Map Without Borders (Star 1995)! So I asked for shows with pianos in them and that brought me to Asaji Saki and her unbelievable professional talent. I was so blown away, not to be cliched or anything. Admittedly, I am not enthusiastic about the show itself, which is sort of preachy and patriotic, unfortunately. But it was worth watching for other aspects. For instance, the opening is one of the best ever. Three grand pianos on one stage was spectacular. And the revue was glorious. I originally didn’t really get the “90s aesthetic” of bright blue eyeshadow and stone-cold facial expressions, but it really does have its charm. Beneath Asaji’s glass veneer there’s a magical force when she dances. I loved seeing the original otokoyaku staircase dance that I saw in Golden Steps and it was mesmerizing.

Also–does this show get the award for otokoyaku wearing THE most high-waisted pant I’ve ever seen?

Thanks for recommending! @tiesolander