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Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is get a kiss from my wife, and every night before I fall asleep, the last thing I do is get a kiss from my wife.

Let me tell you, I am a lucky lady.


I’ve come to a point of wondering why is it that I’m super friendly when I talk to some of my followers and yet super done with the others.

I dislike the fact that I have to treat people with such different attitudes because I really really want to be nice to everyone haha :(

And I realised all those who annoyed me have certain characteristics of infringing on my personal space and anonymity so I came up with this list of pet peeves. As long as you don’t commit any of them below, I won’t bite 😘💋

THANKYOU ALL FOR READING IN ADVANCE (it’s a bit long haha) and your patience with me i seriously appreciate every one of my followers that doesnt fall into the above category, those who have been consistently chatting with me thus far and are super accomodating of my lack of responses at time, my intimates buyers, people who give me life advices and encourage me about As and life and tumblr ❤️❤️ Cherry loves y'all!

But As is seriously getting more daunting day by day so please understand that I am left with no choice but to come up with this list of pet peeves so that I can better manage my time and tumblr in general. With this, I also announce that kik will strictly be for business from now on so that I can reply my buyers fast plus filter the below 5 types of jokers from buyers without wasting too much of time trying to identify them 🙄


NOTE: if i ever sound annoyed or called anyone stupid below, please note that I am referring to a teeny weeny minority of the nsfw male population and that I am usually a lot nicer and less angsty because I believe majority of y'all here are still gentlemen ❣❣

1. My followers’ and my own anonymity over any thing else
2. My personal space
3. My time (considering I am taking As this year)
4. Nice people that I can talk to that don’t peer pressure me 😁
5. Encouraging (THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM BEING CREEPY OKAY), accommodating and understanding chat buddies (because i reply at the speed of a snail) 😊😊

1. Asking for my personal information
Don’t ever try to entice me with your “good looking” body or face or dick or worst of all, your personal information because And 好心你啦, to those people who say “tell me your school/ where you stay/ show me your face and i will tell/show you mine”. Can you please get it across your brain that you’re the one who 主动 came to talk to me and logically speaking, I didn’t even know you existed till then, so you are more likely to be interested in getting my details than I am in yours so this is not even a fair trade at all? And I’m jinja not interested in anything to do with you 🙃🙃 Seriously, please reflect in your brain before you say such stuff because you just sound more stupid to me and tbh, I don’t have much tolerance for stupid people.

2. Being creepily clingy
You need to understand that I am a human being living my own life, NOT YOUR TOOL THAT CHATS WITH YOU WHENEVER AND HOWEVER YOU LIKE. I am on tumblr to join this community, make friends and save up money for my future expenses through my intimates sales, NOT HERE TO SATISFY YOUR DESIRES/ NEEDINESS/ LONELINESS. So please please don’t send me weird clingy texts like “why are you online”, or pagro me by spamming me texts when I didn’t even reply you. go talk to siri or those robotic messaging apps if youre that desperate

3. Compliment vs disgust
I like people who tell me “Hi babe, you look hot” because hi gentlemen, thank you and I like you too! 😊 But if you send me consistently drag every single word that you say like “babbbbbbeeeee can i askkkk youuu a questionnnnnnnn” with eery emojis like “😜😝😛😚”, you are on my radar of being disgusting. Tbh these texts are endearing if youre my friend and I know you, but excuse me: idek your real name, your face, your personality and has been talking to you for less than a day, DONT SEND ME STUFF LIKE THAT LEH it seriously just degrades my impression of you

4. Time wasters
I told y'all i dont have much time so if youre going to text me stuff like “can i ask you a question” x1000 and ask me boliao questions like my school, personal info, or “how often do girls masturbate/ how do girls masturbate” LET ME TELL YOU THAT IM NOT YOUR WIKIPEDIA and that every girl is different and seriously I’m not the best person to answer such questions.

5. Fwb/ sexting
Nonononono. If you think you can start by playing nice and I will soon be head over heels for you that I go out with you/ have sex with you: scroll up to the things that i value and then fuck off (this is so rude of me but omg dont test my patience)

6. People with horrible language

I don’t discriminate against people who can’t english very well okay!! but please, at least make sure you’re being coherent with your sentences because I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU OTHERWISE. I got people sending me stuff like “would he rear ido you” okay you’re trying to say “would be great if i could have sex with you” but omg 🙄🙄🙄asdfghjkl

7. Too fast into the action

I don’t open up to people easily in real life so all the more i wont on tumblr, hence if you start a convo with “can i smash you”, “let’s meet up i want to know you better”, “eh go play LOL with me now!” stop overestimating yourselves 🙃 i dont even have time to meet my friends because of studies so why would i want to go out with you/ game with you. And mind you, this is after I politely rejected saying “Im not really free to game now” and “I am not comfortable with meeting tumblr people offline” GET THAT SIGNAL WILL YALL 🙄

8. will add on when theres more things that annoy me

Peace out,
🍒 (sorry, thank yall and love y'all once again!!)

Yooo!  I’m Cindy, from San Francisco, California, and June 4th is actually my birthday!  I work in finance at a tech company you’ve all probably heard of so please forgive me for trying to maintain a little anonymity.  I’ve seen several of these meetups throughout the years, but I’ve always been too shy to introduce myself.  Now that I’m more active, I’m taking this opportunity to finally introduce myself.

I dragged my boyfriend with me to watch Kingsman when it came out in theaters and I LOVED IT.  I went home and started looking for fics because I needed fix-it fics and validation that I wasn’t the only one who saw Eggsy and Harry making bedroom eyes at each other during the entire movie.  So I guess I’ve been a lurker in the fandom… since it started?  

I’ve really enjoyed seeing this fandom grow despite not participating in it much. I write painfully slow, but I’m trying to finish my current story as fast as I can because I suspect K2 is going to change everything.  I pump out like one fic a year and they’re just excuses to write porn (in my defense, I did trash a 50k fic last year because I wrote myself into a corner and couldn’t get out lol.  Why are spy stories so hard to write?!). Anyway, you can find me on AO3 doing my best to comment and leave kudos.  I love Hartwin and I’m nuts for Colin Firth. I try to keep personal stuff offline so my tumblr is mainly CF and Kingsman focused. I’m always down to gush with random people, so feel free to nudge me if you’re bored.

Gotta give a shout out to @cravingcolin, @firthsty, and @solarrift for filling my dash with Colin pics every day but also entertaining me with firtherton every so often.  You guys are a gem. 

No selfies handy, but here’s the reason why it takes me forever to write.  Writing on a road bike is hard, but I can’t resist going out for a spin when the sunny coastlines beckon!


Уже несколько дней не сижу за компом, ибо нежелательно для глаз. Рома всячески старается развлечь меня, вытаскивает из дома. Вчера вечером погуляли по магазинам Аэропарка, сегодня ездили на великах на вкусные сосисочки и немного пофоткались на нашем любимом месте для пикника. Кстати, мы приступили к просмотру сериал “Милые обманщицы”, смотрим его по утрам, поедая свой завтрак в кровати).

Жизнь без интернета существует и она гораздо лучше, чем жизнь в Оnline!