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please god, all i want from this movie is jaina solo, even if she’s not called that

like, I’m down if han and leia have one kid and it’s a girl and she’s a badass jedi and she has all of the kickass qualities of her mom and dad with this idolization of jedi master luke and basically the entire movie is about her ascension to jedi master level and just CAN THE PROTAGONIST OF THIS NEXT FILM BE A GIRL???

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1. Favorite moment of 2013: I never, ever expected it to be this, but being 10 feet away from Abby breaking the record was something ridiculously special and that entire game and entire night was just a step above anything else I’ve been at.  (Honorable mention: being at JELD-WEN for the PTFC-FCKC game.)

10: Done!

15: Favorite woso tumblr post: GONNA BE REAL SELF-CENTERED AND GO WITH THIS.

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they take me back to freshman year of college so hardcore, man. aw.

  1. lack of color
  2. talking bird (but the demo version with the ukulele)
  3. marching bands of manhattan
  4. stable song
  5. transatlanticism

i thiiiink? i havent listened to them a ton in so long but those are the songs i go back to

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"#yeah i'm all about this" dude i am far too apple pie country music flag waving american for the gillian apps problem i am having, but here i am and i just need to tell someone

oh i know i’m normally screaming and clicking as fast as i can when i reblog meghan agosta just to get it over with XD. But isn’t that just the perfect package: pizza, gold medal, and lady hockey players haha.