offworld colony


having thrived well into the 23rd century, weyland-yutani is an earth-based corporation that specializes in technology, interstellar travel, and planetary terraformation, hosting and sustaining several hundred offworld human colonies. wey-yu also acts as one of the largest contributors to the united federation of planets, especially to its starfleet service. much of weyland-yutani’s technology has been used in the construction of starfleet ships and devices.

one of wey-yu’s most innovative ( and most controversial ) line of products is its synthetics, also known as androids or biomechanical humanoids. these synthetics are built to serve and are used at every wey-yu site and in every wey-yu outerworld colony. they are also sold to the UFP to be used in starfleet, often in situations that could prove dangerous to organic species, as well as for simple tasks aboard starfleet vessels when more manpower is required. for starfleet’s exploratory vessel, the uss enterprise, the most advanced model of synthetic has been acquired: David 8. this model represents the cutting edge of cybernetic enhancement, is able to perfectly simulate authentic human interaction, and will carry out any task assigned to it. this particular model was considered a gift of good will to the UFP because it, unlike any other model, was crafted personally by peter weyland himself.

the controversial nature of the wey-yu synthetics stems from the fact that they flawlessly emulate human emotion, causing many people to advocate for synthetics to be counted as real citizens rather than as servants, to which weyland-yutani has not publicly responded. wey-yu also has a history of selling exclusively to human buyers, raising concerns about their company ethics, which have also not garnered a response.


‘Sci-fi romance adventure’ Alone With You on PS Vita now ⊟

PS4 too, if you’d like. If you have any interest at all in either classic point-and-click adventure games or visual novels, this new PSN release by Benjamin Rivers (Home) should be on your radar.

Alone With You casts you as the only survivor of a nascent offworld colony. In order to make your escape, you have to explore the ruins– and hang out with AI recreations of the experts who once shared the space with you.

I’m slowly working through this game, so hopefully there will be more impressions soon!

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