man everyone who gives taakitz’s cats these brilliant beautifully thematic names is incredible and i appreciate them but they’re completely ignoring the fact that they’re definitely more like

• prince bastard the fifth

• zuko

• stinky

• gxhshandb (pronounced like hacking up a hairball)

• the conjuring

• gordon ramsay

• pope francis (lovingly nicknamed “the universe’s favorite catholic”)

• The Fantasy Great Gatsby Was A Shitty Fucking Book And Here’s Why

• agnes

Honestly… if I ever met anyone from cow chop outside of a convention they would look at me with such. Confusion. Because I almost always wear like at least 4-6 pieces of their merchandise every day (not complete without my Ollos) and honestly they’d probably just be like. What. The. Fuck.

I honestly look like a RT store Cow Chop Model 90% of the time wjsheidnfbsjsj

victor is a clingy sleeper and i just love that fact so much???? 

i dont think we see him once in the show sleeping without holding on to something/someone. the first few times he’s hugging makka, and once he’s on top of/holding yuuri himself and i just sjkaakjs. i just love it a whole awful lot. 

i do wonder what he did pre-yuuri when he was away for competitions. if it was hard for him to sleep without makkachin or anybody around to hold on to in the night. just miserably clutching a cold pillow to himself pretending it was enough. 

BUT, sadness aside, imagine the first night he really did get to sleep with yuuri. just cuddling up to him instantly and yuuri is sort of taken aback for a second, but victor looks so happy curled up with his head on yuuri’s chest that yuuri’s heart grows three fkn sizes and he can’t help but leave him be. 

i just absolutely live for clingy, touch-starved, cuddle monster victor, okay? 

i have no plans to write a chatfic ever but i just had the clearest image of taako and kravitz texting and kravitz sends “hey, would you be interested in watching high-school musical two with me tonight? your sister, barry, and i are going : )” and taako’s like “omg yeah we can make out during the scary parts of it” and then kravitz officially moves back into his mom’s (the rq’s) house

Your English is fine! And I’m sorry this took so long my brain and body have been bleurgh (also I didn’t do the opposites sorry, I’ll try to do them at some point! I just really wanted to do something for the stuff in my inbox haha)


- connor tends to only cry if he gets really really overwhelmed, stressed out or frustrated

- so when it does happen it’s very unsettling to say the least

- connor struggles with a particularly difficult case that involves a string of androids being murdered

- It’s difficult enough when he can’t solve it within a few weeks, there’s no rhyme or reason for these murders of seemingly unconnected innocent androids yet they’re all killed the /exact/ same way

- it gets all too much when the 21st victim is a PL600.

- simon finds him crying, and gently tries to get connor to tell him what’s going on

- connor sums it up, hitches when he talks about the latest victim

- simon assumes connor is especially upset at the last bit bc of daniel, as it’s common knowledge to connor’s friends at this point that that’s one of the many things connor has extreme guilt over

- connor gets confused at this, and corrects him telling him that actually it just made him think of simon. and about how if he couldn’t catch this killer then they might end up killing simon or anyone else he loves

- simon’s a little shellshocked at that, he pulls connor into a hug and reassures him that he and the others can take care of themselves, and that they can talk to markus about it and be on alert for any suspicious-going-ons

- he gets connor to take a bit of a break, just for a little while to clear his mind. his presence is comforting enough to connor that connor can nap with him for a while

- with a clearer head connor is able to catch the killer a few days later


- Another time connor has a nightmare that amanda takes control of him again and that he kills markus

- connor purposely avoids markus for days after this and markus is hurt bc he doesn’t know why

- eventually he confronts connor about this and is alarmed when connor just. starts crying.

- connor can’t even speak clearly this time, so he just gets markus to interface with him

- connor expects markus to either be angry or scared of him

- markus is neither, he assures connor it was only a dream and not amanda coming back

- he decides connor needs a distraction

- so he encourages connor to try painting, just for fun to take his mind off things

- connor is terrible at it, so he gives up on trying to make any sort of specific design and just. paints random splashes of colour. it’s a mess but it is fun and connor feels much better afterwards

- much to connor’s embarrassment, markus actually really likes it. it’s a reflection of connor’s individuality and that’s what matters to him

- connor realizes he’s been able to forget his fear and has felt nothing but safe with markus for hours

Well this is going good! We really suck at this, so far. You know, in retrospect, I regret helping that Kurtze kid? I wish wed killed Kurtze, I was just thinking! I wish wed killed Kurtze too! I wish wed killed Kurtze. But you know what? A lot of woulda-coulda-shoulda. You know what I mean? Thats true. Wish in one hand, spit in the other. Yeah, hindsight. 20/20 and all that. Wish in a hand and spit on it, right? Classic. I say you just, you keep moving forward. So....Can anybody levitate or anything?

A saga in two parts. This is a really pure thing to find in my inbox???? I’m glad you enjoyed your icecream, anon!!!!!

And to answer you, yes I have tried it! It’s pretty good :)