“JAY BOY: The Early Years of Jay Adams” book with photos by Kent Sherwood (Jay’s stepfather) will be re-released this spring by Universe/Rizzoli. Glen E. Friedman designed the original version of this book in 2005 with Jay, and there are some amazing photographs in here as well as shots from Paul Revere that weren’t in the original edition. Besides all of the incredible photos of Jay, there are photos of Shogo Kubo, Tony Alva, Baby Paul Cullen, Wentzle Ruml IV and others. Kent Sherwood has instructed Rizzoli to give all royalties to Jay’s children, Seven and Venice, and his widow, Tracy. #greatbook #jayadams #OG #Dogtown #Venice #SantaMonica #Zephyr #ZBoy #skate #surf #photography #JayBoy #knowyourroots @jboyadams @glenefriedman @se7enadams @rizzolibooks This book can be pre-ordered on Amazon now if you type in “Jay Boy - The Early Years of Jay Adams”.


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I love this song SO much, and somebody just happened to request an arrangement of it..! @therealjacksepticeye

referring to a trans woman as anything other than a woman/female is transphobic. referring to a trans man as anything other than a man/male is transphobic. referring to a nonbinary person as anything other than nonbinary/their gender is transphobic. 

misusing science to harm others is anything but scientific, ur using it as a base to harm ppl, to justify ur hatred and bigotry.