Meet The Mun Video

I know I have posted a PSA that included this, but I will make a whole seperate post.

Since I am at the brink of reaching my first 200 followers, I’ve decided I am going to do a Meet-the-Mun video once I reach that checkpoint.

You can ask me anything you like. Whether it pertain to my character, relations my character has, ships, etc. You can ask about roleplaying in general, what I like about it, why I started, etc. And you can ask personal questions if you are genuinely curious.

If you do ask personal questions and I feel uncomfortable answering, I have the right to leave it unanswered. No, I will not exploit you and say “*insert name* asked me a really personal question and I am not going to answer it sorrynotsorry.” No, if I feel uncomfortable then I will privately message you and let you know. That way there is no embarrassment. I want you all to feel loved, not humiliated. I will not judge you nor hate you if you do send in a question like that, unless it is directed to purposely hurt me or such.

I can also do shout outs as well. If you would like a shout out, then feel free to drop an ask! I will be doing them in general but if you would like to be included then I am more than willing to do so :) 

Anonymous questions/shoutouts will be permitted. So if you are shy, it is fine for you to click the anon button and send in a question. 
Although, I love you all and I don’t bite so there is no need to fear me <3

If you all plan on sending in questions, make sure you specify it is for the video. I don’t want to recieve it and answer it IC and find out it was for the video. That’s awkward.

Oh! And if you are also curious about how Nyota would react to certain situations, or if you would like me to read a certain thing, you can do that as well. But I’d prefer this to be at the minimum. After all, it is a meet the mun video. But I am open for it if you would like to do that as well. 

Thank you all for reading and do not be shy; send some questions in! 

If you have any questions pertaining to the video itself and such, let me know!

Thank you all for the follow, and I hope to see you in my inbox :) 

LLAP xoxo

It's the Holiday Season!

Hello my wonderful followers,

Since it is near Christmas, I wanted to show some love to you all and have an opportunity to give something back to you. 

I want to give you all a gift this Christmas.

I know that it is impossible to buy all of you something, but it WOULD be possible for me to do something as a gift. Such as me singing part (or all) of a song, reading a script/fanfiction/anything, drawing, etc. ANYTHING you like, just ask in my inbox and it will be a special Christmas gift to you.

I am starting NOW, so please send them in. The sooner the better. I will be uploading them on Christmas, so I may not have time to create a drawing or make a video on that day (Because well, I have my own Christmas too ya know? I visit family, etc). 

Don’t be afraid to ask by the way! I love EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. And I want to do this. You all deserve to be happy <3

Any questions, just contact me.

Thank you for reading!

LLAP xoxoxo

Hello my beautiful Trekkies!

So, I completely overhauled this account. Top to bottom. Now I am in fucking love with my theme and have all these pages. (Some still need to be edited so please bear with me). Now I’m not sure where that will put me as of rp, but as of late I have been wanting to do so very very bad. Maybe I shall watch Star Trek once more and get my creative juices flowing.

So maybe, this blog won’t be on hiatus anymore? We shall see.