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You should have figured out a way to acquire Pokédollars before visiting earth. You have one hundred Caegars, but every time you try and give your money to someone, they can’t accept it. You also should have packed food for yourself. You’re starving, so you decide to bum a couple dollars off someone.

Hey! Can I borrow like, three dollars? Turns out none of these places accept Caegars!


He’s frowning at his phone, debating on what he should do. Truly, he wanted to go check on Jack, to make sure he was okay. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to put him on tumblr. Not that Bittle was thinking on it much, no, he was more concerned about ensuring that the other was okay. But did that outweigh the fear of incriminating himself? Of being asked a question and blurting out the answer like it was the answer to two plus two? He frowned even more before he pushed his phone in his pocket and deemed it worthy of the possibility.

Even if he did end up screwing himself in this, he wanted to be sure that Jack was okay. Especially after all of that nonsense. So he pushed on and made a beeline straight for Jack’s room and only hesitated a little before he knocked on the door. “..H-Hey..? It’s Bittle.. You okay? I’m sorry..” Oh yeah, there’s the worry.


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