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think critically of shit like video games oh my god dont just mindlessly give a company money but think abt why youre giving them that money and why you want to support them. what volition has done with sr is like. objectively its shit. if you really dont realise that aom is marketed primarily to an audience of sr fans who.. well, are just waiting for a new sr game so of course they put fucking johnny in the goddamn game,

like do i need to spell this out for you,


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for your consideration: joly and bossuet trying to “seduce” musichetta by singing “L-O-V-E” by nat king cole to her. when they get to “love is more than just a game for two,” they both stop and wiggle their eyebrows at her until she starts laughing.

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Hellooo! I could use a bit of advice if you have it. I sometimes take fics offline (leaving fandoms, removing problematic fic when I learn better, etc.) but usually hand out pdfs if anyone comes along and asks. Recently I took down a somewhat popular fic and have had rude asks about where it went/demands to put it back up. Those I just tell "I took it down/I won't repost it" and now I'm having people tell me I'm rude for responding in that way?? most of these asks don't even say hi, just (1/2)

just launch right into “where did x go.” or similar. I wouldn’t be so bothered if I weren’t getting weekly asks about it (it’s been about two months since I took the fic down). I haven’t given out pdfs of this one either because nobody is even asking politely? I’m at my wits end and don’t really know how to make people stop, or if it’s at all possible to make them stop… (also I haven’t stated anywhere publicly that I give out pdfs, but I do it bc I know it sucks to see fics vanish.)  (2/2)            

Oh, anon <3 I’m so sorry people are being jerks to you.

Firstly, this seems like a good moment to remind everyone of the saying “fanfiction is shared with you, not written for you.” For readers, this means remembering that fic isn’t something you’re entitled to. For authors, this means remembering that your fic is yours to share - or not. That isn’t just true as a community standard; iirc the plot, any OCs or original settings or ideas, and writing that isn’t from canonical texts is your intellectual property. It’s yours - you made it, and what you do with it is up to you.

In other words, your demanding readers are (as it sounds like you already know) missing the point in a big way as well as being rude and unkind.

As for dealing with them, the answer that comes to mind is going to be unpopular, but it’s the one that’s worked best for me in irl situations with entitled, rude people: just don’t respond.

To be clear, I think it’s awesome that you’re giving polite people who ask nicely PDFs of the fic! But you aren’t ever obligated to reply to people, especially when they aren’t being polite (and not so much as saying hello (!!) or please or thank you definitely qualifies). Plus, someone who’s that rude at first isn’t going to suddenly become respectful if you send them a sincere, thoughtful, considered response. Definitely recommend continuing to be nice to people who are nice to you! But those who aren’t? Go ahead and delete them, and save yourself the time and consternation.

If that doesn’t sit well, the other option I can think of is to develop a canned answer that you copy and paste. “Hi! Thanks for asking about my fic! I’m sorry to say that I’ve taken it down and won’t be reposting it, but I hope you’ll check out my other works and keep reading in this fandom - there’s so much great fic out there, I’m sure you’ll find other things you love! x” Not exactly that necessarily (though you’re welcome to use it if it helps!) but something in that vein - firm, unequivocal, friendly, validating, final, and reusable. Again, the goal is to make this as quick and emotionally easy for you as is possible. Deleting rude asks is, imo, a-okay, but there’s nothing wrong with meeting rudeness with something nice if you feel better about that. (And if they keep pressing, you can start deleting at any point. Remember that starting a conversation doesn’t mean you have to continue it endlessly. Plus, wouldn’t it be better for everyone if you use that writing energy on things you enjoy instead?

Hope that helps! <3

unforth-ninawaters replied to your post: the criminal minds fandom is not what I expected.

Yeah I’ll own the Spencer Reid obsession was always a bit beyond me. Now, Hodge on the other hand… (note I’m not in the fandom, just like the show)

yeah I don’t really get the Reid obsession either. but then none of the characters seem to really stand out to me in particular (I don’t mean they’re boring characters, they just did a good job at making it an ensemble cast). so I’m left to wonder why Spencer Reid over everyone else? Especially since everyone I know offline that watches it has bemoaned Gideon being written out of the show for the last ten years. Online vs offline fandom apparently has some differing opinions.

it’s fascinating.

What. The Actual. Fuck.

Fandom, this not how we fandom.

This is not how we treat each other. This is not how you treat people in general, but for goodness sakes not your own fandom.

Fandom is the fantastic immersion in a shared passion and love, expressed in writing or drawing or squee-tweets or wherever the inspiration takes you. This is your family, your community, your support systems for all your creative endeavors and your friends you can count on to be there in the wee hours of the day and late hours of the evening and smack-dab in the middle of the goddamned day because you know what is awesome about your fandom friends? They are everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, with life experiences and backgrounds and histories that can shatter offline realities in Smalltown, USA or ArrestYouForHomosexuality, Russia.

Your fandom community is inclusive, it is educational. It is all walks of life, all political views, all/no genders, all religions, all the things that give life color and character and the beauty of a rich world.

It is comfort and escape, it is solace and quiet. It is loud and rambunctious, and fandom is so terrifyingly powerful sometimes it’s almost awe-inspiring. It is laughter at ridiculous shit your friends say, it is tears for loss of fandom friends, and it’s coming together to support victims of natural disasters or someone who needs a safe place to live.  

Fandom is fucking amazing.  Fandom inspires people to write, it teaches people to draw, it takes pride in it’s awareness and drives conversation regarding race, health and disorders, cultural appropriation, and pretty much every ‘ism.  Hell, it even teaches people about sex, sexuality, gender and romance, personal acceptance and relationships in their own offline lives.

You know what fandom is not?

Fandom is not hate. Especially not hate on any of our community. It’s not disrespect for someone’s art, it is not anon-filled inboxes of tumblr wank, it is not bullying (whether it be fan or cast/crew/network, like what happened with eaddymays) and it sure as hell is not attacking an author over their works. 

Come on, fandom.  We are better than this.  We are better than this because we fucking write/read about the pain and consequences in our fanfic, we paint it in our fanart, and we talk about it in our meta and in our personal messages.  

The bullying has got to stop, in whatever shape or form.  There are people on the other side of that text and being an asshole - while I totally believe it is within your freedom to be an asshole - is not how the other person (who has never done a goddamned thing to you) deserves to be treated.

This is going to continue being a hate-free zone.  Debate and discussion?  Most welcome.  Encouraged, actually.  You don’t like a show or movie I do?  That’s okay and I invite the conversation to discuss why.  Besides, there are probably common interests we do share, which is brilliant and awesome in every way.

However, if you’re going to use your voice and freedom on the internet to be shitty to other people in your community?  I’m going to use my voice and freedom to express how being shitty to others is not who fandom is, what we are, or why we are here.  You are not supported in your actions, it is not condoned, and it is not tolerated.  

And if you are being targeted, say something to someone.  Please.  Say it to me, say it to your friends, say it to to everyone on Tumblr/Twitter/MySpace.  Don’t let it build til it drives you from fandom because fandom is no longer a safe space for you.  This is not who fandom is, and believe it when I say, you  are welcome, you are fantastic in whatever form you choose to participate, and you fucking belong.
Did Furiosa know that the storm would be coming that day when she planned to take the wives?

WITNESS! George answered my question and WE HAVE CANON PEOPLE! Furiosa did not know about the storm – discuss! (Of course, it doesn’t matter for personal interpretation what George says is canon, but interesting!)

Also, he looked at me!

                i can hardly believe it’s been almost 3 years since i came home from the cinema after seeing catching fire and decided to make my first ever tumblr blog, and made katniss, letalone i pasted 8,000 followers a few weeks back!!! i owe everything on this blog to you guys, my amazing followers, as you inspire me every time i log on to katniss. you make me feel loved and welcome. it’s not just 3 years writing katniss but 3 years of making new friends, connections and loved ones ❤

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Knight to Queen

EDIT: this post was written in May 2014 after S1E21 aired. Please keep that in mind while reading it as a lot information wasn’t revealed back then.

okay I’m going out on a real limb with this but I somehow can’t unthink it… long post is very long ;)

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Five Nights at Freddy's Three Teaser Images

Hey guys!

As most of you know, we have some fabulously taunting teaser images for this game! 

  • First image:

I remember hearing something about the three showing up when it was brightened, but I couldn’t find the original image so this one will have to do! Not much to talk about here, probably just something to get the fandom stirring. “Offline” could hint that everyone is shut down completely, which would make sense if this game takes place AFTER the second game. (More on that later)

  • Second image:

Here we have someone peeking out of the shadows, with the text “I am still here” next to them. First off, yes there are veins in it’s eyes. From what I know, this only happens with Freddy hallucinations. Lots of people are speculating that the “someone” is golden freddy, so lets brighten it up a lot and see.

As you can tell, I failed miserably and only succeeded in finding a 3 in the bottom corner! Lets go find one that’s already been brightened, shall we?

There we go! Now, I see lots of red. Red on the teeth and around the eyes specifically. The red in the eyes could easily be wiring, but then why would the teeth be red? If this is the one who caused the bite of ‘87, there would be blood on the mouth as well, not just the teeth. Maybe, if the timeline continues as predicted, the red would be the rust from being left unattended for years. I would still like to know why the eyes are realistic or real, so if you have any thoughts on that feel free to let us know!

Third image:

Now, this one’s the kicker. “But but, the toy models are there! It has to be a sequel right??" Yup, it could definitely be a sequel. Let me highlight all the different parts so we can see what we’ve got.

Excuse the horrid handwriting, my tablet pen is acting up. And I forgot to label Mangle but she’s the bright pink one. SO, we have Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, BB, one of the Freddys (if we follow the toy theme, this is probably Toy Freddy), Foxy, Mangle, and paper plate BB, all in the Marionette’s box. We can also see Bonnie’s guitar in the background. I have things highlighted in purple that I don’t know what they are. I expect the deformed Dalek arm thing is either a part of Mangle or the bare endoskeleton, as it’s obviously part of an endoskeleton. NOW, let’s look at a brightened version!

Looks an awful lot like the mysterious animatronic from the second picture, doesn’t it? If we’re going backwards in the timeline still, this could be golden Freddy standing up, since we know he has an endoskeleton in the second game so why not the third.

Let us know what you think! I personally am severely lacking in people to talk to about this game, so I’d love to talk to you guys!

Clarification about the Swan Queen Movement Documentary

[Morning After Edit: I wrote this last night as I was overly emotional after some the things I’ve seen and been asked. As I reread it this morning, some editing needed to be done with a calmer head]

I’ve read a few of the posts that bnaz has posted and that I’ve been questioned about directly. So I thought, rather than just post back, I’m going to make this a GENERAL CLARIFICATION STATEMENT (bnaz my apologies for not coming to you first, but I felt the need to get this off my chest). With a bit of a rant on the side. You all may love this response,. You may hate this response. Or you may not even BELIEVE this response. I don’t really care as long as you READ IT WITH AN OPEN MIND rather than speculate, assume, or anything else that isn’t true.

The Swan Queen Movement: A Fandom’s Fight For Change is a documentary about equality, justice, and inclusiveness. We chose the title/name because it is where the idea sparked from. The SQM was created by one of the nicest people I know. She saw a problem and sought to do something about it. That’s where the “kill’em with kindness” came from. She sought out to try and create a group that consisted of POSITIVE Swan Queen shippers. She wanted to create a place where positive people could go to express themselves in a safe area that happened to be geared toward SQ shippers. But as things go on social media, backlash is bound to happen. Which is where that portion of the explanation comes from. The nastiness that I, Bia and even Tammy have seen since the announcement of the campaign has been unreal.

This documentary IS NOT ABOUT REPRESENTATION OF JUST SWAN QUEEN ON THE SHOW. Hell, I didn’t even know there was such a ship as RedSnow. I knew of SleepingWarrior and felt that storyline was yet another wasted opportunity and a bit of “queer-bating” tactic to a degree. But this documentary IS ABOUT ALL OF THESE TYPES OF SHIPS AS WELL. It is about representation OF A WIDE GROUP OF PEOPLE. It is also about several different issues WE ALL FACE; not just SQ shippers. It’s about activism in a digital age. It’s about taking that activism from behind a screen and on into actually acting. It’s about understanding things from a different point of view.

I have NEVER bullied anyone for not shipping or liking SQ, and neither has my fellow team members. The “Penis Parade” banner is not one I chose or use for my own beliefs or in my fandom experiences. I have never been one to call ANYONE homophobic as I feel the word is improper. NO ONE is “afraid of” homosexuals or “alternative” lifestyles. And it is NEVER a word I use in my everyday vocabulary. And to say I am any kind of “queer basher” is beyond ridiculous. Why would I stand in a glass house and throw stones? Who you ship is YOUR business and not my own. You could ship Regina’s Cleavage with Hook’s Hairy Chest and I wouldn’t care. Ship and let ship. That’s what I believe.

The concepts in my head when I went to bnaz with the idea for the documentary were justice, fairness, inclusiveness and creativity. I saw what the SQM was doing and the backlash so many of the members received and it gave me an idea. I wanted to step from behind my screen and actually DO SOMETHING about the many things I saw going on in shows like OUAT that just seemed not right. The SQM had taken the negativity we received and tried to do something more positive and that could drown out the “bad apples” of the SQ Fandom. Which gave me another idea; why not take all of the concepts I felt needed exploring and combine them with the group that is trying to change things already.

I am a biracial, queer woman of colour with Cyclothymia, speak 3 languages, university educated professional with a desire to fight the injustices and wrongs I see in the media of today. Having grown up in the UK, I never felt I had a place to “fit” and I hardly ever could relate to the stories I saw on telly as they never reflected my life or the lives of any of those close to me. But with the SQM, I found a place to “fit”. With a group of caring, understanding, open-minded people that had the same passion I have to DO rather than just bitch and moan from the ANONYMOUS ETHER of the Internet. I found family in these people. Even if I have never met any of them face-to-face, they made me feel comfortable where I could be open and free to express myself. From that, I wanted to take my idea to the people that could really relate to what I was going through. People that saw some of the same disparaging content, concepts, and stereotypes that I saw.

This documentary is NOT ABOUT GETTING THE WRITERS TO CHANGE WHAT THEY WRITE WHEN IT COMES TO THE SWAN QUEEN STORY. What the writers/creators of the show do with their characters is their business. How they want the story to go, is their business. I don’t want them to do anything but tell a good story that is believable and entertaining. I know that it may be 99.99999% reality that SQ will never happen and I am quite fine with that. It’s nothing new. And if I want to see queer story lines, I can look to others show for that.

But when you can count the number of positively portrayed people of colour on one hand on OUAT, that affects me. When the response to that last thought is always “Well, Lana Parrilla is half-Boriqua”, it makes me give the side-eye to the fact that “one is enough” in a world full of ethnic people. When the media continually portrays mental illness as EVIL, it affects me. When I see and know that my little queer cousin or millions of other queer children will never have a fairytale that ends “Happily Ever After” featuring a strong queer couple, as I never did, it affects me. When people send myself and others such hateful things like “go kill yourself you delusion faggot” or “your ship is a crack!ship, get over it already”, or even “oh shut up you fucking dike. Stop trying to shove your homo shit down our throats”, it affects me. When an entire fandom decides that one ship is LESSER THAN just because it is focused on the two main lead women, it affects me. I am still a human being with feelings. And if it affects me, I know it has to affect others out there as well.

I just wish I could get more people to understand that this documentary is about inclusion. NOT taking anything away from any other ships or shows. It has SQ at the center because these are the people I thought would be open and passionate about the things that are so greatly lacking on OUAT as well as many other shows/movies.

For example, why has there only been so few people of colour to win Emmy’s or Oscars? Why is it that there is only ONE (1) television show that has a woman of colour as the lead and it’s not an “ethnic centric” program? Why do people automatically assume characters are straight simply because you never saw them with a member of the same sex, or it was never mentioned? Why is bullying so strong and ungoverned in online and offline fandoms? (Trust me on this one, I am an officially SF issued card-carrying current member of the Star Trek fandom soon to have my uniform and all). Why do people think it’s okay to sit behind a computer screen and wish death or harm on other people because they ship two women, or they don’t “ship what they ship”? Do they do it because they can be anonymous and not have to own up to the things they say?

If with this documentary we can help Little Jane feel better about the same sex crush she has been taught was “sinful or wrong”, it is worth it. Or if with this documentary Little Johnny can believe that there are people out there working to change the portrayals of bisexuals, mental illness, gender identity, it is worth it. If with this documentary we can get more people to understand what heteronormativity is and how it infects entertainment media, it is worth it. We want to spark discussion, open minds and ignite change. We want to create a torch that can be passed to the younger queer people that they can pick up and continue to engage the concepts we are fighting against. We just want to leave our footprint in the sands of time whilst actively doing something positive for everyone.

Everyone just ASSUMES that since SQ in the title, we are load of non-human bullies looking to “FORCE” the writers/creators to do something they don’t want to. It bothers me that there are actually SQ shippers out there that look down on this idea without understanding what it is or the people behind it.

This is more than a ship. It is more than a fandom. It is a desire to ACT against such negative ideals and stereotypes. It is bigger than me and the the rest of the documentary team. We are reaching into the past to take the touch from those that have fought/died for us and carry it with integrity, openness and inclusiveness into today. And then hand it off to the young people of the future so, if it’s needed, they have more of a path to follow and less of a war to fight in.

Ask before you assume. Talk with rather than about. If you don’t understand, the only dumb question is an unasked one.

Nelson Mandela (RIP) once said, “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

Let’s teach rather than tear apart.. Be a part of something rather than sit back and let others stand at the front lines of this battle for change.

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God damn it sucks to be new in a fandom, could you tell more about that Troye&Mikey thing?

Here’s my old post on it so you can see what I’m talking about, but basically Troye and Con were out alone together and Troye posted that Vine of Connor, and Mikey who’s a small YouTuber and friend of theirs replied teasingly. But instead of ignoring it like we thought he would, Troye replied with that reaction pic before going offline and leaving the fandom in mayhem. (after which Mikey made some telling comments as you can see but that’s not relevant to this particular thing) It was the first time either of them had ever acknowledged the fact that our fandom even existed so it was pretty crazy and it’s evident that Troye did it specifically to make us flip.