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The Temperance’s role is to purify our lives & to help us attain equilibrium & clarity in our lives. Generally, it will have our lives level up & induce great change in the process demanding that we grow in stages. Every step is revealing a new aspect of you, requiring patience, compassion & understanding. Layers are unfolding & new ones are being developed, representing the transformation. During the process, be patient with the journey & exhibit self-control. This is alchemy, where two different elements are brought together in harmony & to create something greater than what they were individually. Valuable partnerships & relationships surround you, you may find a peaceful integration regarding broken fragments within you or combine two unrelated elements to create something dynamic. Temperance is a miraculous act that is often overlooked. In the process, one transitions into the Magician; in alignment with their personal power, forces around them & faith within. The Magician’s faith does not waver. He knows he can make anything happen as long as he has a clear goal & the right mindset to do so. All the resources are around you; think outside of the box to make it happen. The key in magic is to focus on your desired result, not the obstacles. Ignite your inner passion & longing for what you claim. What will it bring into your life & how different would you feel once you have it? The Magician is a mastermind at employing all creative & visual techniques to his advantage. Nothing is useless. Blessings manifest as quickly as you can perceive them. This is a period of heightened activation; a rise in your consciousness & willingness to move beyond limitations. Take this excess energy & make yourself; focus it well so that you’re not scattered & ungrounded. The 4 of Cups always seems to search for something outside of herself, completely avoiding the golden ticket. You are the key to your reality. Reach out & take what the universe is offering to you. Make a clear statement on what you want & prepare to receive. Don’t shy back from opportunities that can appear at an instant.


The Miniatures of Joshua Smith 

Joshua Smith is a miniaturist and former stencil artist based in Norwood, South Australia. With a career spanning 17 years he has showcased his work in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Japan and all over Australia in over 100 exhibitions. Formerly a self taught stencil artist Josh refocused his career to establishing Espionage Gallery, an Art Gallery based in Adelaide, South Australia showcasing both emerging and well established local, interstate and international artists. For 4 years he showcased over 600 artists from over 20 countries.

In 2015 after the closure of Espionage Gallery Josh refocused back onto his own career this time as a self taught miniaturist. His miniature works primarily focus on the often overlooked aspects of the urban environment such as grime, rust, decay to discarded cigarettes and graffiti perfectly recreated in 1:20 scale miniatures.

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A worldbuilding thing people often overlook is the way that cultures are contradictory without anyone really noticing or acknowledging it. Like “in Xland funerals involve covering the corpse with gold leaf and then making a dozen marble statues of the deceased” except, you know, those are only some funerals. Or “In the US in the fifties married women didn’t work outside the home” except that didn’t apply to poor women and plus actually quite a few middle class married women–with kids even–had full time jobs (like my grandmother, who was a social worker in the 50s and actually all the way up to her retirement).

The Sherlock Holmes style of deduction–no native speaker of English would make this particular mispelling! No member of this one religion would ever have/say/do this forbidden thing, therefore Person B must not have done it! Everyone in Society Z was married, so stories about an unmarried adult must be entirely fiction, or they must just not have mentioned a spouse for some reason” all these things assume that cultures are logically consistent in a particular, straightforward way that, frankly, they pretty much never are. Note, I’m not saying you can’t draw any conclusions at all from data about cultures, just, things aren’t hard and fast, certainly not simple, and people generally just don’t see the contradictions or put them in a special “but that’s different” category.


Black cats are very often overlooked at shelters because they’re deemed as boring or bad luck. Nevertheless, this didn’t bother David when he went to adopt Scrappy - a black cat. After a few years, David noticed that Scrappy was slowly changing colour and developing patches of white throughout his fur. As it so turned out, Scrappy had a skin condition called vitiligo in which white patches appear on the skin of humans or on the fur of animals.

On Undertale and fighting

Okay so chat posts are not the best for reblogging with commentary but regarding this:

Even in the Pacifist run, there are some fights you can’t get out of. The important thing is 1. to recognize which fights are which, and 2. to spare even these enemies once they are no longer threatening you. You can’t spare Asgore or Flowey until you’ve fought them, and the Omega Flowey fight in particular is set up in such a way that there’s no question of trying until after the fight is well and truly over. This latter is especially noteworthy because it’s the one time in the game where you’re in a similar position to the monsters fighting a No Mercy human.

Undertale is about power in a way I think often gets overlooked. You have the power to SAVE. That means you’re never in any real danger in these monster fights. Sans even makes a point, in some neutral endings, of saying self-defense is fine- but was it really self-defense, for you? Whether looking at it from the perspective of Frisk, a hidden Chara, or the player themselves, the answer is no. If you die, you come back unscathed. If a monster dies, they’re just dead. The monsters also have a real reason to fight. They have a long and very serious list of grievances against humans, and are suffering from human action against them even if the humans themselves have forgotten the monsters exist. And when, in the Pacifist route, do we face unavoidable fights? When we face entities with tremendous, genuinely threatening power. A king who knew he was doing the wrong thing, chose to kill, and succeeded six times, in the process teaching the entire underground that this was the only way to deal with humans. An entity who killed without remorse, for fun, over and over and over, threatening literally the entire universe in the process. You reach both of them eventually, but it’s not by playing nice and showing them how nonthreatening you are. Flowey, in particular, you have to confront forcefully just in order to make him listen to you at all. Until you do that, he’ll keep dismissing you as weak and stupid.

In the No Mercy route, you are the power that must be fought because it can’t be reasoned with. I think it’s worth noting that Undyne Undying is the very next boss after Papyrus, and Papyrus is practically the spare option personified in his own fight. Papyrus is a kind of point of no return, where you can’t possibly pretend not to understand exactly what you’re doing. Immediately prior to Undyne Undying, you get a kind of confirmation of that point of no return in Monster Kid. In No Mercy and No Mercy alone, Undyne is an unambiguous hero. At no point is her violence towards you considered anything other than justified (unlike in other routes, where it ranges from “understandable but not especially heroic” to “wow that was messed up”). That’s because of your own unambiguous serial murder. You are not an entity that can be pacified, so long as you hold power without consequences; therefore, there must be consequences. You will kill literally everyone if not stopped; therefore you must be stopped, period.

As a moral, this means that when you are the one with the power, you have a moral obligation to seek peaceful resolution when you can. However, when you aren’t, you have a right to defend yourself. Undertale leaves us a challenge much more complicated and difficult than “Never hurt people, because it’s bad”. It insists in strident terms that every life is valuable, and leaves you with the sometimes-contradictory task of actively defending all those lives to the best of your ability. Everyone has a right to live- not only your enemies, but your friends, and people you don’t know, and you. Defending that right means avoiding killing whenever possible, but it also means not meekly accepting your death or the deaths of others. In other words:

“Don’t kill, and don’t be killed.”

Headcanon that Jason Todd volunteers at Gotham child crisis centers, homeless shelters and soup kitchens whenever he gets the chance because he remembers

He remembers what it was like to be on the streets, vulnerable, exposed to the elements and the violence. He remembers what it was like to have people pass you by without even a glance, cross the street to avoid you, give you a well-aimed kick to put you in your place. Reminding you that you aren’t even worth the dirt on their shoes. He remembers what it was like not knowing where you were going to get your next meal, how you were going to keep yourself warm enough, where you were going to sleep, whether you were going to survive the night or not. Whether any of this was really worth it in the end. He remembers what it was like to be on the edge of society. To be unwanted. An eyesore. To be treated as less than human. To be invisible

And he doesn’t want any child to go through that again. He doesn’t want anyone to go through life thinking they’re worthless. He doesn’t want a single person in Gotham to go through what he did. To feel the hunger pains, the chill that cuts through bones, the racking cough that refuses to leave, the feelings of loneliness, voicelessness and helplessness that pursue the abused, the homeless, and the poor with a vengeance. 

Because they all deserve respect, basic human dignity, compassion, and above all else… they deserve love. 

Most people choose to focus on Jason’s righteous anger towards injustice and oppression… but in so doing, they often forget the immense amount of love that this boy has for those who need it deeply. Those that remind him of himself. 

I’m always surprised by Hoya’s lack of popularity, even within the fandom (admittedly he isn’t my bias either). He’s probably one of the most well rounded idols- great dancer, rapper, singer and actor. His personality tends to be dorky/awkward, which people generally seem to like. That being said, he’s still often overlooked. I had hoped that with Hit the Stage he would have gotten more recognition for his dancing, which he did. However that recognition didn’t last long…

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Myungsooooooooo please ^^ - squishymyungsoo

Okay @squishymyungsoo and @blacksuffering your request has been heard and here I am to fulfill it!

And by happy circumstance, this concides with Myungsoo’s 26th birthday!

Let’s start out with full honesty here: When people hear INFINITE, people think of Kim Myungsoo. Everyone knows INFINITE’s L, usually for his striking visuals. But I really want to show the different sides of him that others might sometimes miss.


Myungsoo debuted in 2010 as INFINITE’s visual member, and it’s not hard to see why. The boy has all-natural, flower boy good looks as if he has stepped out of the pages of a manga. But what may often be overlooked is his vocal ability. He may not have the most lines in songs, but especially in recent albums he’s proven that he’s more than just INFINITE’s visual. He even appeared on King Of Masked Singer and shocked everyone with how good he was. Watch the grand reveal and revel in his lovely voice below:

Then there is his special solo stage from INFINITE’s concert, the Korean version of Love of My Life:

What I’m trying to say here is this: look how much Myungsoo has worked on his voice!! Coming from debut when he was often overlooked as ‘just handsome’; he has overcome all of the negative comments regarding his abilities as a performer and proved to everyone that he can sing, and boy does he do it well!


Where to begin, where to begin? Myungsoo has been acting in dramas since 2011, where he made his acting debut over in Japan. This drama - Jiu - gave us the still iconic line “I’M HERE!”. Since then he has been cast in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, The Master’s Sun, Cunning Single Lady, My Lovely Girl, The Day After We Broke Up/One More Time and more. Not only does he slay everyone with his visuals, he’s proven to be a talented actor, able to portray many different characters with ease. My personal favourite drama Myungsoo has starred in is Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and if you haven’t seen it then pleeeeease do yourself a favour and watch it! 


Myungsoo may have this ‘cool city guy’ ‘chic man’ image, but those of us who’ve followed INFINITE closely for a while know that there is a difference between his L Cosplay and the real Kim Myungsoo. Although he has incredible charisma and stage presence, he’s still a little strange, let’s be honest here. Just a few examples I can think of are as follows: all of this mess on Sesame Player, these clips of him falling over, the time he hit Dongwoo with a water bottle, when he fell over on Birth of a Family, changing from L to Myungsoo and just this incredible image-ruining moment on INFINITE Showtime:


There were three main points about Kim Myungsoo, INFINITE’s amazing, strange and talented visual. But what else? Well, let me tell you:

  • Myungsoo plays guitar and he’s good at it and it makes everyone’s hearts flutter tbh
  • He has a really pretty cat called Byul who looks like him
  • Myungsoo does a lot of charity work, but usually keeps it pretty lowkey. Here he is at a home for disadvantaged children
  • His love of photography!!! Myungsoo has released two photo essay books so far, L’s Bravo Viewtiful 1 & 2. They’re full of all his own photos and doodles and comments and they’re absolutely gorgeous. He really has an eye for photography and you can even see that from the arty shots on his instagram
  • He went through a lot of hardships in the past, including a dating ‘scandal’ in 2013 which he spoke about in INFINITE’s movie Grow. Thankfully the other members and the fans stood by him at this time and he got through it
  • He chose the stage name L because of the character in the manga/anime Death Note - he looked a little like him when he had longer hair

And so we have reached the end of this little post full of love for Myungsoo. Hope you guys enjoyed it and #Happy26thLkimDay !! Please give Myungsoo lots of love, ‘cause he’s a precious button who needs it. 

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This doesn’t feel right, Ben.

‘Dionysus Loves You!’ is the name of a zine about trans characters in the riordanverse, and it’s looking for submissions!

Dionysus is the patron god of all intersex and transgender individuals so who better to name this zine after! it’s an often overlooked fact about him but not in any way less important. this is why we’re doing a zine including your PJO/HOO trans headcanons, to highlight the importance of headcanons in fandom next to canon. you can have headcanons about any of the campers, gods, or even mortal parents.. the list goes on, don’t be shy!

your submission doesn’t have to revolve around the transness of the characters, it can be them hanging with friends, fishing, fighting, going on a date, shopping, flying… anything..! being trans is not a tragedy so let’s keep this zine upbeat and a lovely experience to all participating and reading alike. 💖 but let’s keep it SFW!

we’re looking for 1 to 5 pages of content per contributor (5 in case you’re doing a comic for example!). just illustrations are also extremely very very welcome. this will be a free digital release with no profits, just for fun, so keep that in mind. both b&w and color submissions are welcome. dimensions should be that of an A5 (1748 pixels x 2480 pixels) at 300DPI.

the current planned deadline is april 10th, you can email your entries to dionysuslovesyou17@gmail.com!

feel free to message me for any questions or specifications. i’ll update this post if anything changes or there’s new information! thank you! 💖

Reciprocity/ Reckoning

The concept of “reciprocity” between Hannibal and Will is often overlooked in the plot and in the motivations of both characters. Will has his own term for it: “reckoning”. Hannibal brings up the concept in the context of sending Randall Tier after Will. They each have their own concept of it but it amounts to the same thing and it becomes a cornerstone of their relationship in my opinion. Things that can be hard to understand in the story, especially in terms of motivations, become a lot clearer when view in the context of “reciprocity” or “reckoning”. 

Hannibal looks on while Will is shot S1

Will looks on while Hannibal is shot S3

In each case too it is as a result of the other’s plan. Will gets shot in the course of Hannibal’s plan to frame him. Hannibal gets shot in the course of Will’s plan to work with the dragon/eat bedelia/escape or whichever one you ascribe to since it’s still somewhat unclear at this point.

Hannibal guts Will S2

Will tries to stab Hannibal S3

This one is pretty self explanatory. But it helps to clear the fog of questions about why Will would show up to see Hannibal, have a nice chat with him and then suddenly pull a knife on him in the middle of the street after he’d “forgiven” him in the catacombs.

Hannibal lies to put Will in jail S1

Will lies to put Hannibal in jail S3

Since Hannibal framed Will in Season 1, Will decided to do the equivalent in Season 3. At first it seems like Will is simply telling Hannibal he doesn’t want to see him anymore. He’s tired of him. But we later learn that Will did it quite deliberately in order to trick Will into going to jail. “You’d only do that, if I’d rejected you.” 

Will saves Hannibal from Mason S2

Hannibal saves Will from Mason S3 

This one is actually quite symmetrical since Will was the one who put Hannibal in the position to be captured by Mason. “You put the snare around my neck.” And he cuts him down from the straight jacket instead of killing him. In the same way, Will gets caught by Mason because he is first caught by Hannibal. And Hannibal rescues Will instead of killing him as he was in the process of doing when they were caught (seemingly at least). 

Hannibal runs off with Bedelia S3

Will runs off with Molly S3

I don’t think Hannibal’s explanation that Will needed a family to escape himself, was wrong, but I don’t think that’s all it was either. The jealousy in both cases is quite clear.

Hannibal tries to kill Molly S3

Will tries to (or does) kill Bedelia S3/4

One of the hardest plot points to understand is why Will wanted so badly to kill Bedelia. She was not a hardened serial killer, she did little more than “participate” and lie about it. If we view it in the framework of reciprocity/reckoning it becomes almost obligatory. 

There are many such examples between Will and Hannibal throughout the series. But I think these illustrate the idea well enough. There is a case to be made that some of these examples are simply parallels but since “reciprocity” and “reckoning” are concepts that both characters bring into their relationship, I don’t see how they can ever be cast aside when analyzing their motivations. It may not be stated explicitly that they did a certain thing for the purpose of getting “even steven” but I don’t think it can be avoided in any of their actions with regards to each other.

(Part 2)

With their powerful beaks, the bird-folk sought to shape the land as they saw fit. As such, their colonies usually consist of deep, vast labyrinths, built into the sides of cliffs, often overlooking large bodies of water. As their technology evolved, many variations of headgear were developed to drill through even tougher rock. The bioluminescent insects they store in their masks glow when agitated, providing a source of light in the pitch-black caverns where they mine.

(Part 1)

The campaign #vivanlasmujeres is a demand by Amnesty International to stop gender violence and feminicide. In Mexico a woman is raped every 4 minutes, 7 women are killed DAILY. In average 6 out of 10 women are victims of some kind of violence at their work, school, community and home. 

70 women artists and writers have worked on a piece for an exhibition that opens today, (day the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) in the hallways of metro Tacubaya in Mexico City. I am very happy to be part of this important project but also very saddened and angry at this ongoing crisis which is often overlooked.

This exhibition was organized by Clarisa Moura and Abril Castillo.


BTS - Butterfly (SUGA focused)

This fancam is a blessing.
I mean before I got into the fandom, my K-pop friends kept telling me that he was one of the worse dancers in BTS. But now after watching my fair share of fancams, I don’t believe it to be true anymore, esp after this one.
I’m not by any means an expert, but in my (biased) opinion, his dancing abilities are underrated and often overlooked. This may have resulted from his being placed at the back in the choreography way too many times?