@johnjacobmontellano, I'm so sad~

This is so unreal. Although 3 awesome friends left this Rock earlier this year, this separation is so different. I guess I hang out with you most of the time with Von or Jerome has made our friendship “unique”.

Man JJ, I really miss you. Have fun over thar and get your shit together so we can see you soon. Hopefully Mama Riz’s wedding comes by fast but our vacation can last a lifetime. Can’t wait till all of us reunite at our Motherland!! Stay safe always butthole! Love ya, Miss ya!

I couldn’t message you any other way than here. Hopefully you see this!

We all miss you JJ!

I can’t stop saying it more than enough.

To all my friends and family, this isn’t goodbye. It’s merely “until we meet again.” I’m truly thankful for this summer of growth, friendship, and family. I’m glad I got to see all the people I could before I go off to school. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I make the transition into the collegiate lifestyle. I love you all and God bless! #offtocollege #growingup #ucd16 #summer #friends #family (Taken with Instagram)

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