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For a blog that strives to be against extremism and ignorance; The asks that you receive boast the most extremism and ignorant messages on my tumblr feed. Its like the extreme ignorant minority opposite of the SJWs which is just as bad. Not only that but they all believe that you agree with them(maybe some of the admins do) I'm sure you have noticed this. Thoughts?

I agree completely that some of the anons come off as extremely ignorant. The mods are not a monolith in any way, shape, or form. I think we have disagreeing opinions on just about everything. We try to police the messages that get published to call bad anons out, but we all have different views as to what is truly appropriate for the blog and what is inappropriate.

Send in an ask next time you see something you feel is wrong. Call the anon out if you think an anon (or a mod!) has said something wrong! We don’t want to spread ignorance or hate and we try to be a place that values discussion and differing opinions so long as they are not bigoted or hateful. None of us will lash out at you for simply disagreeing with us.

-The Native One

Vuelve ‘La liga de los hombres extraordinarios’: Fox prepara un 'reboot’ del cómic de Alan Moore

ARANCHA SERRANO La popular novela gráfica de Alan Moore tendrá otra oportunidad tras la adaptación que se realizó en 2003, y que generó 100 millones de dólares de beneficio. 20th Century Fox ha puesto en marcha un equipo de producción para hacer borrón y cuenta nueva y convertir el cómic en una …

So I’m going a bit off topic...

But I’ve just watched Studio Ghibli’s When Marnie Was There and it was really amazing.

I kept being told about ‘anime recommendations’ so I thought I should share this one (btw there’s this one ask about an anime I’ve just finshed that I found amazing but you’ll have to wait for it :P).

I finally got some time to watch this (I haven’t watched an anime by Ghibli in a really long time) and I’m really glad I did.

Given the fact that this is by Studio Ghibli you can expect beautiful animation and you won’t be disappointed!.

I really loved this from start to finish, it’s a very good anime and definitely it has become one of my faves.

The only thing that I didn’t like that much was that a lot of people were claiming that this anime has a great plot twist (and thus I was really hyped up for it) but to be honest, I think the story was very predictable (and you can see several clear hints throughout the entire movie) so the ending wasn’t a big surprise for me. However it’s still a great movie with a great story (which is based on the novel When Marnie Was There by Joan G. Robinson).

Definitely, a must-see in my opinion.

+ Click here for a streaming link with english subs!.

EXTRA: Here’s the trailer for the upcoming US release!.


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So, fetishizing races is pretty much what tumblr does with black people? Saying all of them are perfect, better than white people and never do anything wrong.

Yes, exactly! And pretty much every other non white group of people is fetishized on here, too. It’s really creepy and it always makes me feel super uncomfortable. 

If you’re going to like me and want to be my tumblr friend, that’s cool and awesome, but if you only like me because I’m Native (ooo, how magical!), then please go away. I don’t like feeling like I’m some people’s token Native on this site.

-The Native One

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Can you explain what cultural appropriation is? Like I've never understood it?

Cultural appropriation is taking something sacred to a culture and bastardizing it. It’s when someone takes an object that has significant meaning to a culture and sucks all meaning from it. 

It’s a very real thing.

Tumblr has confused cultural appropriation with cultural sharing. They think eating a culture’s food, simply partaking in open aspects of a culture, or learning a foreign language is cultural appropriation. None of those are actual appropriation, though, since none of those are truly sacred to any culture.

Does that help?

-The Native One

Nepal signal boost

Queridos followers. En solidaridad con nuestros hermanos de Nepal que fueron víctimas del peor terremoto en 80 años de 7.9 Richter por si viven debajo de una piedra, queremos hacerles llegar algunos links para que puedan aportar su granito de arena en favor de los paisanos del espectro más cercano a ser un caballero dorado (Aka. Aiacos).

Los lugares en los que pueden donar efectivo son:

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¡Hagan arder su cosmos y donen! // Burn your cosmos and donate!

This is likely a really really dumb request and at the moment I don’t expect much answer but being that my own mind is not helping itself right now and is on a stupid self-destruction spree I need some from-the-outside input to help it ground itself back to rationality if I can get said input;

Are there any gardeners here who think it’s not worthless to just want to try to grow/propagate/spread plants around just out of personal interest/pleasure? Like sure there are plants that everyone eats, or that smell nice or have some blatant use/charm and are pretty, useful, and dandy, but is there worth to want to grow an unusual but underappreciated plant? That you can’t even explain WHY you are invested in it but you just want to? Or even grow a somewhat edible plant but just want to grow it rather than eat it?