Grapes explode when you put them in the microwave. #dillingerglass #fishboneglass #crushedopal #ofz #blueberrychem #meltshot

I’m sad, I had to join my family for some stuff and I forgot to plug in my laptop and didn’t save my canvas where I was doing a request doodle…

I swore a lot more on Plurk about this.


Lola Martinez | 17 | Nina Dobrev | Open

  • Lola is a fun, quirkey young lady
  • She is an espiring acress and dreams of making it big
  • She dresses quite distinctly often with fun coloured streaks in her hair
  • Lola gets on with most of the people at PCA and has a wide friendship group
  • She once dated Chase Mathews before he broke up with her. Although she said she was okay with it but are the feelings really gone?
  • She will often lie to get boys
  • Lola participates in lots of schools plays and often practices out her acting skills on her friends sometimes to their annoyance