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Official Boyfriends (GOT7′s Choi Youngjae x male!reader)

Rated: G

Written by: Admin L

Youngjae and I had always been closer than average friends; it felt natural for us to give each other hugs and cuddles and treat each other to meals. We’d worn couple fashion more than once, and almost everywhere we went together we held hands. We felt so comfortable together that it didn’t occur to us until a year and a half later that we could lay claim to the title of boyfriends.  

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The Best Woman ~ Part 3 ~ Calum Imagine


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Three Years Later

My nerves were starting to set in. I can’t help but think about the last time I had been in a church; the day I destroyed my longest friendship. This is damn stupid I shouldn’t be ruining one of the happiest days of my life with thoughts of my first love. I think as I smooth down the front of my white dress, my shaking hands ghosting over the lace overlay, my thoughts overtaking my sanity. Separating myself from Calum may have been the best thing for me, but my heart still aches even after all these years. Yes part is that I loved him but we were also such great friends before that. I haven’t heard a single fact, tidbit, or status report about or from Calum Hood since the day I ruined his wedding and our friendship so many years prior. I always hope that Luke will accidentally slip up and say how much Cal misses me, or that he’s been asking about me, but Luke tends to keep everything about Calum pretty hush hush. I know he’s just trying to help me get on with my life and forget the boy that caused me so much pain but I can’t help but miss him. Hell it’s my damn wedding day and my childhood best friend won’t be here because I ruined everything by letting my true feelings slip out.
Matt, the guy I’m set to marry in half an hour was a godsend. He’s actually the doctor that casted my broken hand after I had punched Luke and Michael’s wall when breaking my friendship off with Calum. I wasn’t in any state to be picking up guys that day whatsoever, with a love confession, a ruined wedding, a multi year friendship going down the drain, and a break up under my belt. I wasn’t the most flirtatious girl in the world that day. Luke being the best friend that he is though, “accidentally” slammed Michael’s fingers in my car door a few months later causing us to rush to the emergency room and into the attractive doctor’s care. To this day Luke swears that it was an accident but I know he was just sick of me moping around about Calum. Why Matt ever listened to Luke telling him he should date me is a mystery to me. Luke had one arm wrapped around a bleeding Michael and another wrapped around me as I was bawling my eyes out but either way Matt agreed and I came out better because of it; Or at least better than Mikey did. He now has scars on three of his fingers, a phobia of car doors, and a massive grudge. After our fateful encounter Matt and I had hit it off after a slight rough couple months. Matt had been torn up over his ex girlfriend rejecting his proposal, and I was still shaken from my last love confession, so we were a depressing pair in the beginning. There’s a part of me even today that thinks Matt still loves her but I’d be the biggest hypocrite in the world if I said anything. We both know there’ll always be a part of me that is still head over heels for Calum; no matter how much of a jerk he was, how much he made me cry, or how many times he let me down. I know there’s no way I’ll ever forget him. You don’t forget your first love. It wasn’t until someone wrapped their arms around me and started softly stroking my hair that I noticed the water droplets running down my face.
“You heard huh? I’m sorry babe I can’t believe that bitch even showed her face around here” Luke said softly.
“What is my sister here trying to steal another guy I love,” I say humourlessly, leaning into Luke’s embrace.
“Oh fuck I thought he would have at least told you. I’m so sorry princess this is all my fault! I shouldn’t have pushed you into dating so soon after Cal. Hell it would have been better to give you his letters,” Luke frets dropping his arms from around me and starting to pace across the floor.
“Lucas are you fucking telling me that Cal wrote me a letter and you didn’t even give it to me?! How dare you that’s practically an invasion of privacy!” I say clenching my manicured hands into fists.
“See this is why Y/N! Your fucking fiancé just left you at the alter and you don’t even care! He ran off with Sherri and left you in the dust! Yet all you care about is a damn letter from the boy who broke your heart over and over again?” Luke says frustratedly, tugging on the ends of his hair.
“Wait Matt left?” I say slightly relieved, not that I’d admit it to anyone.
“See! What the hell you aren’t even the least bit upset! YET YOU ALMOST CRIED OVER A FUCKING LETTER,” Luke says finally reaching his limit. “Do you know how hard it is to be best friends with someone who just continues to beat themselves up time and time again over one guy? One guy that wasn’t even that fucking great,” Luke says harshly. I start crying again and Luke’s expression crumbles as he makes his way back over to my side. “I’m sorry Y/N I know you still love him and I’m sorry to say that he loves you too even though he doesn’t deserve you,” Luke says, wrapping an arm around my bare shoulders.
“How do you know that?” I ask him sniffling.
“Because he has written you a letter everyday for the last two and a half years. The first letter you had received Mikey planned to give it to you but I didn’t let him because in that half a year you had come so far. You were dating Matt, you had stopped crying yourself to sleep at night, and you were finally smiling again. Mikey and I could have ruined that with a single letter and who knows how you’d recover after that. But then once they started coming everyday we knew we had to protect you even more. That’s why we created the chores list and you never have to pick up the mail,” Luke explained.
“What do the letters say?” I whisper completely bewildered.
“We never opened any because sadly that’s rude according to Mr. Clifford. We actually broke the coffee table fighting about if we’d open a letter or not. We replaced it when you were at work so you wouldn’t ground us again. ANYWAYS Y/N you don’t have anything to worry about I highly doubt someone would waste time to write letters just to say how much they hated another person. But you can find out yourself Mike and I stash all your letters in empty cereal boxes on the top self of the pantry because we know how much you hate it.  Plus you’re the size of like a gerbil or something,” Luke says chuckling.
“Really Luke a gerbil?” I say smiling as he just shrugs his shoulders. “When was the last time Cal sent a letter?” I ask, my heart filling with hope.
“Well um, you might get really mad at me but because it was your wedding day so I figured it was officially over between the two of you so I may or may not have sent all the letters back to Calum,” Luke says scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.
“Lucas Robert Hemmings you better get your skinny ass in the car right now and drive me to Calum’s place or so help me god I will rip that damn piercing right out of your lip,” I say trying to control my anger and excitement. And with that Luke and I run out of the church towards Luke’s car. Leaving all the wedding guests in the dark and in the dust.
We finally pull into the driveway of a cute little house after just a few minutes. Before my nerves get the best of me I pitch my body out of the car and knock on the red door. After a few seconds that drag by causing my nerves to heighten, the door opens and Cal is standing in the doorway. His shock is evident on his face as he takes in the poufy wedding dress and the tear stains on my cheeks.  
“So I hear you have some letters I need to read.”

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