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season 6 is my fav but broken always reminded me of one flew over the cuckoo’s nest and it seems ~off

I know, right? Like a parodic version of OFOTCN, right?

First off, why was House institutionalized after he detoxed and stopped hallucinating? Nolan said it was because they needed to get to teh root of why he hallucinated then, and not years before, but then he goes on to say it was after two colleagues and his father died … so you know. There’s the explanation. They put him on meds, but never say what they are for. Depression? Anxiety? He’s there to prove he can practise medicine, but … why can’t he, again? Because he hallucinated and he wasn’t doing that anymore, he was no longer a danger to himself or others, and they kept him there and … did absolutely nothing.

“We need to find out why the death of two colleagues, your father, days without sleep, and you taking more Vicodin than you have ever taken in your life caused you to hallucinate, or we refuse to give you your medical license, so stay institutionalized because … we can’t do this exact same thing in a normal therapy session while you stay with your best friend, apparently.”

Nolan straight-up said there was something wrong because he was functioning fine without medication. He was “Getting better” too regularly so tehrefore he must not be taking his meds, they put him on placebos and he was functioning which is proof he has to stay? In any other situation, if someone is fine while taking placebos (or not taking them as it were) they would therefor NOT need psychiatric medication.

And Nolan is like; “Blah blah can you get your medical license hmm we need to make sure,” and the big test that made Nolan realise he could practise medicine again was he fucked a married woman and was hurt when she left, and opened up about his feelings. I dunno about you, but if “not being able to open up about feelings to someone OTHER than your best friend and having difficulty connecting with people” is grounds for institutionalizing someone, I think everyone on this planet needs to be in a mental institution.

So it just showed that House was broken because as a person, he is wrong. He doesn’t have any mental diseases, but he, as a person, is wrong, and needs to change. So wrong, in fact, he needs to be institutionalized until he connects with someone! And opens up! (Which we have seen him do a lot, mostly with Wilson, but also with Cuddy and patients and his team so???) And was an excuse to write a romance with House and an underhanded way of saying he “NEEDS to be fixed because his personality should changed and as a person he is BROKEN.” *cue title of episode*

It makes absolutely no sense that a woman who has been catatonic for a decade would magically be cured over a music box, and then the very next day be released and sent to a rehab facility while House, or probably some of the other patients, are still there. After the last time the superhero guy thought he was a superhero led to severe damage, I’m not sure letting the guy think he saved the catatonic girl was a great decision anyway.

Don’t get me started on how stereotypical the actual patients were. It was basically a mockery of mental illness.

Considering it was written by the person who was in charge of season seven, I’m not particularly surprised.

But the rest of season six is gold.