the memory rises as if
it had been pursuing me

up from the wolfroads
at dusk

waiting the rusted gates of
hell calling that I should
come to you

how then?

the world goes on

and our city comes
apart in bells

dark as an afterthought


Great Grand

Globules Of

Water Drops

Tell A

Vision Of

Unforetold Truth

Cuckoo Clock

Animism Of

Universal Zeitgeist

In The

Kingdom Of

Magical Matrixes

Pointy Eared

Elves Of

Rednapped Caps

Blue Dream

Technicolor Of

Night Mares

Unbearable Bosch

Imaginings Of

Hell Defiled

Then Soft

Waterfalls Of

Enlightened Mind

Spectacular Spiritual

Ecstasy Of

Heaven Defined

All This

Product Of

Ultimate Earth

you know it’s entirely possible that Zack’s ranger colour isn’t black, but a colour Humans aren’t capable of seeing and therefore simply see as black

there’s a shrimp that can see further into the colour spectrum than us, I bet out of the billions of years of aliens part of the ancient extraterrestrial Ranger order at least some of them could see colours we can’t, probably even Zordon and Rita

who knows what they could see that we aren’t capable of

hell there’s probably aliens out there who see Kimberly and Jason as the same colour

it’s more likely that he’s the Black Ranger, end of, but as a ‘scientist’ I can’t help proposing a mind fuck

MC is Dead Theory

 This isn’t that big of a stretch but I had the weirdest realization while playing the prologue and didn’t skip it.I have played two routes to completion and spoiled remaining ones for this theory.Now as common knowledge Cheritz has made two previous games Dandelion and Nameless, I looked into the two games and the protagonist in both games,your character, had brown hair and golden eyes. After viewing Mystic messenger’s pre imputed avatar’s, there is brown hair golden eyes staple. So why doesnt she have eyes? As seen in many animes eyeless characters are moreoften than not, dead. it all starts prologue.

When you enter the chat wth unknown he mentions to you about the phone adress and password.Awfuly strange he has those things. Saeran respresents a dark angel who was manipulated its way out of heaven by following the wrong orders. To kee pfrom knowing this he is placed on medications rika (satan) made. Saeran urges you to enter the apartment, notice the bad end in the prologue? you dont enter he believed to have failed.

if you enter the apartment the game starts supposedly. but did anyone even realize seven’s security system? the password makes no difference on the situation if you think about how seven described the supposedly flawless system rika forced him to install. This was sevens moment he became fallen, he went against and did as satan (Rika) told him installing the system that would lead MC to her hell.

the security system is implied to reconize RFA members, MC wasnt in the RFA at the time of her entering. seven wasnt too open about the security system but its hinted that he knows she’s gone.thats why in his route all he does is push you away, he knows you are a bodiless ghost and a reminder of his mistake.

as the game progresses think of the normal ends, we’ll start here, they are fairly neutral nothingbawful happens nothing spectacular fairly average, you are stuck in purgertory unknown of your fate.

now the good ends, these are when you get your dream after ends which is when you manage to save the fallen remaining members and bring them to a fate of good. saving them from a hell they’ve been in since forever.

with the bad ends its very strange, for exacmple sevens, nothing particularbbad happens in his second ending besides you run away with him in his car leaving the RFA,your fate during the running away is unknown but i believe that was a sin of abandonning those youvhad a duty to save,the other charcateers relying heavily on you making the right choicevto save their souls. you ran away with the fallen angel abandoning the others

now here are my theories for the characters and how they got involved , not all are angels.only saeran and seyoung the others ere lost souls. soi’ll strt with something easy take in. they all are abandoned souls.

jaehee died from stress hence her being damned to work with jumin for eternity.. yoosung killed himself from grief of his dead cousin who possibly resembled rika and yoosung did mention brainwashing.zen died at a young age from a complication of his health as a child. most likely skin cancer from his genetic skin disorder albinism. look into it and it gets explained. his brothe rshitting and his dream of being a musical action was his final breath of hope gone and his will to live.

heres the deepstory bois and this is heftyyy. 

We look at Jumin han as basically our christian grey for mystic mesenger lovers.jumin struggled and was basically emotionally broken down by people around him specifically his fathers girlfriends and hence is hatred, he is kind of the guy of corruption, in his bad end 2 you sin. Very kinky sin, his 1st bad end you channel another sin which could be seen as envy wrath or pure cruelty. His third end the unforgivable sin. Killing yourself. In his good end though it’s your idea of a heaven marrying a man thats attractive, rich, and “treats you well” and you reach your heaven. Jumin mother is my mentioned that much in fact not at all, because she is alive and well and he’s too scared to see her living since he couldn’t help but watch her grieve after his death. His father IS dying, he spends alot of time with his father with frequent lunches. Jumin travels alot because hes avoiding the truth that after his father passed and his motherenrollows suit he knows he won’t see them, or at least his mother and prays to not see her be thrown in the mess of his afterlife. Now sevens…buckle up ladies and gents.

this is a combo thing. Seven and saeran is the example of a dark angel and fallen angel. Now Google the difference, saeran does anything for his savior. But along the way he was forced to take hallucinogens that made his savior change from the true savior to rika (satan) so he followed her every order believing be was doing what was right. Also the appearance of the two as twins saeran had white hair when people think of angels it’s pale colored eyes and skin with white hair. As his corruption deepens it returns to the red hence his pink tips.now seven is a fallen angel, remember him “confessing” after he teased the innocent Dorito yoosung? He sort of made a mockery to it, he referred to himself as godlike. Looking back on the oldest fallen angel and common thought is Lucifer, the devil. He got all pissy with God and God threw him out, Luciel and lucifer that name thing of Luciel being sevens baptismal name self chosen was a little odd. As for sevens depression he was kicked out of paradise forced away from his twin brother so of course he’s going to be depressed. In sevens bad end you leave with him well the second and thats, weird how it’s a bad end right? mc’s soul became corrupted. The other bad endings like saeran kills seven. The dark angel followed an order that took his brothers life fully corrupting him as well so he took sevens place.

saerans bad end in the prologue is when you dont go into the apartment. He failed his job failed an order od6l what happens if thats the case but I’m just saying this whole idea creeped me out and i came up with it.


V is an angel who tries to help save and protect everyone, hes absent alot amd other see that as him abandoning his duties when he is planning to help rescue the soul of the boys from rika and find his way back home to his heaven hence why when V supposedly died. He went back home after he fixed the mess he created.

basically the bad endings are a form of corruption or sin or a type ofhell for MC the normal ends is like a purgatory for her were she doesnt recieve and reward or punishment and the good ends are her heavens or savings to achieve that heaven. The boys are mostly dead and around and saeran are angels of two categories and rika is satan v is an angel trying to protect everyone. Another thing too THERE FAMILY IS MENTIONED NOT SEEN AMD BARELY MENTIONED MEANING DEM MUDDAFUCKAS BE ALIVE this is a lol fucked up but thanks to reading my garbage theory

The Deal ~Dean Winchester~ Part 5

Hello people :) Here’s a part 5 to ‘The Deal’. I hope you guys like it! :)

*Not My Gif*

I walked into my room, shut the door behind me and locked it. I sighed
as I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out the ring. I sat on my bed
and stared at it intently. I had no choice now. I could either stay here
and tell Crowley what Sammy and Dean were up to, or go back to hell and
train to kill them. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out an old
necklace chain. I put the ring on the chain and put the necklace on. I
looked into the mirror and sighed again. I was still wearing my 'queen of
hell’ outfit. I went to my closet and changed into a pair of skinny jeans,
one of Dean’s band shirts, a flannel and my combat boots. I finally felt like
my old self again. I hid the necklace under my shirt. I heard 3 soft knocks
at my door. I unlocked it and opened it to see Dean standing there. He looked
at me up and down and smiled a bit.
“Nice shirt.” He said.
I laughed a bit and let him in.
He walked in as I shut the door.
“Can we talk?” He asked as he sat down on my bed.
“Sure.” I said as I sat down next to him.
He looked down at the floor for a moment, then looked back at me.
“Did you really become the queen of hell, so I wouldn’t be a demon anymore?”
He asked.
I looked down and grabbed one of his hands.
“I’ve watched Sammy lose his soul, Cas turn into a Leviathan, Bobby pass away
and Kevin pass too. You turning into a demon was the last straw. I just had
to do something.” I said looking into his eyes.
“I’m not worth it.” He said.
“You’re right. You’re worth so much more than that.” I said.
He looked into my eyes and smiled lightly.
“Well i’m just glad your out of that mess.” He said.
“Me too.” I said, looking away.
“How did that happen anyway?” He questioned.
“Oh. It’s a long story really.” I said, trying to change the subject.
“How about we go get something to eat?” I suggested.
“Yeah, sure.” Dean said, looking at me suspisously.
I smiled as we got up and walked out of my room. Dean, Sammy and I all got into
the impala and went to a local diner. We walked into the small restraunt and found
a booth toward the back.
“I’m gunna go use the restroom real quick.” I said.
They both nodded as I walked toward the small bathroom. I walked in and locked the
door behind me. I looked under all the stalls to make sure no one else was in here.
I walked up to the sink and looked at myself. I felt so guilty for lieing to Sammy
and Dean, that I could barely look at myself. I turned on the water and splashed
some on my face. I looked up in the mirror again to see Crowley standing behind me.
“Anything new love?” Crowley asked.
“It’s literally been an hour.” I said, looking at him through the mirror.
“Alot can happen.” He said.
“Well nothing has.” I said.
“Did you tell them?” He asked.
I turned around and looked at him.
“No. And i’m not going to.” I said.
“You’re lying to them?” Crowley asked.
I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes.
“That’s my girl.” He said with a smile.
“I’m not your girl.” I snapped.
He smirked at me.
“Put on the ring.” He said.
“Why now?” I questioned.
“Just do as I say.” He said.
I rolled my eyes and took the ring off the chain. I slid the ring onto my finger and
suddently felt powerful. I took it back off and it all went away.
“I told you, the ring is making you a stronger demon. One day when you put it on, there
will be no taking it off. You won’t be strong enough. So why are you staying with them?
In the end, your going to end up right where you started. Sitting on your throne next to
mine. The only difference is squirrel and moose out there won’t be so quick to save you,
because you lied to them.” He explained.
I sighed and looked down at my shoes.
“I know, okay. Yeah I know I’m going to end up back there, but I at least want to spend
the remaining time I have with them. Look i’m in love with Dean, and i’m hoping to at
least tell him that before I completley turn. I just want to be with them, before I turn
evil again.” I said.
“And what are you going to do when they find out you’ve lied to them?” He questioned.
“I haven’t figured that out yet..” I said.
“Right.” He simply said.
“Look I know what you’re doing and it’s not going to work.” I snapped at him.
“Darling, it may not seem like it, but I do care about you.” He said.
I looked up at him confused. He stared at me with a serious face.
“You’re not lying..” I said, surprised.
I heard a couple knocks on the bathroom door.
“Y/N?” I heard Dean’s voice.
Crowley disappered as I opened the door.
“Hey, you okay?” He asked.
I nodded and smiled.
“Okay, well Sammy found a case, but I want you to stay at the bunker.” He said.
“What why?” I questioned.
“You just got back. You’re too weak to hunt.” He said.
“Are you serious? Dean, i’m fine.” I said.
“Y/N..please..for once just listen to me.” He said.
“Alright.” I said as I walked past him.
I walked past Sammy and out the door. I started walking back to the bunker.
“What was wrong with her?” Sam asked Dean as they stood in the diner.
“I don’t know.” Dean said.
I didn’t know why I stormed out like that. Something was wrong with me.
I heard my phone start playing an 'ACDC’ song. I pulled out my phone and saw Dean’s
name on the screen. I pressed the button and put the phone to my ear.
“Hello?” I said.
“I would of drove you back.” Dean said.
“I decided to walk.” I snaped.
“Are you okay?” I heard Dean ask.
“I’m fine.” I said.
“Alright. Well we’ll be back in a little bit. Call if you need us.” Dean said.
I hung up the phone. What was wrong with me? I’m never like that towards Dean.
I got back to the bunker and went straight to bed.
This happened for a couple weeks. Dean didn’t let me go on hunts with him because he
was worried about me. I had been acting different and I wasn’t exactly the best
girlfriend to Dean. The ring was still effecting me, even though it was on a necklace.
Something in my mind kept telling me to put it on, but I ignored it.
I told Crowley what Sammy and Dean were up to, and I felt less and less guilty about it
and I didn’t know why. I sat in my room one night while the boys were on a hunt.
Something wasn’t right that night. I felt very powerful and very vengful.
“Cas!” I yelled as I stood up.
I waited a second, until I heard his deep voice.
“Yes?” He said.
“Take me to them.” I said.
“Dean told me not to.” He said.
“Cas, i’m tired of being left out of hunts. I can handle it, I’m fine.” I said.
“Y/N..” He started to say.
“If you don’t take me to them, i’ll find them myself.” I said.
He sighed and grabbed my shoulder. There was a flash and I was in the backseat of the
“Hello boys.” I said.
They both jumped and Dean swerved the car. When he gained control he looked at me
through the rearview mirror.
“What the hell are you doing here Y/N?” Dean said loudly.
“I told Cas to bring me. I’m okay. I can hunt.” I said.
“Y/N you shouldn’t be here. This is a very dangerous hunt. You could get hurt.” Sammy
I rolled my eyes.
“Too late now.” I said with a smirk.
We pulled up to an old factory. We all got out and loaded up.
“Please be careful.” Dean said sympathetically.
“I’m fine.” I said.
“Hey.” Dean said, grabbing my arm and pulling me to the side.
“Are you okay? You seem…different.” Dean said.
“I’m fine.” I said.
He stared into my eyes for a minute, then kissed me sweetly.
We all walked into the factory and looked around. I went forward, Dean went left and
Sammy went right. I didn’t know exactly what we were hunting, but I was guessing a demon.
As I walked, I was suddently pushed to the ground, causing my gun to fall out of my hand.
I looked up to see a tall man in a suit hovering over me.
I quickly crawled and tried to get my gun, but the demon was faster. He pulled me up and
slammed me against the wall. Maybe I wasn’t as strong as I thought.
I punched him, causing him to stumble back. I went to run for my gun, when I saw 3 more
demons blocking it. I looked around and noticed I was surrounded.
Something in my mind kept repeating 'put the ring on’ and suddently I didn’t know what I
was doing. I could no longer ignore it. I ripped the chain off my neck and slid the ring
into my finger. I felt a wave of energy and power hit me and suddently… I was unstoppable.
I fought and killed all the demons in seconds. They all laid around me and I smiled at what
I had done. Sammy and Dean ran up to me and looked at me in shock.
They both looked down at my hand and noticed what I was wearing.
“Y/N…” Dean breathed out as he stared at me.

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