Date Night

Rogers had spent hours preparing the evenings dinner, even if it was a simple recipe. The ingredients had all been purchased the day before, as well as new silverware and dishware. Steve hadn’t exactly owned the nicest of things but figured it was about time he did. He had been up all night, cleaning his apartment–making it suitable for his company. Then again…it wasn’t every day that the patriot had visitors, so he made sure to put in the extra time and effort.

Setting the table with the fine dishware and utensils, he took a moment to admire his work. A smile spread his lips as he stepped back, making his way into the kitchen just as a timer went off. The pasta had been prepared as well as the sauce. Taking hold of a pot holder he opened the oven, removing the loaf of garlic bread and placing it upon the stove top. His gaze had lifted to the clock mounted on the wall, turning off the oven as he did so. It was a quarter to six and he knew that any moment that his guest would be arriving. 

of-scarves-and-deductions replied to your post: … i may or may not have eaten an entire jar of oat and chocolate chip cookies, just so you know.

“… and I may have also finished that entire bar of milk chocolate in the fridge,” Sherlock added, shifting his eyes around the room like some guilty child.

“Were you craving chocolate?” He asked still not moving from where he was letting their son eat.

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Lottie had been relaxing after a day of helping Loki with research. The weather was hot and she had decided to take the rest of the day off. She had to go food shopping and ended up going to a nearby food store. However after paying for the food and walking back outside she accidentally bumped into someone.

“Sorry!” she mumbled looking up at the person. She could tell straight away this person wasn’t ordinary. This caught her interest.