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anonymous asked:


Omg right, are you ready for an essay, yeah?

Well, Sasha’s someone I met through my Haruka RP account, I swear this is where I meet all the best people and our introduction to each other couldn’t have been better because it involved Rin in a maid’s outfit which is ALWAYS a winwin situation ;)

So, firstly from a RP point of view I lovelovelove her muse. He is literally perfect, she just portrays him so well and she writes pure gold and THE CRACK. She brings me to happy tears.

As for her herself, I’ve got the biggest friend crush on her, she’s ma babe. Like, literally. She’s husbando so ofc I love her. She’s also my pet and daughter idek. I’m so sad that she doesn’t love near me but I’m making it my mission to meet her one day because life will not be complete without her in it. I just could go on for days but it’s easier to say she’s perf in every way and I’m so very glad that senpai noticed me.

I sound like a creep right now omfg.

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