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Why do you straights insist on erasing lesbian characters? It's disgusting and you should be ashamed.

//Okay first of all: I’m gay so don’t even pull that shit. Second, I love how you fandom tumors just go around policing how people can portray a character. Because, newsflash, nothing in canon states Sombra’s sexuality. “But she has a half-shaved head and her hair is dyed purple!!!” Dear I have news for you: We call that a “stereotype”, and you toxic little fucklettes going around and enforcing them are exactly what’s wrong with the lgbt community today. I spent the entirety of my teenage years overcoming stereotypes to prove my sexuality didn’t define me and here you are going around and spewing stereotypes out your ass like deranged rainbow unicorns. I want to say you’re as bad as the 2006 Deviantart yaoi fangirls, but at least they had the decency to be honest and say they were horny instead of you using social justice as an excuse to get more rub-off material.

In conclusion, you should probably find a doctor to remove the pole in your ass, because I’m just going to keep rubbing my grimy little hands all over Sombra and keep shipping her with whoever I want until canon says otherwise. Do not talk to me again.