Offset57 @ Gray’s School of Art, Degree Show 2013

Offset57 made it’s return this month at the Aberdeen College End of Year Show and the Gray’s School of Art Degree Show.

We were invited to put in work in the shop along with other Offset57 regulars, current graduates and former Gray’s Graduates. The shop is open for the duration of the degree show, so be sure to pop along and check it out.


[247/365] Screen Printing at Offset57 on Flickr.

As it is officially the last day of my holidays I decided that I wanted to learn something new, so I headed down to Offset57…and I don’t think it could have gone any better!

I took part in a fantastic workshop on screen printing courtesy of The Happy Accident Collective (also known as Levi Bunyan and Adrian Reid).  Screen printing has always been something I’ve wanted to try but never had the opportunity to (except for maybe putting together my own set, but even then it seemed like a bit of an investment for something I had no real clue about).  Needless to say, after seeing the process and having a go, things have started to click and I’ve already been looking online for kits and courses.

I left with 3 gorgeous hand pulled prints and a head buzzing full of ideas - thanks guys!

Happy Accident Collective
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[220/365] Ready for Offset57 on Flickr.

I’ll be sprinting from work to drop these off with the Offset57 guys and gals tomorrow.  There should have been another t-shirt design in there, but unfortunately it hasn’t turned up yet (boo!) - but everything else you see here will be available from Offset57 from the 13th of Feb :)  I can’t wait to see what everyone has made!  

So if you’re in Aberdeen, definitely drop by and check out some awesome art/print/crafty/handmade goodness!

Offset 57
The Academy Shopping Centre,
AB10 1JG.

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