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Pardon me, if it's not too creepy of me to ask- whereabouts do you live? You mentioned an island but I honestly thought you were a mainland Australian for some reason XD

Laughs yeah im more…”offshore” Australian XD I live here

The middle of the ocean?? Nah, ZOOM! ENHANCE!

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soo I was talking with friends about the royal residences and renovations of KP, etc.. and the ridiculous hoopla over the money spent on Apt 1A and Anmer Hall (even though Anmer is privately owned)

so.. before Andrew moved into Royal Lodge, after QM’s death, he and Sarah lived in Sunninghill Park

A home HM purchased, through the Crown Estate, for Sarah and Andrew.. that home was later sold in a pretty dodgy sale:

HM Land Registry records show that the house was sold for £15 million in 2007, £3 million over the asking price, to an offshore trust in the British Virgin Islands. Kenes Rakishev, a 29-year- old Kazakhstan  businessman who called himself a ‘friend’ of Prince Andrew, has  admitted negotiating the deal with the help of his father-in-law

the home quickly fell into disrepair and was eventually torn down.. btw the money made from the sale, is believed to have went completely  to Andrew.

and then you have Edward.. who was given a multi-year lease of Bagshot Park.

The Mansion House was renovated as a residence for the prince. The renovation was partly funded by the Crown Estate and partly by Prince Edward. The renovation was originally estimated to cost £2.18m, with £1.6m from the Crown Estate and the remainder being paid by the prince. The National Audit Office (NAO) report on the transaction states that the final cost of renovations was £2.98m; the Crown Estate paid £1.6m and the estimated excess of £1.38m was paid by Prince Edward. The Crown Estate had previously received £1.8 million from the Ministry of Defence in respect of dilapidation by the Royal Army Chaplains’ Departmentwhich offset the cost of the Crown Estate’s share of the renovation costs. The prince rented it from the Crown Estate initially for £5,000 a year then after renovation rising to £90,000 a year subject to 15-year rent reviews linked to RPI.

so.. why are we acting like any renovations done to KP for the Cambs, are some new thing in the royal world? Especially when talking about a home that doesn’t belong to them ala Bagshot Park?