Ignas Krunglevicius

Single channel video installation (8 videos. Total duration. 55min.)
DVD, released by MERE records.



“A collection of eight confessions, hand written and court transcripts, of convicted criminals. It is then reduced to only those sentences were the criminal is talking about his or hers own emotions. The perpetrators personal landscape of guilt is revealed with no descriptions about the actual criminal act. The most extreme act of violence contains something that we can all recognize in ourselves; the inner psychological patterns of reasoning and justification, remorse and/or the lack of it.”


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“ There are million of living and non-living things in the world. All of them have a difference and individuality but they all can live together and be harmonious under the world they are living in.”

Our lovely METAPHOR contributor Tanawat Sakdawisarak is being featured at TYPEFORCE 4 in Chicago. TYPEFORCE is an annual showcase of emerging typographic artists.

Opening night is March 1st. You can see more of his works here!

REASONS contributor: whatif

Gateway, 2012 “1999 the World Space Week was declared by the United Nations. Since then, every year there are events all over the world, with the aim to bring space science and technology and their use for humanity closer to the public. Bremen is one of the worldwide leading sites for space science and technology and is - with the work of universities, research institutes and companies - shaping up to be a gateway to space. 

2012 the city of Bremen opened the town hall for the World Space Week and whatif interprets Bremens’ role as a gateway to space in the interactive media installation »Gateway«:”

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