As a winner of my giveaway, officialvarrictethras gets a funny gif. I couldn’t decide which speed I liked the eyebrow waggling best (especially since in photoshop its slower than on interwebz), so I added two.

AKA have Varric pulling down his shades to suggestively eyebrow waggle (okay well its more like weird rapid raising but U GET THE POINT).

Feel free to resize and use however tf you want :]

officialvarrictethras replied to your post: officialvarrictethras said:okay b…

also the horns popping out of it, disguised as icing decorations. with cherries on the tips

fuckyeahvarric replied to your post:okay but bull bursting out of a stripper cake for avan’s birthday

lol Imagine bananas being on his horns, with little cherries at the tips. Just to try and conceal the fact that he’s hiding in the cake.