Date someone who meets you half way. Date someone who brings you a glass a water when they get themselves one. Date someone who makes sure you don’t spend money on ridiculous things. Date someone your ex hates and your mom loves. Date someone who’d rather spend a Friday night watching movies, than out with 50 people they barely even talk to. Date someone who sleeps on your chest and leaves a little puddle of drool. Don’t date someone who makes you leave oceans of tears.
—  At the end of the day it’s the little things.
The past is the past, you aren’t the same person you were yesterday and you won’t be the same person as you are today. Time changes, People grow apart, People grow together. The past can be ugly but so can the future, the only person that can change anything is yourself.
—  Things change.
Tell me when you first met, tell me when she made your heart skip a beat. Tell me how with her you never cried because she was everything you needed. Tell me how on rainy days the sky never seemed to be so bright. Tell me how every love song made you think of her, tell me when you thought of holding her hand for the first time but was unsure how to make the move. Tell me how your lips seem to fit perfectly on hers. Tell me how the moon light will never be able to shine as bright as her. Tell me how her name is permanently tattooed in the back of your mind even though it has been 8 months after she disappeared. Tell me how she broke you and everything you dreamed of, tell me how you cried yourself to sleep every night for 3 months because waking up with her not beside you is the most terrifying thought. Tell me how your mom still talks about her. Tell me how you almost say her name to every new person you try and like. Tell me how being in bed with that stranger was never the same. Then tell me, why on your wedding day you saw the wrong person dressed up, looking at you. Tell me why you still dream of her every night. Tell how years later you still can’t go to bed with out listening to her favourite song. Tell me now that you can’t even talk to her even if you wanted to, tell me what you would tell her, because now it’s to late and now she’s gone.
—  But I actually don’t want you to tell me because I already know // e.p
She’s a beautiful girl, the way she carries herself makes you want to know her. Her confidence level makes you question how a person could be so well put together but girls like her love the chase and adore attention. Girls like her will watch you bleed yourself dry while you just wanted her to smile. Girls like her will let the world in on how she’s feeling because only strangers compliments can make it a little better. Girls like her will smoke packs of cigarettes waiting for someone to say “hey, that’s not good for you, why are you doing that?” so she can tell them everything that broke her heart. Girls like her will kick you to the curb faster than you can say “wait”.
—  Girls like her // ep
As humans we are meant to lose track of our belonging, we are meant to love and to be broken hearted. We are shown the beautiful but we learn the darkest secrets. I’ve seen beauty, when people laugh in the streets or get lost in each other’s eyes at just one glance, the art in the museums, the way my father use to hold my mother, the way the seasons change, the feeling after the first kiss, the way you loved how that good morning text made you feel, the way the sun shined upon your face as it faded into the distance, the look on someone’s face when they just accomplished something they never thought they could.
I’ve also learned some dark secrets, the way a family could be broken for years after their loved one decided this world was too cruel and couldn’t proceed, the way a mother will hold her daughter after she has a broken heart, how sickness doesn’t know age, how things can be lost if we do not catch them, watching your mother cry for days because her father is now six feet under, watching a son grow up without a father because he was too much of a coward to stay, seeing the effect that war has on someone, being called at 3am because someone couldn’t handle the night and feared themselves, seeing a 14 year old with cuts on their arms and legs because they didn’t believe they were worth anything, watching a 17 year old destroy the body that was given to them because a broken heart wasn’t worth feeling anymore.
—  Beauty and The Darkness // ep
What she doesn’t know is I’ll never be one to say “I love you too” because when you say “I love you too” it makes it sound forced upon, as if you have to reply to the “I love you”. So when she tells me she loves me I’ll just simply say “and I love you”.
—  and I love you.
My wandering self, hands, thoughts, and eyes. I stopped wandering when your hand searched for mine and webbed it’s way in between my fingers, making rest. As I was looking you in the eye I felt your hand drawing images on my back, making me feel at peace. You slowly smiled and said “what’s on your mind”. I stopped looking for space and looked at you and said “I’m fucked” you replied “why” I slowly mumbled “because I didn’t believe something as perfect as yourself existed until now”.
—  im fucked // ep
I’ve never felt this way before that’s probably why I’m so scared. I’ve never been able to be with someone and have no worries. I’ve never been able to look at someone over and over again and it feel as if it’s the first time I’ve ever looked at her. I’ve never had my hand fit so perfectly into someone else. My lips lock so gently upon hers. My body molds so perfectly into hers. Her words clash into mine like the stars in the sky. Her eyes make me feel like I’m looking at the first sunset I’ve ever seen. Her hair smells like the most beautiful flowers in the world. When I told her I loved her, I didn’t just fall in love with her, my body did because when I lay in bed and she’s not beside me it’s the loneliest I’ve ever been. So when I tell you I love you, you’ll never understand what I’m truly saying, so please don’t leave because words will never explain the amount of feelings I’ve grown for you.
—  I love you endlessly.

When it’s late, everything replays.
My Past
My mistakes
My good times
My low times
My hard times

1. I’ve learned that I don’t ever want to be someone’s first, never. I’ve always said the"the first one is the worst one" and I think I stand corrected. Maybe not for all but for me I believe it’s true.

2.When it comes to love I think we only crave a person that makes us feel something. I mean she could call you all the names in the book, but she can probably be calling the contact above or below you the exact same things. I’ve learned that there isn’t an “only one” ever in a relationship.

3. She probably has some girl chasing after her, trying just as hard as you are even if she claims her heart is taken by you. She nice though right? so it would be rude to tell the other girl to leave.

4. What is a “fresh start”? I mean it’s not “fresh” if the past is brought up 10 times a day.

5. Please don’t call me “babe”, if you call others it. Don’t make me think I’m the only one although it could have a more significant meaning when you call me it, I don’t care. You called that other girl it and I don’t want to be categorized in the same section as her.

6. Remember when you first said “I love you” can you please just tell me if you really meant it in that moment or was it to soon?

7. I may have cried for a 2 months after you walked out of my life, but I’ll never let someone bring me that low again.

8. When you see me with someone new please don’t feel the need to talk to me, just know I’m happy, and I hope you are too.

9. I finally learned I was over you when I stepped on the ice and I didn’t look for you in the stands.

10. I just want to say thank you. You hurt me, you gave me happiness for a short period of time but I learnt so much, so thank you.

11. When I hear your name, I don’t get sad anymore.

12. We went from strangers to friends to lovers to friends to strangers. It’s funny how that cycle works.

—  12 things a broken heart showed me.
With you, your voice can calm me, your touch can relax me, your heart beat can rest me, and your lips they can touch me. With you it isn’t about sex and it never will be. With you I want something that when I stare at the moon I think of you and how I wonder if you’re looking at it too. With you I wonder what embraces your hand because I don’t want anything to feel better than my hand in yours. With you I look in your eyes and see so much more than my world, I see my universe. With you I don’t care if you wear makeup or dress in your finest clothes because I’m with you, and I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.
—  Emma Pintal
Lips as soft as yours are dangerous. A chest as warm and comforting as yours is rare. You wandering gentle hands know where to hold, and it gets me every time. Your smile shines so bright, I swear it could fix a power outage. Your eyes are so beautifully coloured in hazel, it makes me think your a work of art.
And me? Im fucked, but I don’t think I care.
—  i don’t think i care // ep
As the cigarette burns, the only thought that I can actually grasp is what I would do if you were with someone new. See, this thought only comes around when I pull a pack out or when I see you, it kills me inside thinking of you with someone new but maybe I wasn’t good enough for you. I’ll smoke In order to kill the thoughts that have been torturing my health. As I stare across layers of sheets that don’t contain you in them, a loneliness feeling comes across me. I’ll turn over and watch hours pass by till it’s 3am and I’m scared of the demons within me. When it’s late, those demons seem to arise, so I’ll drink out of a glass bottle that burns my insides until I can’t see straight then I’ll turn over and imagine a time you were beside me saying it’s all going to be okay. When it comes the time when you fade out of my thoughts, I’ll see you on a glass projector that our generation is so addicted to. And when it’s time to see you with someone new, I’ll pull out another stick that will torture my health, until it’s the late hours of the night, and I’ll let my demons arise only to kill the thoughts I’ve though for so long to kill me.
—  Dark side