When it comes to walking away, I’m not the type to just up and leave. When I love, I love hard, deep, and unconditionally. When I get my heart broken, I fall apart into millions of pieces. My heart is gentle and I don’t know how to put it to rest. I’ve always known I want an excitement that will never die, a love that will never burn out, and my lover to be my best friend. When I fall in love I know she’ll be treated so right, and I’ll do my best to make every day and adventure we plan to take more exciting than the last. The only thing I want her to know about the way I loved her is I never stopped.

Walking away // ep

Date someone who meets you half way. Date someone who brings you a glass of water when they get themselves one. Date someone who makes sure you don’t spend your money on ridiculous things. Date someone who’d rather spend a Friday night watching movies, than out with 50 people they barely even talk to. Date someone who sleeps on your chest and leaves a puddle of drool. Don’t date someone who makes you leave oceans of tears.
—  (offtheocean)

Her presence could stop time. She’s the girl your ex hates, and mom loves. She deserves the sun and the moon, the ocean and the stars. With just one look at those blue eyes, she will have you questioning how something could be so beautiful. I couldn’t write for months, until I fell for her. She’s an angel with a curse. I am cursed. I am in love. She doesn’t know how much she deserves but I’ll do my best to try and give her every grain I can. She is pure. She’s gentle. She is stubborn. She is vibrant. She is everything that a beautiful soul could possibly be. If she could see inside my mind I bet it would fucking blow hers.

Beautiful soul // e.p

Everything is bad again. The relationships I’ve built are breaking before my eyes, and me? My demons are hanging above my head looking down saying “do it” to my dark thoughts. I️ think I️ agree with them for once.

Demons // EP

From the start it’s been a map with a unclear destination, I’ve explored your body under sheets watching your hands grip the sides of the mattress and lips pressed on my pillow case. You’ve never looked so damn perfect when you just let yourself be you. You have eyes that look like a European ocean on the hottest of summer days. Your hair is just about as dark as any nightmare I’ve ever had. You hold an adventurous heart, I want to explore every part of it. You’ve always said labels are one thing you hate and I guess what’s why it flows so naturally because labels scare me to death just as much as heights. You’ve got me so high I am not worried about what it’s like to come down anymore. You’ve uncovered many parts of me I’ve never seen. I’ve explored you but not your mind. I’m guilty for knowing it should have been the other way around.
—  The adventurous heart
The past is the past, you aren’t the same person you were yesterday and you won’t be the same person as you are today. Time changes, People grow apart, People grow together. The past can be ugly but so can the future, the only person that can change anything is yourself.
—  Things change.
She’s a beautiful girl, the way she carries herself makes you want to know her. Her confidence level makes you question how a person could be so well put together but girls like her love the chase and adore attention. Girls like her will watch you bleed yourself dry while you just wanted her to smile. Girls like her will let the world in on how she’s feeling because only strangers compliments can make it a little better. Girls like her will smoke packs of cigarettes waiting for someone to say “hey, that’s not good for you, why are you doing that?” so she can tell them everything that broke her heart. Girls like her will kick you to the curb faster than you can say “wait”.
—  Girls like her // ep
As humans we are meant to lose track of our belonging, we are meant to love and to be broken hearted. We are shown the beautiful but we learn the darkest secrets. I’ve seen beauty, when people laugh in the streets or get lost in each other’s eyes at just one glance, the art in the museums, the way my father use to hold my mother, the way the seasons change, the feeling after the first kiss, the way you loved how that good morning text made you feel, the way the sun shined upon your face as it faded into the distance, the look on someone’s face when they just accomplished something they never thought they could.
I’ve also learned some dark secrets, the way a family could be broken for years after their loved one decided this world was too cruel and couldn’t proceed, the way a mother will hold her daughter after she has a broken heart, how sickness doesn’t know age, how things can be lost if we do not catch them, watching your mother cry for days because her father is now six feet under, watching a son grow up without a father because he was too much of a coward to stay, seeing the effect that war has on someone, being called at 3am because someone couldn’t handle the night and feared themselves, seeing a 14 year old with cuts on their arms and legs because they didn’t believe they were worth anything, watching a 17 year old destroy the body that was given to them because a broken heart wasn’t worth feeling anymore.
—  Beauty and The Darkness // ep
My wandering self, hands, thoughts, and eyes. I stopped wandering when your hand searched for mine and webbed it’s way in between my fingers, making rest. As I was looking you in the eye I felt your hand drawing images on my back, making me feel at peace. You slowly smiled and said “what’s on your mind”. I stopped looking for space and looked at you and said “I’m fucked” you replied “why” I slowly mumbled “because I didn’t believe something as perfect as yourself existed until now”.
—  im fucked // ep
I wonder if I ever crossed your mind when you were with her. I wonder about when you called me and texted me after you weren’t with her if I was just your call when your lonely. I wonder if you ever meant those claims you made to love me. Now I’m the only one who will walk away from this looking like the bad guy, but that’s only because you painted me as the villain. I was never your hero, you never told anyone the good like you did the bad, the effort I showed you was meaningless to you. When I was putting in the most to make it work, you were taking it and turning around and running off with her, and that never changed. I stood there and took it because I loved you, but this love isn’t worth being broken hearted over again and again.
—  My toxic love // ep
She is brighter than the lights at christmas.
My lights have burned out many years ago.
The way she smiles could stop a million photographers.
Smiling is too exhausting for me to do anymore.
I haven’t looked at anyone the way that i look at her. 
When she looks at me i think that she sees someone else.
Ill buy her roses to make her life feel more alive.
Ill wait for them to die, because death is much more beautiful than this.
She takes the worries out of my head at night.
I worry when it’s late at night that she won’t love me anymore the way that she claims she does.
Darling, i love you.
Do you mean that?
—  My View vs. Hers  // EP