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Anonymous said: Does Sayuri have her own Cursed Gear? All I’ve seen her use are fuda and that weird paper sword thing.

According to my fanbook, the sword is indeed her cursed gear called Kukuri, the two kanji for the name being Chrysanthemum and the other one for justice/logic/truth. It is a possession type of the Dakini series. “A spell sword. Even though it is low in durability, it can be used any number of times as long as there are spells.” (The kanji used is along the lines of “renewable resource”)

My first boarded episode (and in the industry of animation) on Milo Murphy’s Law will be airing tonight on Disney XD! Look at how I drew these characters last year XP Poofy hair Melissa is poofy

FYI Joe Scott was also a revisionist for this ep lol


( @cityofinoue more of the daughter!)

“So…how long have you been around, Diondra?”

It had been a few weeks since Diondra was introduced to the clan. Despite everyone being a little wary of her Leviathan status, she seamlessly fit in. She recovered from the fishing incident, and the belly ache that she got from devouring the Pearlcatcher. Now, she was hardly seen from Fysher’s side, aside from when she needs to ‘moisten’ herself in the sea, transforming into her Leviathan form for a few hours to swim around.

The two were lounging near the cliff overseeing the Sea of a Thousand Currents. The sun was almost about to set, casting everything in a warm, orange glow.

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Kailan ba napansin na

Nandyan ka lang

Di ko alam kung saan kailan

Pano ba nag-umpisa ang lahat?

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“if it makes you feel better, i think you’re 100% punk”

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Thank you, Sakon! I knew I could count on you to raise my spirits.

Did that really mean anything to him? Not really, but seeing Sakon try to help to the best ability he could at least be happy about that. A lot was troubling him right now. Mostly one thing in particular during his stay here. He tried to stay nonchalant about it to avoid drawing attention, but now it was getting out of hand. Bringing it up with his friend may at least be of some use.

Hey uh… Y’know that Mitsuhide guy is trying to marry me, right?

It seemed his help was becoming unreliable, so he was practically turning to everyone now. he probably wasn’t getting help until he had a tux! He would rather not leave because of this disturbance, but also this not being his territory his power was limited && it was very likely he could be forced into a marriage if he didn’t return to Golden Land. If anything he could hide out there for a while.


Merry Christmas!

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Hiccup has a canonical birthday date! It’s mentioned many times in the book series, the first time being in book 6, “A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons.” The events of that book take place on Hiccup’s exact birthday.

Hiccup’s birthday is February 29, Leap Year.

This means that he has a real birthday date pop up only once every four years. The Dragons Fandom usually tries to celebrate - I remember last year we celebrated on February 28 - but we don’t get the 29th coming around too often. This year is really special so we should celebrate BIG while we have the chance!!!

For people who want to see how bored I can get and excited over this date (but really I’m treating this like a Big Holiday!), I actually tried to estimate his exact age a few weeks ago