officially my second fav character

Happy early birthday Ally ( @kkumri )

If there is one thing that twitter taught it’s for sure that aside from being a great artist , a kagehina shipper and a haikyuu fan a cute , talented and all too nice artist that I have been following since she first made her tumblr , a cute ambitious artist that started of as fairy-mage to turn into a kkumri , a hardworking girl that did her best , pushed her limits and was able to do so much in such a short period . I really admire all your progress , all you’ve gone through and where you are now . It was so inspiring to watch from the very beginning how you escalated to reach the top . It was fun seeing all the developement and changes . It was interesting to see every new progress , every new step and still impressive to see how you are still moving on , trying out new things experimenting new stuff and trying to get even better . I am still gonna look up to you and I am still gonna admire , I don’t really know how long it’s gonna last , but as long as you will be an artist I will be your fan