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closely related to sharks but with long, flat bodies and wing-like pectoral fins, mobula rays are ideally suited to swooping through the water - here off the gulf of california - yet seem equally at home in the air, so much so that they have earned the name “flying rays”. mobula rays can reach heights of more than two metres, remaining airborne for several seconds. 

mobula rays are quite elusive and difficult to study, so biologists are not quite sure why they jump out of the water. theories vary from a means of communication, to a mating ritual (though both males and females jump), or as a way to shed themselves of parasites. they could also be jumping as a way of better corralling their pray, as seen with them swimming in a circular formation. 

what is known about mobula rays is that they reach sexual maturity late and their investment in their offspring is more akin to mammals than other fishes, usually producing just a single pup after long pregnancies, all of which makes them extremely vulnerable to commercial fishing, especially as a species that likes to come together in large groups.

questionseeker  asked:

Any way we could get your Double Toasted take on "Batman and Harley Quinn"? I personally thought it was pretty good, but a few of the jokes kind of fell flat and like The Killing Joke it was a victim of its runtime (honestly think that this could have been cut down to be a really tight episode of the OG animated series).

Sure thing. I honestly found the movie fine. It was a fun film albeit silly, not something I’d take super serious & get mad over lol I enjoyed it for what it was. 

Though I WAS REALLY upset that Arleen Sorkin didn’t reprise the role. I know Tara took over except, she wasnt in this film, But to me Arleen IS HARLEY.

Bruce Timm even based the design of Harley off of Arleen Sorkin so I wouldve loved if she came back but that was my only real gripe. 

I’ve always loved Bruce Timm’s Style and It amused me to no end growing up with this style of animation in tha 90s and seeing more adult themes in his content


And I love that gave some comedic stuff to Batman so he’s not always Doom n Gloom lol.

I’d give it a Spill/Double Toasted Rating of Matinee cause I laughed a lot in it and I thought it was fine. I know some people hated it and some loved it but meh 

these are just my thoughts and what I got out of it

celstese  asked:

I was trying to figure out what material to use to make the t on Terra markovs from teen Titans(og animated series) shirt ?any ideas? By the way I hope you have a good day .

  1. Create a digital version of the logo (vector is ideal) and bring it to a t-shirt printing place. They usually do vinyl-pressed shirts which look really nice.

  2. If you want to do it yourself then I suggest screen printing. You can find beginner kits at craft and art stores. If you don’t really want to make it a hobby then you can pick up just a jar of screen printing ink and follow this fakie screen printing tutorial. 

  3. If you don’t want to invest in a jar of screen printing ink then you can just use fabric paint. Create a stencil, secure it on your garment and then brush or sponge the paint on. Let it dry fully and give it an iron to set it in place. (If you can’t find fabric paint in the right color then you can mix acrylic paint with fabric medium. Acrylic paint on its own may wash out.) 

  4. Another option, is iron on transfers. You print the mirrored design onto paper, cut it out, lay it on your garment and iron it into place. 

Hope this helps!
Duckie / Admin