radiomance’s follow forever 2k15

 (a lot of people have been asking me about what blogs i rlly like so hey, here’s some! in no particular order too, just telling you now. my organizational skills are a nightmare)

pinklyysmooth aprinceoftransboys d4ng3rd4ys (i love!!!! these people!!!!) ok moving on majesticalmaddy darkgradient forever-dweeb pus-wagon altarboys-alteredboys buzzfeeds medianrare steakthistoyourgrave literally-me-tho gerardwayphan frerardscum whiskeyproblemss gishess thomyorked neuroticrobotsex unofficialashley bj-wednesday earlysunsetsovermikeyway caderno-do-tedio alkaline-prince queenofthesydrianites 2004frnk ghostofewe illuminatii-cat bandsfvckyeah 100percentcalculated rainbow-licious-souffle lost-track-oftimeandspace lokkiscepter youtubersfunfunfun polaroidkilljoy valesaur hybridbats lizzyareyouserious bre-a suckingdickforcocaine wildtipsy punkish-dauntless-chick beckyjane00 i-peed-so-hard-i-laughed i-really-do-not-like-you fiftyshadesofmrj black-velvet-sock portkeytolondon wanderlust-potato fortycumber spongebooobsquirepants trickedoutwheelbarrow ahyonose definitely-not-canon

…that’s all i can think of for now