I would normally never upload these for very dumb reasons. I look like a sad puppy, my chin looks weird, my cousin’s wig is in the pic, facial expression is not cute! a trashcan is in the pic, I should probably crop out my thighs…..etc.
Here go my 10 unfit celfiés ofmicnmen

Idk who to tag but if u r looking at this, u should probably do it too. Its kinda liberating.Tag me :-)

So I saw a posts about whether the argument made that we should go an make sure selfies with less than 10 notes gets reblogged so we can boost them .

Now…. with the amount of followers I have accumulated recently I make the conscious decision to avoid speaking on topics that’s going to stir the pot, because tumblr people will try you and I’m not for it. BUT in JOSEPH’S personal opinion, the post about boosting blackout photos with less than 50 notes wasn’t about trying make people famous at all. It was about bout how we came together and didn’t want one soul overlooked. And granted seeing people get two and 5 notes while watching some get thousands and hundreds can be feel like shit . But in the same instance you have people like ofmicnmen, expect-the-greatest hersheywrites black–lamb I saw most definitely reblog people with notes from 2 - 2000.

Black tumblr came together as an entire people and did something ground breaking , it was never about fame … it’s about making sure the brothers and sisters who aren’t as recognized overlooked.

It takes alot of courage to put yourself out there …..remember that