offset film

You feel like you’re nothing,
Not a whiff in the wind.
The feeling’s so crushing,
How could you be so blind?

You are my everything.
You are my sun and my moon,
You are my ups and downs.
You are my whole life,
You are my smiles and my frowns.

You are those little moments of bliss
You are my thoughts and my feelings.
You are my first kiss
You are myself and my being.

You control my thoughts
You make me think of you
You take away my free will
You make me say,
You make me do.

You must understand that this is not a bad thing
You are my guidance
You are my compass
You are my saviour
You are my hero

You are who I need
You are for whom I breath.

From Good To Bad

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark S.
Words: 1324
Requested by Anonymous: Hey, I have a triggering requests, can you write a one-shot where the reader like 16 or 17 and she works with the Supernatural cast since Misha has been on, and one night she is leaving work and she gets grabbed and raped and the next morning Jared, Jensen, Misha and Mark S find her on set in her trailer seeing bruises and her wrapped slightly in a sheet and imminently run over to help her and she just breaks down in there arms and explains what happened. If it’s too triggering that’s okay. 

Warning: Please read the request above…this could be pretty triggering. There isn’t a lot of graphic detail, but just in case, please read with caution.

        “You did great today, Y/N,” Misha said as you were heading offset from filming your scenes for Supernatural. You had been part of the cast for a while and loved every second of being on the show. At seventeen, you were the younger member of the cast, but they treated you like family, so the age didn’t matter.

           “Thanks, Misha,” you smiled, “You guys staying?”

           “Yeah. We gotta a little more to do,” he said, “I guess we’ll see you in the morning, right?”

           “I’ll be here,” you nodded.

           You said your goodbyes to the other guys and headed to your trailer to get your things before heading to your apartment for the night.

           “Y/N?” you jumped when you heard a male voice come into your trailer after you had closed the door.

           You turned and saw a man you didn’t recognize, “Umm … may I help you?” you asked, backing away from him slowly.

           “Oh, I’m sure you can help me with quite a few things, Little Girl,” he said, walking toward you, “I’ve been watching you,” he said.

           “What … what are you going to do?”

           He reached for you, “You’ll see.”

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anonymous asked:

I was an extra on set once. One time Ian noticed Nina crying offset (he was filming) and completely stopped mid sentence and went over to her and hugged her and took her to his dressing room to calm her down. He had his priorities straight.

Ofmmgmfmg you better not be fucking lying to me because I could so imagine that. Get away from me. *cries*