the truth: i don’t look like this right now. i look like the most recent photo i posted the other day: bigger, fuller, and most definitely paler.
i saw @marie.wold post today about improvement season body positivity. learning to embrace the healthier, bigger, and much less lean version of yourself can prove to be incredibly difficult. but it is necessary in order to make improvements in your physique, give your body a break from intense diet and training, and give your mind time to calm from the strict regimens of competing.
even if you’re not an athlete, you will not always look your best. you will not always feel your best. but part of health is realizing what your body is saying to you and taking steps in the healthier direction even if this may mean steps away from the aesthetic direction.
@lauren_fit and @mishkadawn have shown me this and I am eternally grateful to have found them, and I know that I will soon blow this physique out of the water 👊🏼💪🏼 #npc #npcbikini #improvementseason #offseason

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