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I have this one coworker that seems to avoid as many shifts as possible, which in turn means that I have to work more than what I'm scheduled for almost every week. It's either "I don't feel good" or "I'm scared of driving in this weather." Please, nobody is ever sick THAT often, and you live in Minnesota so deal with our stupid weather like everybody else.

Slavic Language Tag

I was tagged by @coloursnlanguages to do this tag. Apologies if I mess up, I’ve become accustomed to speaking English more often where I live. I also read the questions aloud, was I supposed to??

Figuring out how to get audio on here was a hassle so I just used SoundCloud like Tanya.


  1. What is your name?
  2. What is your native language?
  3. Choose one noun and decline it in singular and also plural.
  4. What is your favorite idiom?
  5. Say your favorite tongue twister.
  6. Read a part from some book.
  7. Say a sentence or some expression in your dialect.
  8. What is your favorite word?
  9. A word you don’t like to use?
  10. What is your favorite quote? (if it’s possible about your language or country)

I tag @ibtasem @albosniyyah @srecamoja @granice-ljubavi @missbosnian @i-am-a-wip and @emocionalni-demon if you’re up for it and anyone else who sees this and wants to join in. 



When people get tired they start remembering their past lives, often times by experiencing more de ja vus than normal. Thus it has become socially enforced that you should never stay awake for more than 12 hours at a time or risk facing the dire consequences. You and a group of friends are about to attempt to stay awake for four days straight.

The Signs’ Typical Weirdnesses

ARIES: doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion even if what they do is socially unacceptable

TAURUS: brutally honest, will tell you anything right to your face, even if it’s hurtful

GEMINI: emotional but extremely insensitive

CANCER: oddly sensitive, can start crying without any apparent reason

LEO: likes to expose their feelings way too much, even if they have to make it more dramatic than it actually is

VIRGO: exceptionally addicted to cleaning, afraid of bacteria

LIBRA: weirdly passive 

SCORPIO: a weird look, eyes that often scare people off

SAGITTARIUS: lives every day like it’s their last one, doesn’t think about the future 

CAPRICORN: mood swings, can go from a gloomy silence to hyperactivity from one moment to another 

AQUARIUS: inappropriately dictatorial, doesn’t accept others’ opinions 

Pisces: consider themselves as such good people that they don’t even realise when they’re being assholes

People can oversimplify Aries sometimes. Yes, Aries is a sign that is known to be straightforward and simple, but Aries as a sign isn’t simple. If Aries was simple, it would be easily understood by others. However, there’s always some misunderstanding about Aries.

Aries are often symbolized to be the baby of the zodiac. This makes sense. They’re the first sign in the zodiac, and they’re the sign to start off the spring season. In the spring, things are created and born. There’s an initiation of creation. However, it can be hard to understand a baby at first. Until you have numerous experiences with a baby, it can definitely be hard to get along with one. An Aries is the same way and in this sense, they are constantly misunderstood by others.

In my opinion, it’s intriguing to find a sign who is associated with war and conflict, but then with childish innocence at the same time. It’s hard to place two very different images of Aries together: the warrior and the baby. The warrior is strong, aggressive, and dangerous. The baby is weak, harmless, and innocent. The warrior has seen the bloody details of war, while the baby has just been born into the world, not knowing a thing. With this, Aries can present a contradicting image that can be misunderstood by others. While Aries is skilled in combat against others, Aries also lacks the awareness of the people around them.

Although these two images are very different, I think this is where the “survivor” archetype of Aries comes from. When you are a survivor, you have faced peril and overcame it. The circumstances of course can vary, but the connotation with the word survivor can imply someone who has faced unfamiliar experiences (the baby) but has worked skillfully against difficulty and lived (warrior.)

The baby and warrior archetypes ultimately work together to create the survivor archetype. The survivor archetype may be the ultimate archetype an Aries is to reach in their lives. There are negative characteristics of the baby and warrior archetypes, but if the good characteristics are harmoniously put together, I think the survivor archetype will be achieved.

While the manifestation of Aries can be simple compared to the other signs, I believe Aries as a sign itself is complex. I feel that there are a lot of seemingly contradicting images of Aries that can be ignored because they’re seen to be the “most simple sign” out of all the signs.

I dreamed of living alone but fearless,

Secret longing to be courageous,

lonliness kept bottled up inside,

just reveal your brave face they’ll

never know you lied.

Country road may lead me home,

Know i belong there all on my own

destiny calls, motionless I stall,

no I can’t go,

Country road.

I watched Whisper of The Heart yesterday after the insistence of my sister. I should have listened her before. The movie was amazing. So oc croosover cause im trash xD

How to Get Kin Memories Within Minutes - An Easy Method!

Hey guys!

I notice a lot of kin have a hard time getting memories from their canons. Everyone likes having memories: they make you feel more valid, they allow you to find canonmates more easily, and overall they’re really interesting and often nice to have.

I have a simple method for getting kin memories that has worked very well for me. I’ve gotten plenty of memories from it, and it’s been a great way for me to confirm kintypes I question. Sooo, I thought I would share it!

It’s an easy and quick process to go though: exactly what everyone wants!

It’s basically self-hypnosis, which is not as strange and crazy at it sounds. Hypnosis is a very natural thing, and we go into hypnotic trances very often in our everyday lives (e.g. when watching TV). It’s not scary at all. It’s really relaxing, and is actually pretty similar to meditation.

(This can also be useful to fictives with unclear memories!)

I’ll cut to the chase and list the steps bellow the break~

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no but I’m so glad that after all that’s been going on with Malec in s02 so far, they decided to remind us that they are still very much in the awkward phase of their relationship where Alec is stuttering and gets all flustered when Magnus finishes his sentences and smiles like an idiot like I love their development so far but HELL do I live for these little s01 moments