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Chariot hears music outside of her tower window one night. When she goes to investigate, instead of finding Croix holding up a boombox, she sees one of Croix’s roombas with a speaker and iPod attached to it floating outside

She looks down further and finds Croix smiling and floating a few feet below DJ Broomba.

What song(s) did Croix play to serenade Chariot with?

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Is there a situation where input lag is purposely added to a game? Theres ongoing debate in the fgc about sfv having 6.2 frames of lag on purpose due to online play, and how it relates to how they use their cfn to allow crossplatform play between pc and ps4.

Yes, that’s actually pretty normal. If you want online play, you need some amount of input lag to serve as a buffer so that both players will get the same results at the same time. The amount of lag will vary depending on the game, but it’s pretty normal to have some amount of input lag to provide a buffer in order to allow for fair gameplay. Let me show you what I mean. Normally, when Ryu presses the roundhouse button, the signal from Ryu’s controller goes in, gets processed by the machine, then the move starts. In a lagless environment, this is a timeline example of what would happen:

However, when Ryu is fighting Ken online, there’s not one single timeline, but actually three separate timelines - one for what Ryu sees, one for what the server sees, and one for what Ken sees. The difference is that these are not synchronous by any means, because it takes time for Ryu’s game to tell the server that he pressed the roundhouse button, and then it takes time for the server to tell Ken that Ryu pressed the roundhouse button. So it actually looks something like this:

If it takes 50 milliseconds (3 frames) to transmit data from Ryu to the server, and another 50 milliseconds to transmit data from the server to Ken, then Ken won’t register Ryu’s roundhouse button press until 6 frames after Ryu pushed the button. Ryu likewise would also not see Ken’s moves until 6 frames later. Obviously, this isn’t so good. 

Imagine this scenario. Ryu and Ken are right next to each other. At frame 0, Ryu presses roundhouse (startup time: 5 frames). This means that Ryu’s roundhouse will hit on frame 5. At frame 1, Ken presses jab (startup time: 3 frames), hitting on frame 4. In a lagless environment, Ken’s jab would hit before Ryu’s roundhouse on frame 4. But what if this were online with 3 frames of latency between each player and the server? 

If this happens online, Ryu’s roundhouse button press signal wouldn’t reach Ken until frame 6 (pressed on frame 0 + 3 frames of signal travel time from Ryu to server + 3 frames travel time from server to Ken). Ken’s jab signal wouldn’t reach Ryu until frame 7 (six frames of total signal travel time), and suddenly you have three different stories going on. Ryu believes his roundhouse (pressed on frame 0, hitting on frame 5) cleanly beats the jab that was pressed on frame 8. Ken thinks that his jab (pressed on frame 1, hitting on frame 4) cleanly beats Ryu’s roundhouse (pressed on frame 6, hitting on frame 11). The server receives Ryu’s roundhouse at frame 3 (0 + 3 frames travel time), Ken’s jab at frame 4 (1 + 3 frames travel time), and thinks that Ken’s jab actually stuffs Ryu out of his roundhouse at frame 7 (1 + 3 frames startup + 3 frames travel time). If the server is authoritative (as it should be), that means that it sends the signal to both Ryu and Ken that Ken’s jab beat Ryu’s roundhouse, which will then happen on frame 10 for both of them (server says it happens on frame 7, but it takes 3 frames of travel time for the signal to reach both of them). This is probably super annoying for Ryu, who pressed the roundhouse button 10 frames ago and still gets stuffed by the jab he didn’t get until 7 frames later, when the server decides that Ken’s jab won.

Now let’s assume that there’s an input delay of 8 frames. The same input timing happens - Ryu presses roundhouse on frame 0, Ken presses jab on frame 1. What changes? Because there’s the delay in the moves actually starting, all three parties now have enough time to synchronize the events before anyone expects the attacks to happen. This means all three will see the same events play out on the same frame numbers.

With an input delay of 8 frames, Ryu knows his roundhouse won’t register until frame 8, and won’t go active until frame 13. Ken knows his jab pressed at frame 1 won’t register until frame 9, and won’t go active until frame 12. The server has enough time to receive the input data from both fighters and then update them both with enough time to spare so that both Ryu and Ken will see the exact same thing happen on their screens exactly eight frames after they pressed the button. This input delay allows the server to keep them both in sync. The better the connection, the fewer frames of input delay there has to be in order to arrive at the same result. In this particular example, we could probably shorten it to 6 or 7 frames of input delay to maintain parity. If we could decrease the latency between Ryu and Ken, the input delay could be reduced further.

So yeah. That’s how online play works for almost all games played in real time. Synchronization is hard. Signals aren’t instantaneous; it takes a non-trivial amount of time to transmit data across vast distances. The only real way to handle that is by keeping enough of a time buffer. There are various (and similar) other ways of handling this; the famous GGPO method actually stores the last few frames of the game that have already passed, and retroactively inserts button inputs into the past and recalculates the game state in order to make the present synchronize up. This is what causes GGPO’s weird false positives, such as your game thinking you KOed somebody (and playing the sound effect for it), only to receive game data that retroactively undoes that event and keeps the fight going.

“But why not keep offline play without any input lag and just keep it for online play?” you might ask. They did that in past games. Unfortunately, this means that the online play is a fundamentally different experience than offline play. That’s not good if you want to foster an active global competitive community, because it means that anyone who can’t get local competition will be at a huge disadvantage. Keeping the experience consistent for everyone online and off will allow all players to practice and improve at the same game.

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Sega Forever - Launch Trailer

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Memento Mori (Faust AU) - Chapter 4

When the double doors to the chamber hissed open, Mitaka lifted his head, only to be forced back down by Snoke’s clawed hand.
“General Hux,” Snoke hissed. “We were just talking about you.”
The familiar sharp click of boots echoed throughout the cave-like chamber.
Emperor Hux,” Hux corrected, his voice cool and confident. Tears rolled down Mitaka’s cheeks as he heard his Emperor say, “And now that I am here, you can let my officer go.” 

@white-rainbowff and I are finally done with Chapter 4! Plenty of action, drama and some fluff. Anyway, Mitaka has this to say for Hux’s performance in this chapter:

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I feel like if you and Kismet ever fought, because you share the same origin account she'd go into online mode so you couldn't

turns out we both kick each other off origin online mode On the Regular and there is No Fight Necessary 4 it to happen. i will say she kicks me off more than i kick her off EVEN if she denies this trust me!!!!!!…………..bc i kno for a fact everytime the popup gives u the choice to play offline or play online she ALWAYS clicks online. always. so who would u trust sweet angelic me or douchebagmet sims

[playing with yarn and sticks and not frowning, definitely never frowning, clea sits their ass down with all the students settling in on the beach. have a lovely summer is still rattling around their head, much as they try to squash it; much as they tell themselves that this is a school, run by adults, that they would never keep a bunch of teenagers away from their families. they flop back with a groan, mentally redacting every comment they made about how boring the holiday would be with their parents. clea feels ungrateful in retrospect, the same guilt that stirred uncomfortably in their stomach when they realized arash and noah went out for dinner, while they didn’t even have the patience to wait for their date.

etsuko’s non appearance is the best part of this prom, in the end; at least she’s safe, with her rabbit for company and enough snacks stockpiled to survive in the abandoned dorms. at least she can get home.

clea sees the dress before its wearer, somehow making true eye contact for the first time in a long time. clea sees venus before its owner, snarling and gleaming with spittle, and their heart sinks. they call out to her, scrambling to get up, not bothering to dust the sand off their bare legs. they cannot catch a break.]

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How would lovi react if feli had anxiety and to cope played with anxiety toys (bubble rap key chains, slime, fidget spiners,etc.)) love your blog by the way


i mean sometimes the little noises bug him but besides that, PRECIOUS

feli probably plays with lovis hands a lot too, like when they hold hands

he also probably plays with his car/house keys a lot and the jingle drives lovi crazy but he doesnt have the heart to tell him to shut up

and feli purposely buying packages offline just to play with the bubble wrap

“you know you can just buy bubble wrap in stores right?”

“…oh o-o”

imagine him having one of those little chew toys and hes rly insecure about it cause like… its weird

but lovi just kisses his face and tells him hes adorable -w- cause he does find it so frickin cute

and they totally make slime together but once they mix it together it turns an ugly grey and youd think as artists theyd know thatd happen but… theyre not very smart lol

feli is very upset so they make more :D

(also working on your other ask dont worry -w-)

This may sound stupid, but I finally, FINALLY found where my Steam screenshots have been saving on my computer and it makes me so incredibly happy because I have over 1200 screenshots on my account that I would have had to download and save individually otherwise but I can’t because no internet and I want to save new ones for the games I’m playing offline and I found this completely by accident while trying to save said new screenshots.


I’m so happy, guys.