okay but my favorite thing is when jim and bones always fall asleep in the same bed at the academy while studying or talking etc. and neither of them ever talk about it because they don’t want to ruin what’s probably the best friendship either of them has ever had, never mind how nice it felt to curl up against one another.

but then one of them has a nightmare or just trouble sleeping so of course the other has to climb in bed beside them, pull them close, murmur it’s okay, i got you, just sleep. and it’s not really accidental anymore, but still. they don’t talk about it.

over three years at the academy, though, it becomes such a habit that neither of them can sleep once they get separate quarters on the enterprise. they stay awake for hours and hours, restlessness squirming and hot in their stomachs, staring at the ceiling until their eyes burn with exhaustion. it goes on for days, and they both know exactly what the problem is, but of course both of them are too damn stubborn to say anything about it.

then maybe one night the crew is just hanging out together after a long shift in one of the rec rooms. one moment jim and bones are sitting together on a couch bickering about something, and the next they’re slumped against each other, dead asleep. 

they wake up in the rec room alone, a note from nyota on the table in front of them bearing the reassurance that yes, she did in fact take several pictures of the captain and the cmo cuddling. 

“she’s just jealous that we’re a cuter couple than her and spock,” jim says.

bones tries to be grouchy about it, but jim is warm and sleepy beside him and he’s just slept better than he has in a while, so he just shrugs. “probably right.”

jim’s eyes flick over his face. “are you agreeing that we’re a couple, bones?”

“the only thing i’m agreeing to,” bones says, “is not waking up again for another five hours.”  but he presses a quick kiss to jim’s jaw anyway, and something flips in his chest at the smile jim gives him.

they go back to sleep. 

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but that text post of "here, can you hold this? *gives you my hand*" iT'S TOTALLY JIM TO BONES OKAY


I just. GUH. Imagine this at the end of STID, Jim calling Bones over to his hospital bed and asking him to hold something before promptly smacking his hand down in Leonard’s palm.

Leonard stares down at their hands, eyebrows so high they’re disappearing into his hairline. “The hell is this?”

“It’s a present,” Jim says, lying back on his pillows and closing his eyes. He's smiling, the cocky bastard, his hand solid and warm in Leonard’s. “You can’t give presents back. It’s rude.”

“I damn well can’t sit here all shift holding your hand, kid." 

"But you will,” Jim says, with enough confidence that even Leonard doubts himself. “Because you love me.”

And then he falls asleep, because he’s Jim fucking Kirk and the universe revolves around him and his asinine whims.

Leonard fumes silently for a few seconds, then sighs and gives in, reaching out with his free hand to pet absently through Jim’s hair. Or maybe it’s been Leonard himself that’s been revolving around him the entire time. 

let’s talk about academy era leonard mccoy and how good he probably looks on the lazier days when he’s dressed in an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt and his hair is still all ruffled from sleep as he reads through his notes for class

or mccoy in the gym with the muscles in his legs and arms and back all tensed and sweat dripping down his neck and his shorts just slightly too low on his hips

or in his cadet reds which of course fit just right with his hair all combed back and neat and how he probably pretends he hates wearing the uniform except it also feels kinda nice 

let’s talk about how jim probably had trouble not making out with his hot doctor best friend 24/7 (not that len would have complained if that were the case)

Okay, let’s talk about how Bones can’t seem to sleep without Jim in the bed next to him now. It’s a thing that started out slow. First, he just likes to sit and stand next to him. Always just hovering slightly behind him then pressed close enough that their shoulders touch. He’ll convince himself it’s for appearance sake. Always needing to look like a united front.

Then, it turned into near cuddling on the couch when they watched movies and Bones trying not to nod off. Jim would bite his lip to keep from laughing until he just threw caution to the wind and pulled Bones closer.

Now, they sleep comfortably together in a bed that’s a little smaller than they’d like but just big enough to wrap around one another.

And on the few occasions that Jim is out of the bed earlier than him Bones will shuffle out of the bedroom; hair mussed and lazy warm from bedsheets and collapse on top of him wherever he maybe. This time Jim happened to be sitting on the couch with coffee.

“‘S too early to be up, g’back ta sleep.” Bones mumbled into Jim’s neck, pressing closer and settling down and already halfway back to dreamland.

“Goodnight, Bones.” Is all Jim can say, sipping his coffee with a fond smile; his free hand carding through his boyfriend’s hair.

oh no but if jim has scars from tarsus imagine how hard physicals must be for him. because everyone always asks questions. they ask him and suddenly he can feel the whip peeling his skin away, suddenly he’s bleeding in the dirt again, look at this, this is what will happen to you.

but of course starfleet requires regular check ups. jim refuses as many times as he can; eventually, the doctor sighs and leaves him alone in the room. jim grips the edge of the bed and wonders if he can escape unnoticed. 

then the doctor returns and–no–no


“I’ll take care of him,” bones tells the other doctor. something inside jim tightens at the gentleness of the words. the other doctor nods, relieved, and leaves them alone.

the door clicks shut. bones says, “jim–”

“please, bones,” and god jim hates how his voice shakes, “I–I can’t. please.”

and there’s no way bones really understands, no way possible that he knows, because jim hasn’t told anyone, isn’t strong enough to admit to the twisted ugly dark that exists inside him– bones doesn't know, but he nods anyway, says, “okay.”

jim realizes he’s shaking just as bones puts his arms around him. he raises his hands, clutches at bones’ uniform. steadies himself. 


okay but imagine jim and bones dressing up as each other for halloween. jim gets a utility belt and fils it with a ridiculous amount of hypos and then he runs around stabbing people with them all day (especially bones). and when people ask bones who he is he says “i’m an idiot - that’s what i am” and sighs at the sight of jim running around manically wielding a hypo. and then as the evening progresses maybe bones gets a little drunk and maybe he climbs up on a table and shouts something about how he is “jim kirk - sexy captain number one” (and maybe he rips his shirt off).

i’m so emotional about academy era mckirk though

  • jim and leonard exiting the shuttle together when they land, and even though they are nothing more to each other than a reflection of all-too-familiar bruises jim finds himself putting a supportive hand on len’s elbow, because the man still looks too shaky and pale for his own good.
  • leonard meeting jim again in class nearly a week later when they sit down next to each other, jim greeting him with a jagged grin through fading scrapes and a happy bones! (what did you call me, kid?) (‘all i’ve got left is my bones’, remember, doc? besides, i, uh, don’t actually remember your name.)
  • jim somehow ending up in leonard’s room for hours after class each day, their notes spread out on the floor around them, ignored– both of them too engaged in whatever topic they’ve managed to get hooked on discussing that afternoon
  • both of them staying at the academy for the holidays, spending christmas eating takeout and watching old films, feeling the most at peace than they have in years
  • they become roommates in their second year and jim is thrilled except he’s also kind of terrified of pushing leonard away. every time he returns in the depth of night with swollen wrists and black eyes he’s afraid this will be it, that this time bones will do more than scowl and snap at him– but bones never does, and his hands are always so gentle, and beneath all the stupid and reckless jim learns to hear please be safe.
  • jim helping leonard with his aviophobia– not to overcome it, not really, because leonard knows he never quite will, but to manage it, to work through it. they practice for hours and hours and jim helps him get his breathing steady when it gets to be too much and it gets to a point where leonard can go up in a shuttle for a good while without panicking, so long as he’s distracted; jim grins wide at him when this happens, says good. i cant explore the universe without you
  • there are bad days for both of them. they learn how to hold each other together, though.
  • they collect all these inside jokes and stories and manners of speaking and they learn to hold conversations with glances and sometimes they smile at each other like nothing else even comes close to existing.
  • they never would have made it without each other. 
  • just
  • a c a d e m y e r a 
Little Lights in the Dark


“Jim, what in God’s name do you think you’re doing with those?” Len asks as Jim parades by. He’s carrying paint cans, full paint cans, and he has more in one hand than should be humanly possible. Len vaguely wonders how his arms haven’t ripped off yet.

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Jim and Bones b o t h being terrible with feelings. Not in the way where they aren’t together because of it because they are. At least that’s what they constantly have to tell those whom don’t know. It’s hard to tell because beside painfully awkward embraces and hard, chaste kisses with chapped lips and too much teeth; they don’t show affection.

So when they are on shore leave on some beautiful planet akin to Earth Jim finds Bones sitting outside and presents him with a huge bell like flower swirled with vermillion, gold, and fawn; cheeks flushed and eyes turned in a different direction. Dangling it forward as if to say ‘here, take it before I change my mind or someone sees us.’

Bones’ mouth works silently in awed surprise and his heart pounds with a fondness only Jim can produce. He’ll take the flower and then pull Jim in close and lay a kiss so fine and so expressive that it’s silly a n y o n e could question their commitment to each other.

bones using all his metaphors twice as much to annoy jim at first, until they catch on and jim starts to love them

bones patches jim up after a mission and says, “you look like you been rode hard and put up wet, kid,” earning an eye roll from jim and a, “god, bones, quit it with the metaphors.”

one day, bones tells jim, “you’re cuter than a speckled pup in a red wagon,” and jim rolls his eyes, hating and loving it all at once.

“dammit, kid, you’re three sheets to the wind, aren’t ya?”
jim giggles and says, “i love those stupid little thingies you say that no one understands. keep that up.”

at jim’s funeral, bones starts off his eulogy by saying, “jim didn’t have snowball’s chance in hell of surviving that explosion and he knew it. and if he was here, he’d roll his damn eyes at what i just said. that bastard.”

bones has to be ejected from the funeral once he finishes his eulogy because he keeps screaming, with tears running down his face, “I LOVED YOU! YOU BASTARD! I FUCKING LOVED YOU!”

i love doctor mccoy so much oh man just

  • leonard spending hours and hours learning all he can about the anatomy and medical treatment of alien races just in case something comes up and he needs to help someone
  • len trusting his hands above all else and always double checking what his tricorder tells him because he doesn’t want to miss anything
  • len being a giant nerd about new medical discoveries and finding time to do his own research because the science of his field has always fascinated him
  • leonard caring for patients and spending time with them if they’re confined to the med bay long after his shift ends, talking and getting to know them if he doesn’t already
  • doctor mccoy holding the crew together even at their worst moments,  stitching them up and  getting them back on their feet, ready for the worst, ready for anything.