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B.A.P as Dog Breeds

What breed of dog would they be? Based on the personality of the idol and dog, not looks. ^^

Yongguk – Spinone Italiano

Even-tempered and dependable, these dogs exude a quiet strength. They have an almost dual personality based on its work and home life. In appearance they are serious and almost have a wise grandfatherly-type air. When relaxing with their people they are silly and playful, even goofy at times. Working in the field they are relentless and methodical, never tiring until their goal is met. They may not have the flash that some of the other hunting dogs possess but they get the job done remarkably well nonetheless. It’s important to socialize this breed or they can be prone to shyness.

Himchan – Standard Dachshund

These outgoing and lively dogs get very attached to their families. They adore comfort and require minimal exercise, often preferring to be curled up in warm blankets during their downtime. Although usually good with other dogs they can get irritable if pushed too far. Jealousy and possessiveness over things they view as theirs are also common traits. These dogs absolutely need companionship. Depriving them of affection leads to depression and loneliness. This breed is stubborn but very smart and sensitive to harsh criticism.

Daehyun – Jack Russell Terrier

High. Energy. This breed needs people and activity or they can get destructive. They can be exceedingly vocal and while they are good dogs, a lot of control and direction needs to be applied to keep them on course. Typically cheerful yet brash, they sometimes rush into situations without much thought. Hard workers, they are quite clever and pick up on training very quickly, especially with food motivation. While generally amiable they have a strong prey drive and can sometimes antagonize other dogs.

Youngjae – Schipperke

If the dog world had an official smart ass it would be this dog. More than just fox-like in appearance, these jovial little guys are exceptionally clever and alert. They are always watchful of their surroundings and quite capable of out thinking you or taking advantage of being indulged. Mischievous and stubborn with clear cut preferences and tastes, this breed will get downright sassy (but not mean) with its people if it doesn’t agree with something. Despite their willfulness they are quite sensitive and do not like being teased or harshly trained.

Jongup – Newfoundland

Newfies are generally sweet, quiet, shy, and their calm disposition frequently attracts people to them. As a working breed they need a job to give them purpose and will happily handle any task set before them. Very kind and gentle they get along with almost everyone. However they do possess an independent streak so they are not easily pushed around if they don’t like something. While not as clingy as some of the ‘velcro’ breeds they are social creatures that need their people around them. Despite their powerful build they have a sensitive heart and mind that should never be handled with a heavy hand.

Zelo – Greyhound

This breed is reserved one moment and startlingly athletic the next. All dogs run but no other breed is as fast as this one. They are extremely loyal to their people and prefer to stay with them rather than interact with strangers, although they are exceedingly polite when made to do so. To build their confidence they need gentle exposure to many different situations. Greyhounds don’t do well in stressful environments and freeze when spooked or touched unexpectedly. Playful and sensitive they need positive reinforcement when training for best results and personal growth.

anonymous asked:

What would you say to someone who's in therapy but doesn't feel like they deserve it, because "other people have it worse" and "need it more" etc. (asking for a friend... :p)

I mean you know I’m going to say that if you have stuff that’s causing issues, you deserve therapy just as much anyone else. ;) And I really do mean that. The couple that comes for four sessions to work out one issue, the person who is having trouble controlling their temper or communicating with others, the person who just wants to understand why they are the way they are - they aren’t more or less valuable for therapists than the client coming in for suicidal depression or major trauma. And as long as the the therapy is effective and useful/working on a goal - it’s good stuff. Not to mention often what a client thinks in terms of “how bad it is” is often really skewed. Often that minimization occurs because it’s helped keep you safe and alive.

You aren’t wasting time. It’s up the therapist to figure out what their caseload feels like. Honestly, it’s nice to sometimes just to DBT or CBT with a really straightforward case. It’s also nice to have balance - heavy trauma/no traumas, major depression/adjustment stuff, newer clients/long term clients. The therapist is in charge of their caseload - it’s on us to figure it out not for the client to manage.

If you want help, if you need support - you should be seeing a therapist! You absolutely deserve a good therapist.

Beautiful Things for the INTP

One of the things that bothers me about the INTP stereotype is that a lot of the time folks capitalize on the rational robotic aspect and often minimize the fact that INTPs can be as idealistic as INFPs in a sensory manner. We appreciate beautiful things in real life and can work really hard to get our sensory environment just right.

It’s just that our version of sensory beauty might be a little different from the normal concept of beauty. Many people think of beauty and immediately think of something they can see. As an INTP, I actually think of smells and sounds as the most important aspect of beauty, although all the senses working together in this aspect are important. For instance, I love baking, but it’s actually for the smells that I love baking so much, not just the taste. And I love the beauty of a really quiet room, with just the whir of a fan or crackling of a fire–in a fireplace, naturally.

So, why is it that I’m often considered oblivious to my surroundings? Because INTPs will shut down their sensory perceptors when their environments get too crazy. We’ll retreat into ourselves around a lot of people, because our brains are super-sensitive to dopamine, which is released by outward stimulation. Quiet comfort isn’t just in the head for an INTP. We really do appreciate physical comfort and physical beauty as well. We’re just going to appreciate it by ourselves, because it’s often too much effort to enjoy it around other people.

Law & Order: SVU: Nick Amaro [ENFJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by howtotallyamazing

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): It’s extremely easy for others to pick up on what Amaro’s feeling as he often wears his emotions on his sleeve. His colleagues such as Benson and Rollins are very quick to ask him what’s wrong and he’s very open to tell anyone with a listening ear about his troubles though he often tries to minimize them. Amaro cares deeply about the cases that the squad handles and often becomes emotionally invested in them. His Fe can come off as downright explosive when his buttons are pushed and he’s been shown to act violently towards perps when they manage to get under his skin.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): When Amaro first comes on the scene in season thirteen, he has a very set vision for how his life should be. He enjoys being a family man while his wife is overseas and is a dutiful father. When his vision of how his life should be is compromised, it seems as if his world has fallen apart. He’s prone to lashing out when there’s a disruption in how he sees things should be.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Sometimes Amaro’s behavior borders on rash and impulsive. Being able to think on his feet and be aware of his environment makes him a good detective and made him excel while he was in narcotics but it can also be his undoing - before he was married, he saught out a relationship with the sister of a dealer he was trying to take down and had a son because of it that he didn’t learn about. Amaro’s inability to think before he acts has gotten him into hot water: his actions caused a fourteen year old boy to be shot and he assaulted a perp that got off due to lack of evidence. He corners Cassidy while Cassidy is out with his mother because he thinks the other detective is compromised by having been undercover for so long and has a confrontation with him in a bathroom. Amaro’s recklessness causes him to get into hot water and compromises his career at SVU. He is extremely prone to being in the loop of Fe/Se.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): When combined with his sometimes volatile Fe, Amaro’s Ti reacts violently when he tries to lay down the law. In one instance, there’s a pedophile that they cannot apprehend due to lack of evidence and Amaro takes matters into his own hands and assaults the man. He beats Brian Cassidy when he thinks that Cassidy is the one implicating Cragen in the murder of a prostitute. When Amaro sees that he is going nowhere in the department due to his past behavior, he makes the decision to consider pursuing another career out in California close to his family which feels like the logical answer to his problems of a fumbling career and his family being on the other side of the country.


Rayonnant Gothic

Although the Gothic period is frequently associated with darkness, these shining cathedrals were anything but dark.

Rayonnant Gothic architecture was a brief period within the Gothic movement during the mid-13th to 14th century in Western Europe, particularly France; hence the name ‘Rayonnant’ from the French word for ‘radiating’. The term itself originated in the 19th century as art historians attempted to distinguish different periods of the Gothic style from each other.

Rayonnant Gothic is characterized by its extravagant use of window space, almost replacing the walls of these structures in some instances. Exterior structures like buttresses were often minimized or hidden from sight, to increase the beauty of the overall work. Glazed triforia and bar tracery were also introduced during this time, differentiating these buildings from previous cathedrals of the High Gothic tradition. These churches are renowned even among the Gothic tradition for their exquisite handling of light and especially color, as the rose windows are among some of the most famous images in European art history. Tragically, several of the earliest examples of this style were destroyed in the French Revolution; however, drawings and engravings from earlier years remain and help scholars to understand and visualize these incredible buildings.

Some notable examples of the Rayonnant style include St. Chapelle in Paris, Strasbourg Cathedral, and the Church of St. Urbain in Troyes. Westminster Abbey is also heavily influenced by this style.

Images taken from the Wikimedia Commons. Top: Strasbourg Cathedral Bottom: St. Chapelle