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Okay so wonderful MidCenturysims tagged me, how exciting!

1. Favorite Sims 3 EP? Seasons all the way! I just love the festivales and all of the details. 

2. Least favorite EP? I almost never use world adventures or Supernatural. I dunno, but i don’t really like em’.

3. Dream EP? It feels like we almost have it all, now when the future ep is coming. But i would really love to have an ep which could let you visit other simmers. 

4. Do you prefer pre-made sims or making your own sims/families? I always try to make my own sims/families. It feels wierd to play with someone elses sim.

5. Favorite Sims life stage to play? Young adult, always!

6. Least favorite life stage to play? Toddler or elder.

7. Do you prefer your sims to spend their time skilling or socializing? I try to do a lil’ bit of both.

8. Do you direct your sims’ lives or let high autonomy take its course? Hm.. I guess ’m pretty much direct em’ to do hings when i need to. But i try and let them do things by em’ self too.

9. What is your favorite sims musical style and/or song? I really love Indie!

10. Do you build houses or download houses more often? like with sims i try to build my own houses. 

11. Favorite CC creator? Sandy at AT3 and Ilikeyourfacesims at tumblr.

I tag: Simmysimsam, Cookiesandsims,Nixels,Pixelpixies, Ofpixels, Titosims,mycrazybitchesims,llilah,lollipopsimblr,Fantasims3, Roseetgris.

And here’s my questions (Yeah, they are boring i know):

1. How’d you describe The Sims to a non-simmer?

2. How long have you been simming?

3. What is your favorite thing to do in sims?

4. If you could change one thing with the game, what would it be?

5. What CC could you not play without?

6. Which simblr was the last one you followed?

7. The thing you change most times when you’re in CAS?

8. Top 5 worlds?

9. Top 5 CC creators?

10. The CC you download most of.

11. If you could change family/sim with one simblr who would it be and why?


Hey simblr! Sorry for posting jack shit for some time now. lol. I got a new computer a few months back and holybutt, I am in love with gaming on the pc. Been on console for a while, but man, this is way better. So yeah, as you can see, I’ve been pretty preoccupied with quite a few games so I haven’t had much time for TS4 sadly. I might even set up a new gaming side blog thingy if I can find time for it, hence these pics ;D.

BUT, I’m trying to get back on the groove with building and stuff again (especially with Spa Day being just an absolute gift from above for builders lol). So… yeah, hopefully I’ll be back on posting more and more stuff soon enough. :)