• i run a little shop on my own and you’ve just come in after closing time coated in blood with a gun in your hand and a grin on your face AU

   He had no choice but to duck into one of the small shops clustered around this street. His shirt was sticky with blood (not his own) and the smell of gunpowder stuck to his skin. The first two he tried were locked and he had no time to break them down or pick it. Third time is the charm. The door easily gave way to his weight and he ducked into the darkened shop, breathing heavy, adrenaline pumping through his veins.

A soft sound came from behind him - a gasp? And Phillip rounded to see a person, standing still with a broom between their hands. ‘Oh great’ 

“You wouldn’t happen to have a back exit, would you?” 

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Dusty's To Do List 2/14/2017

Spam w/ @indiemusess
Brody/Marley w/ @bloody-gorgeous-rps
Starter for @indiesamevans
Starter for @messedupmiinds
Probably kick @warbleralways butt romantically (and do memes)
Starter for @hornysmutrper
Do the ship memes
Do the numbered personal message meme.
Finn/Sam w/ @warricrhearted
Throw @multimuseindie a Ryder starter
Hunter/Brody w/ @multimuseindie
Spencer/Max w/ @st1tchrps
Spencer/Blaine w/ @ofmusically
Hunter/Sebastian w/ @abunchofcrazyweirdos
Potentially start broship or ship Spencer/Puck w/ @mumused
Hunter/Mike w/ @bubblytoesmike

If you’re not on the list and I owe outstanding replies to you, please reply or send me an IM as I’ve probably lost your reply. In addition, if you wanna be on the list, I’ll have my starter call thrown up a couple more times tonight and tomorrow.