又一神級手作!以下嘅「Giphoscope」由兩位意大利匠人Alessandro Scali和Marco Calabrese 全人手打造,將短片、gif圖分拆成一連串圖像,再安裝到輪上,快速翻滾把手,一幕幕sweet moment即躍動於眼前,就如一個手動的gif相架。做婚禮回憶錄得,用來表白亦得,尚在服役的巴打們,識做啦!


Nessuno - Madonna della Speranza (Madonna of Hope), 2012

Officina K featured artist: NESSUNO

Italian artist NESSUNO (in italian means no one) works with plasters, creating a sort of second, suffocating skin over several kind of objects. For example, for Madonna della Speranza he covered a plastic woman head with hundreds of pink plasters. The head is closed with a string in a semitransparent plastic bag.