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I, and many others, have yelled about this before, but I’m gonna yell about it again because I can’t stop thinking about it:


If John was really that mad at Sherlock, if he didn’t want to speak to him, to the point where he’d rather have ANYONE but Sherlock, then why write him a note??? Like if there’s no subtext what’s it gonna say? “wow Sherlock I’m so mad at you I hope you trip over one of the baby toys I left at 221b and reichenbach yourself down the stairs”?? Molly made it clear that John did not want to communicate with Sherlock WHILE HANDING HIM A LETTER FROM JOHN??????

so by writing the letter in, it would ONLY make sense to do so if we were going to find out what was in it

and here’s where things start unraveling (lol like there aren’t already loose ends all over the place). since we never explicitly found out what the letter said, the only way the letter’s presence would make sense is if we aren’t meant to take it at face value, and if there is, has been, a series 5 (or…lost special….like maybe 2 or 3 of us believe anymore lol) planned out.


I know, big shock, the lying liars have lied again, water is wet. but if they’re lying about this - and they HAVE to be, there’s NO OTHER EXPLANATION - this right here is one of many pieces of proof that WE ARE NOT MEANT TO TAKE SERIES 4 AT FACE VALUE.

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Sherlock S4 fuckiness and the post-its I keep to remind me of it

In no particular order, I present the list of things that are particulary infuriating to me about S4 that I’ve been keeping on post-its by my bedside table the last month in case I lose hope. They are, for me, enough proof for The Lost Special. Today being 8th of March it seems fitting to keep them in mind.

(Disclaimer: this is a compound of theories developed by hundreds of people over a long time and I cannot possibly credit everyone or explain them at this point, so I’ll just list them.)

  • The Importance Of Being Ernest, by Oscar Wilde being quoted in TFP
  • Mycroft-> Lady Bracknell, the baby in the handbag = gun in the handbag (Euros and Vivian Norbury). The baby gets thrown in the Thames?
  • Queen’s I Want To Break Free in TFP stoping at “I’ve fallen in…” (love)
  • Elephant Glass Shock Proof in Euros’s cell
  • The elephant in the Thai menu in Mycroft’s frige
  • Rosie’s elephant toy
  • The elephant in John’s living room
  • The endless horror film references in TFP (many of them being hyper meta, especially Shutter Island)
  • John/Culverton mirror
  • Una Stubbs’ voice in TFP “Softer, Sherlock” instead of Euros’
  • Russian and Turkish leaks with no reaction
  • Over reaction with the promo chess pictures being leaked
  • Promo pictures being very similar to Clue’s movie poster -> Clue’s different endings and the similar final paused shot in TFP
  • The bulding up to Moriarty not making any sense (especially if we take into account M Theory, because he IS alive)
  • TLD having the gun shown multiple times, a smoking gun that is definitely not a tranquiliser gun. The last shot fading with red, like in Bond movies
  • The enormous red carpet under John in the therapist that resembles the blood pool in the market
  • HLV/TLD paralels
  • Martin breaking the 4th wall in T6T noding to the camera while holding the glass of wine
  • SHERLOCK: Romantic entanglement, while fulfilling for other people … JOHN (interrupting): … would complete you as a human being. NO PAY OFF FOR THIS. This mirrors the greenhouse conversation in TAB
  • Why was Molly upset when Euros called in TFP?
  • John/Molly mirror (Molly wearing the same jumper she wore in TEH while taking John’s place, the framing of that hellish shot with John and the coffin cover “I love you”)
  • “John is clearly standing behind him in the trailer, so unless he’s talking to a mirror for some very bizarre reason, I should think not.” -Mark
  • Sumatra/Samarra pointing out to TEH which lead us to The Lost Special and MINDING THE FREAKING GAP->Moriarty
  • “It’s never twins”
  • The camera shown in the hotel in T6T
  • Season 4 DVD not having “complete” like the other DVD’s had
  • Mark’s picture with the 4 fingers raised in Twitter
  • “Has it just occurred to you you’ve been played for an ad campaign” hello Apple Tree Yard  
  • Moriarty at the end of S4 DVD “You didn’t think I would just disappear, did you?”
  • The whole promotion about S4 and the season itself being about hacking
  • Skull Hell
  • Sherlock saving the tea cup and the boy in the hotel in T6T dropping the tea
  • Tea code being confirmed
  • “Is this a new person? I’m against new people.”
  • “You’d be better off with clown outfits. At least they’d be satirically relevant.”
  • Cake=violent death John and Sherlock going to get cake
  • Lady Smallwood’s name
  • Vatican cameos ignored
  • “And boop, they are fine”
  • Sherlock breaks the 4th wall (like in Queen’s I Want To Break Free videoclip)
  • The Garridebs literally cliff-hanging
  • Chekhov’s gun on the promo picture and literally hanging on the wall in the Garridebs scene
  • “People always give up after three” 
  • Blue Power Ranger gay subtext
  • T6T being an old case about a gay couple -> Margaret Thatcher getting smashed, Sherlock not knowing who she is despite the fact that he knew in THoB
  • “Fresh paint to disguise another smell”
  • Mycroft watching his own romantic movie turning into an horror film
  • T6T starting with doctored footage
  • “That’s not what happened at all”
  • “Why does anyone do anything” Norbury/Moriarty
  • “Sherlock, the dragon slayer” (Mycroft, Moriarty and kinda Magnussen have all alluded to this and now Mary does)
  • Shark hell
  • Sherlock’s recurrent dream (?)
  • “Oh, good, I love an acronym. All the best secret societies have them.”
  • “It is what it is” either being followed by “says love” or being a quote by John Locke
  • "I don’t like loose ends. Not on my watch” says Mycroft/Mark, as he holds a pen and looks at the camera
  • #Ohwhatabeautifulmorning tying in with Oklahoma! and consequently with  Green Grow the Lilacs, a play with gay subtext all over that got misunderstood and very famous
  • Steven starting TLS rumors
  • TD-12 being memory corrupting
  • The freaking guy from the official Sherlock Youtube channel teasing TLS and saying “The greatest love story never told”
  • The girl on the plane being the same one from ASiB
  • The TAB-like transition when John faints in TFP
  • The S1 scripts being released for no reason
  • “Childhood trauma masked by an invented memory. Boring!” THoB (person=dog)  
  • Mary’s death not being realistic as pointed in HLV (thank you for reminding me, @antisocial-otaku)
  • The explosion in 221B not having the consequences in the building that   Mycroft foreshadowed and them being perfectly ok afterwards.
  • Where is Ben’s 26 pages scene?
  • What was Ben’s kissy gesture while saying “Very well. It’s going very well” in SDCC all about?
  • TFP as a whole. Too much to analyze there


  • “Love conquers all” 
  • “Groundbreaking”
  • “History making”
  • “Rug pull”
  • Derren Brown

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Hey look what I found in my animations folder! This is from about a year ago (you can see how my style’s changed since then :P) but I thought I’d post it because I looove mermaids and it’s kinda cute.

I never got around to giving him a face, but yes that is Sherlock as a mermaid.

things that make you a good ally;
• attending protests
• signing petitions
• raising/donating money to lgbt charities
• listening to lgbt people about their experiences
things that don’t automatically make you a good ally;
• having a gay otp

Ok with all this stuff about how there should be a completely genderbent Sherlock adaptation, not just making Watson a woman, I’m like why stop at Sherlock and john, why not flip all the characters??

Hudson would be the sweetest father/grandad figure ever. Always offering people tea and little hard candies that he always has on him. He wouldn’t take anyone’s shit either and could box pretty well despite being seventy something, but also give the best damn hugs. When he tidies 221b he’s always be grumbling about the two “hooligans” he keeps as tenants, but He’d be so proud of His crime solving daughters running around through all hours of the night. He’d start every reprimand or piece of advice with “now, son” no matter who he was talking to.

Mycroft being the definition of a stone cold bitch, being offended to her core when anyone tries to flirt with her, calmly giving kill orders henchmen while adjusting make up. impeccable 1,000$ suits and heels. She still loves sweets but only super fancy pastries and flan and stuff. Is besties with the queen.

Lestrade being team mom for Holmes and Watson. Making sure they never get officially arrested, keeping Sherlock from getting punched, she’s just in a constant state of confused cluelessness and concern when it comes to the two of them. Her love life is a mess, she’s constantly questioning her career choices. She’s just a hot, caring mess but will always go out of her way to help Watson and Holmes.

Sherlock is either a hot mess or just plain hot. She wears perfectly tailored pants and blazers with $200 blouses, and $700 oxfords out and about but kinda just doesn’t wear clothes around the flat?? Like the most she wears is her robe. “What’s the point of clothes if I’m not going to go anywhere?” She’s as skinny as a rake and is like six feet tall but can break a mans jaw with one punch. She’s just… so gay, like never been into men, never will be, why do people always assume that, God where my ladies at. She thoroughly enjoys deducing people to tears. Wears tiny earrings shaped like bees.

John(Joan???) being the most badass and abordable woman on the planet. She’s about 5'2" but can take down men a foot taller than her in about three seconds. Is an expert in Krav Maga, has at least three pistols on her at all times. Image how sassy and little shit john takes, and multiply that by a thousand. But she also loves quiet evenings reading Charles Dickens and sobs every time she watches the Titanic. In a constant state I’d either amazement or exasperation with Sherlock (mostly exasperation) She only ever wears like five layers, because she’s always cold. She’s done up countless stitches for both herself and Sherlock.

Sherlock and Joan are like the greatest power couple ever??? Like they yell at each other a lot because their ridiculous idiots but hug and make up, taking down drug crews while calling each other “my dear”, dragging any sexist asshole they encounter. I just love all my daughters so so much.

Feel free to add stuff btw

Sherlock: Euros Holmes [INFJ]


Introverted Intuition (Ni): Mycroft said as a child that Euros had the ability to see things she shouldn’t, to know things about people beyond her years or level of comprehension; she was seeing and factoring in “patterns,” which lead her to formulate singular visions of what she wanted to accomplish. She created a difficult, metaphorical “clue” for Sherlock to find Redbeard after kidnapping (and subsequently murdering) his friend, which was so individualistic (subjective) that neither he nor Mycroft could make any sense of it. Euros solves complex puzzles from her prison cell, in exchange for “treats” from Mycroft; she set the events of Moriarty in motion, years in advance. The fact that she has contingency schemes for anything that might go wrong reveals she’s seen potential alternate outcomes, and shifted them all to support her greater vision (the end game was always Sherlock returning home and finding or losing John). She intuitively reads her brothers strengths and weaknesses, sensing their weak or blind spots, and…

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): … targeting their emotions. Everything she does is calculated to hit them where it hurts; she wants Sherlock to make difficult moral decisions, to face the emotional torment of taunting Molly into confessing love for him, knowing how painful it will be for both of them; she uses a frightened child to elicit Mycroft and Sherlock’s empathy; she revels in the emotional reactions to suicide, to dropping people off cliffs, to baiting them with the thought of crashing an airplane into a city full of people; in her “interview” with Sherlock, she tries to entangle him in emotional discussions and shocks him with cruel revelations; she’s good enough at flattery and emotional “faking” that she seduces Watson into a texting relationship that strokes his ego, and is a passable therapist; she flatters, charms, and flirts with Sherlock in pretending to be someone else. She “convinces” people to let her control or manipulate them, using emotion. Finally, her entire motive is emotional: she got jealous that Sherlock wouldn’t play with her as a child, so she constructed a “puzzle” and “games” (Ni) with which to emotionally connect. At the end, Sherlock talks a “frightened child” into revealing John’s location, using empathy and emotional appeals.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): She clearly sees humans as lab rats; Sherlock knows this, also that she has no motive other than to “study” them. Euros has no logical reason to do this to any of them, other than to deepen her understanding, satisfy her own abstract intellectual understanding of reality, and further support and shape her own conclusions. She is so detached (as a psychopath) that she understands emotion on a conceptual level, but not on an actual level, so the fact that Mycroft refuses to kill someone, that John also cannot pull the trigger, and that Sherlock would rather kill himself than the two people he loves most, both excites and baffles her. There’s no “rules” to her logic or the games themselves, other than to have fun and explore.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): She doesn’t act until she’s sure, and prefers not to have to react in the spur of the moment; she runs things from behind screens, but also confesses that she can go “overboard” when engaging with physical reality; Euros dismembered a nurse enough that she couldn’t tell whether it had been male or female when she finished;  and she doesn’t mind shooting people when the occasion calls for it, even if it’s still from across the room.

Note: Euros is a “super-human” just like both her brothers (contributing to the overall “mystical” impression of a Ni-user) but she still sees the world in terms of patterns and shaping reality to fit her subjective vision.

confession: i’ve spent the past five days or so watching the english fan-translation of the first dai gyakuten saiban game. honestly sherlock holmes is such a NERD i love him.

i think i’ll come back and finish this when i get my laptop back >:0