I wasn’t buying the Odd Future Wolf Pack Kill Them All hype, and the hordes of fans they have gathered as of late. I saw the group as a bunch of kids that had been lucky enough to have some rich friends who would buy them food and drinks and let them use the recording studio in their supportive parents’ mansion.

My friend Grandpa-J® put me on to them a little over a year ago; being a producer in LA and obsessed with the local hip hop scene, Gramps has been following the group since its inception. He originally showed me the Earl Sweartshirt Earl video, before OFWPKTA started their official YouTube page. I thought the video was bizarre, but I wasn’t particularly impressed.

When the group blew up early this year, and especially when Tyler, The Creator put out his Yonkers video, I took notice of them again. I still believe that a large portion of the group is just some high school kids trying to be outlandish, after having idolized horrorcore artists like the fat dude from D12 (whose name is irrelevant in my opinion due to his severe lack of lyrical talent and obsession with offensive imagery taking hold of his every verse), but there are parts of the group that shine through vivdly.

Tyler, The Creator is talented in a wide variety of ways. The “it” factor is one that implies the innate ability to entertain. I notice that people that have it are often very expressive and able to make whatever they do seem like it’s worth watching. There’s not really another way for me to define such a term, but it seems Tyler is quite capable of this. In addition, he makes his own amazing beats, directs his own intimate videos, heads his own intrusive marketing campaigns, and writes his own rather genius lyrics.

I found a web page that describes the insight of the lyrics in Yonkers, and totally changed my opinion on the group. I believe now that OFWPKTA is a very important thing to happen both to hip hop and Los Angeles, and I am excited to see where they take us. You should read into the lyrics linked above and develop your own opinion as well.

I warn you, OFWPKTA is incredibly NSFW.



Tron Cat-Tyler, The Creator

A dope track by one of the Wolf Gang’s most legendary members. His project Goblin comes out on May 10th. I will most definitely be purchasing that. Keepin’ with that deep, twisted sh*t. Lovin’ it…

 Tron Cat by Tyler, The Creator