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Hi! I would like to know where are the interviews where Martin Freeman seems tired of Sherlock and want to move on. I find this so sad D:

Hey Nonny!

He never says it directly outright, as far as I know, but it appears apparent in the body language as he’s replying to the questions in some of the Post-S4 videos that were uploaded to the official Sherlock account on YouTube. It’s not necessarily he’s tired, I think he’s just disappointed with the outcome. I feel like Martin really felt like he was making something special before S4, and I feel like he has an aura of resignation just written all over his face.

I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist nor a body language expert; I may be just projecting my own bias about the series onto what I’m seeing. He’s never outright stated it, so until he does, it’s all just speculation.

things that make you a good ally;
• attending protests
• signing petitions
• raising/donating money to lgbt charities
• listening to lgbt people about their experiences
things that don’t automatically make you a good ally;
• having a gay otp

A Tribute to Philip Anderson: The First Official Sherlollian

After watching the I LOVE YOU SCENE,


Sherlollians Worldwide:

Me: *calls Anderson* Where the heck are you?

Anderson: You know where to find me.

Me: *runs off in the direction of the pub*

Me: *kicks the door*

Anderson: *looks at me sadly* So how was the last episode?



Anderson: *runs off*


Anderson: *bursts into his apartment*

Anderson after watching the I LOVE YOU scene on Sunday:

On Monday: *inside the police department*

On Tuesday:

On Wednesday:


Till Time Immemorial:

*after seeing him like this day in and out*

Reaction of people around him,

Mycroft: *from his camera*

Sherlock: *from 221-B, Baker Street*

Molly: *from 221-B, Baker Street*

John: *from 221-B, Baker Street*

Lestrade: *from the police station*

“We can’t make her tell us.”

“Nobody could find him.”

Okay. Okay, I had a rant written out, but then I decided to take some time and word it better so it actually makes sense. As we learned, Redbeard is not a dog, but a boy. Victor, actually, but that’s not… too important here.

What I have a problem with is the whole plot around him.

When a child goes missing, you move heaven, hell, and everything inbetween to find them. Parents and legal guardians (unless neglecting/nonexistent) will not have any other priority but to find that child. Searches. Posters. Questions. Interrogations. News stories. Vigils. Whatever.

When a child goes missing, people freak out, because that is a violation of something so much more innocent than an adult, something pure and young and everyone immediately feels protective.

When a child goes missing, those close to it will do everything in their power to find it.

So that raises my first question - what about Victor’s parents?

What about the police?

Do you really think that with Victor being Sherlock’s best friend, and that with him and even his parents knowing that Eurus was behind it, there would not have been any police involved? 

The area would have been swarming with officers following Victor’s disappearance, either contacted by Victor’s parents, or by Sherlock’s. There would have been dozens of people looking for the boy. There would have been DOGS.


There would have been rescue teams and neighbourhood search teams and parents and friends and whoever else might be concerned about a missing child looking EVERYWHERE.


The well can’t have been that far away from the estate, and if John could see the moon, it was UNDER THE OPEN SKY. And honestly, a well would have been one of the first places for people to look when a child suddenly goes missing, because gravity is a thing, and shit happens.

Even if - and I am not sure he was, but even IF Victor was unconscious and could not call out for help from down there (it really wasn’t that far, as we’ve seen with John), someone would have found him, I’m sure of it.

Also, as adorable as the Holmes parents are, I am counting this as massive failure on their part. “Oh yes, a boy is missing and our daughter hid him, but we can’t make her tell us, so… sorry?”

Punish her. Bribe her. Ask her. Do whatever. She’s your daugher, you’re her parents, “we can’t make her do anything” is no excuse for letting her get away with something like this, ESPECIALLY IF YOU KNEW. YOU KNEW she had something to do with Victor’s disappearance. You knew, Sherlock knew, Mycroft knew, she never denied it as far as we know, she even gave you hints where he was.

And you’re telling me that, even years later, they never even found his body, just because of some twisted children’s rhyme and a code hidden in it? It’s not like you had to break into Baskerville and she was giving you the acess code. It’s not like you needed a treasure map and a shovel. It’s not like it was some sort of high-security facility that really needed a hint for you to think of it. It was… just a well.

And nobody could find a scared little boy when they KNEW who had something to do with his disappearance, when they had an area where they could search (because how far can a five year old girl really carry a boy? And if she lured him somewhere, it still would have been within a searchable area of the estate?), and when the life of the child was obviously in danger?

Nobody ever even found the bones?

His family never received any sort of closure for it? 

I’m not okay with this.

They told us Eurus, Redbeard, and Sherlock were all the same person in TAB

Do you remember the part where Sherlock drags his friends to Ricoletti’s grave and we think it’s real, but it’s actually mind palace?

The grave stone says “Emelia Ricoletti, Beloved Sister”

Sherlock jumps in and starts panting like a dog. He shovels dirt with his hands, digging like a hound with paws.

Sherlock is all three people.

“My husband is three people”

The Final Problem makes sense only in subtext. Whether you think it’s John’s MP or Sherlock’s MP, that’s still up for debate. I’m officially siding with Sherlock’s because there are flashbacks to the waterfall scene from TAB in TFP, which means both of those episodes must have been experienced by the same character, and I don’t think it was John for both.

Sherlock DID have a friend named Victor Trevor, but his death happened much later in Sherlock’s life. Because of that Sherlock took to hard drugs as a young adult, not as a child. There are two separate deaths he combined together to create TFP.

Redbeard was an imaginary friend. Sherlock didn’t have friends, we know this. He wanted to be a pirate – Mycroft remembers and misses that carefree child.

So what changed Sherlock’s mind? Why did the cold, logical, calculating machine take over and get rid of Sherlock’s imaginary friend?

Mycroft. He kept calling Sherlock “a stupid little boy”, saying “you always were so stupid”. Sherlock even says Mycroft thought he was an idiot. Sherlock stopped being “stupid” and tried to emulate his big brother – the only person in his life that would tolerate him. He tried solving the Carl Powers case and boom! Sherlock Holmes the little detective was born. This is why Mycroft brought up Redbeard at the wedding – “Hey, don’t get involved, remember when you had to resort to imaginary friends like a pathetic little child?” makes a lot more sense than “Hey, don’t get involved, remember your dead friend Victor who disappeared because our secret sister killed him?”.

Eurus represents the crushing logic that destroys everything Sherlock loves.

Because it’s happened before. Twice we’ve seen Sherlock’s mind explain how Victor died, we just didn’t know it.

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  • Lestrade: don't worry we're gonna catch that guy.
  • Sherlock: no you won't he used to work with Mary.
  • Lestrade: ???????
  • -
  • Lestrade: Sherlock attacked a guy! omg I didn't see that coming
  • John: well, he also shot Magnussen in the face so..
  • Lestrade: ????!?!?!?! ??! ??? Is there something I don't know

S4 was such a disaster and the behaviour of the BBC and the creators and everyone involved was just so awful that I officially lost interest in any Sherlock official content. I won’t buy official merch or dvds because I don’t want these people to get my money. I couldn’t care less about s5, Sherlock is dead to me.


I still love the fandom, I love the creativity, I love the fics and the art. We can have fun on our own and produce things that are billion times better than what we got. So I’m not leaving the fandom, I’m just divorcing myself from the source material. We have surpassed it tenfold anyway. 

if anyone’s worried just remember an official source said “sherlock is in love, but with who?” and that was Not answered in the episode. there’s more to come