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My Top 10 Frank Ocean Songs (Where The Album Frank)

Frank Ocean is a artist I discovered musically around 2011, he has been blessing my playlist with his beautiful voice and unique songs ever since, at least he is bringing the love back into R&B… While we patiently wait for him to drop his highly anticipated sophomore album, I figured why not do a list on some of my top songs by this dope artist!

1. Pink Matter

This song includes a dope verse from the great Andre 3000 who is known for stealing the show on any song he is featured on, of course Frankie holds his own with sexy rhythmic lyrics and a beautiful yet somewhat eerie delivery.

2. Love Crimes

Honestly one of my favorites due to the calm yet cold delivery in which he tells a story of a past relationship. With the odd yet at the same time smooth beat, this song will have you relaxing while at the same time following his story.

3. Pyramids 

From his critically acclaimed freshmen album, Channel Orange. This song gives you a true treat in the form of 2 songs in one! Telling a story about an “escort” the second part to this song exudes a sexy feel that will change any atmosphere it is played in…go ahead and fast forward to 4:27 during the song its ok, we all do!

4. Super Rich Kids

One of the more popular songs to come from Channel Orange, this song enjoyed pretty decent air play from radios and other media outlets. Frankie gets help from the lyrically gifted Earl Sweatshirt. They keep it all in the OFWGKTA Family. 

5. Songs For Women

This entry is from his much loved mixtape Nostalgia Ultra. The song talks about a man using his gift (singing) to get the opposite sex. With a sort of 80′s feel to the beat as well as a greatly smoothed out delivery from Mr. Ocean, this is one of my favorites.

6. Thinking About You


7. Swim Good

“Relaxing and smooth this song is” at least that is how Yoda would put it! This song takes you to places musically so much so you almost forget the song is about suicide…

8. Sierra Leone

No this song isn’t about Rocafella Kanye West’s home, its actually a beautiful tune about reconnecting with your lover sexually. With an amazing beat that will have you feeling both sexy and relaxed, this track is a very underrated gem in his catalog. 

9. Crack Rock

Well, the song is pretty self explanatory, what does need attention though is the passion at which Frankie sings this song. The beat takes a backseat to Frank Oceans smooth voice which is something that is unusual for a track by him, his beats usually are as commendable as his performance, still this song is beautiful.

10. Novacane

As he states in this song, Frank Ocean gives us a natural high with his voice and the almost other worldly beat that we just could not waste this high it gives us and take opportunity to give it some love. Chances are this is your intro song to Frank Ocean as this was one of his first big radio songs, I know that word is usually meant in a negative way…but trust me, this song still holds up to this day!