bed so he’ll come over and snake his arms around ur waist and hold u until u fall asleep
• insists that u should put on another sweater even tho ur wearing 3
• makes hot & spicy ramen and brings it to ur room
• he ends up eating it himself


• is a busy bee, tries to do everything for u
• "no-BABY just stay in bed i’ll do the dishes!!”
• "i need to go to the bathroom tho”
• "i can do that for u too!!”
• always running around the house getting u things u didn’t ask for like blankets, a notepad, a framed picture of him-
• constantly forgetting ur sick so he’ll slip in under ur blanket and surprise hug u then u cough and he instantly slips back out
• likes to sit next to u and rub ur back until u fall asleep
• regularly checks ur forehead and ur temperature
• kinda grossed out by ur growing pile of used tissues but throws them away for u


• has all the prescription medication in the cabinet and has u list out symptoms so he can give u the right pills
• tries not to kiss u in fear of germs but it gets hard on him when he walks into ur room and u’ve just managed to fall asleep and ur sniffling and shivering and he just wants to scoop u into his arms and coo at u and kiss ur face
• brushes ur hair out of ur face after u wake up from a 13 hour nap
• he thought u were dead for the first 6 hours
• insists on feeding u
• nags at u sometimes and scolds u for not taking better care of ur health. calls u out for not wearing a jacket on april 20th at 9:07PM


• a big advocate for “i love u but u cannot kiss me and spread the plague”
• probably wears a dust mask around u
• he tries to make u soup but he somehow burnt the bottom of the pot so he orders takeout for u
• finds it so cute when u sneeze. forgets to say bless u sometimes and feels terrible when he does
• will softly sing u to sleep if u ask him, he sings u a an extremely shy and slightly embarrassed rendition of twinkle little star
• might actually fall asleep before u but will wake up if he hears u sneeze or cough and ask if ur okay


• a little whiny that he can’t kiss u bc ur sick
• that doesnt stop him tho he still gives u small pecks on the forehead
• plays soundcloud relaxing music playlists when ur trying to fall asleep. the playlist ends and after fur elise u hear the beginning beat of og bobby johnson
• u jump and he frantically stops the music
• "sorry baby how about i sing to u hm?”
• does not leave ur side, sits beside u writing lyrics
• asks u if ur feeling okay every 2 hours
• makes jokes and does stupidly cute things to make u feel better


• watches u while u sleep, checks ur breathing and brushes ur hair out of ur face
• he brings u loads of tea bc its the only thing he knows how to make
• "changkyun can u get me some soup?”
• "yea sure of course babe”
• he brings u a bowl of tea
• will write u a song about getting better while ur sleeping
• when u wake up he performs for u
• “(y/n, ur beautiful even when u sneeze, even with ur boogers and ur messy hair, i love u baby now that i swear”


OMG girl I died they killed it for real

KM & BW: Yesss!! one of the best of theirs!!💙