officially late for work


I just want to turn to God for the answer


my dear is it all we’ve ever been?

Sound of Music AU - Dinner

Here’s the next installment of my SOM AU! You others here.

I almost fell down stairs in my haste to get to the dining room. Not even officially my first day of work and I was already late for dinner.

Seriously, Beauchamp? Do you not own a watch?

I could hear the captain’s voice praying over the meal as I took hold of the doorknob. “…in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

“Amen,” the children echoed and crossed themselves, suppressing grins as I hurried to the empty seat at the foot of the table.

The captain picked up his fork, not giving me so much as a glance. “Kind of ye to join us, Nurse.”

I nodded in deference, my face flaming as I pulled out my chair. .

“Fuh—dge!” I caught myself just in time as I sat down hard on what felt like a hedgehog. Reaching beneath me, I found a good sized pine cone. I hid it behind me and caught my employer’s look of disdain.

“I dinna ken how ye were raised, Nurse Claire, but we have dessert a’ the end o’ the meal.”

“Ah, yes, of course.” I muttered under my breath. I covertly looked round the table as I began to eat. The children were all giving great attention to their dinner.

At first glance, at least.

William looked as though he had swallowed the frog they had gifted me and Janet wasn’t much better off. Marsali kept glancing at me worriedly out the corner of her eye, while Joan was doing the same as she studied her father. Brian was staring a hole into his mashed potatoes, pushing his food around absently. Only the bookends of the family appeared to be untouched by this afternoon’s excitement.

I could work with this.

“I’d like to thank each of you for the gift you left in my pocket this afternoon,” I commented, trying to keep my voice neutral.

Janet coughed around a mouth full of roast beef as Joan became quite suddenly pale.

“Oh, aye? “An’ wha’ gift would tha’ be?” The captain raised a brow in question.

I met his gaze with the most angelic look I could muster.  “It’s a secret.”

“Mhmm,” he made a sound of decided disapproval before going back to his meal, “then ye best keep it an’ let us eat in peace.”

The children were still around me, all pretense of eating coming to a complete halt.


“It was very kind of you, you know,” I continued, my voice sugary sweet, “to ease my nerves as I got acquainted with a new household. It was wonderful to have my first moments with you be so warm and happy and pleasant.”

I made sure to catch the Captain’s eye and grinned like an idiot. He forced a smile in return, meanwhile Joan dissolved into tears.

“What is the matter, Joan?” he asked rather testily.

Joan sat bolt upright at the question, but couldn’t stop the sobs that began to shake her frail shoulders. “N-nothing, Father.”

The captain looked at each of his children in turn with utter annoyance and bewilderment as they all began to cry, “Is this something I should expect at every meal, Nurse Claire?”

I was doing my level best not to laugh outright as I waved a hand dismissively, “Oh, they’re alright, Captain.”

My comment prompted a fresh wave of dismay and the captain sighed audibly with relief as the butler entered the room.

“A telegram for you, sir.” Germain handed him the missive with a look of disdain at the children.

Ellen perked up at the butler’s words and asked, “Who delivered it, Germain?”

“The McNab boy, Miss Ellen.”

I caught the light that suddenly appeared in her eye as she asked to be excused from the table. Hmm, a bit of a crush maybe?

Her father made a low Scottish noise of negation at her request and looked up to address the table, “I’ll be leaving for Edinburgh in the morn, children.”

Their wails increased in volume and each had a word or two to say about the matter. Despite Captain Fraser’s stern look, it was the quavering voice of their youngest sibling that silenced them in the end.

“How long will you be gone this time, Father?” Margaret asked, puppy dog eyes well in place.

Good Lord, I think I’d melt into a puddle right on the spot if she looked at me like that.

He shook his head, carefully avoiding her gaze. “I’m no’ sure, Margaret.”

Damn fool. He did know.

Janet’s head came up with a snap, too bright to not catch what was going on. “Are you going to visit Lady Dunsany again?”

“Mind your own business, Jenny,” William hissed in her ear.

Aha, first nickname of the group. I wonder how many others there’d be.

“‘Tis business that calls me to Edinburgh, but, aye, I will, Janet.” The captain answered.

“Why can’t we ever get to see her?” Jenny was apparently not thru with her father.

Brian glared at her across the table, “Why would she want to meet you?

She stuck out her tongue at him in retaliation, prompting their father to speak which put an end to the sibling warfare.

“The Lady Geneva will be returning wi’ me,” The children bounced with excitement at the news of her visit, but they outright rejoiced when the captain added, “an’ Uncle Ian too.”


Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Celebration Week

Day 3 - Your Favorite Rune Factory Game

Rune Factory 3 is my favorite game in the series! I remember picking this game up and being so blown away by how much it improved upon RF1 and 2. The combat system wasn’t nearly as clunky anymore, NPCs had something new to say every day, and the town felt so much livelier! I fell in love with it right away, and no matter how many times I replay it, it never gets old.


Alyssa: “I’m so sorry that I’m late!”

Margaret: “Late? The work day doesn’t officially start until about 10 minutes.”

Alyssa: “…Late for being early?”

Margaret: “Ah well, it doesn’t really matter. You’re the new lab technician, right?”

Alyssa: “Y-yeah…sorry, I’m a bit nervous.”

Margaret: “Oh, you’re fine! I’m Margaret, by the way. This place really isn’t scary, and I’m sure any of the other technicians would be willing to help you if you need assistance.”

Alyssa: “Oh, that’s good!”

Margaret: “Well, feel free to go in and get started on things.”

Alyssa: “Ok!”

ADA Rafael Barba & His Assistant, Carmen

Per request HERE regarding: more Barba & Carmen headcanons.

- Rafael would never admit it, but he is hopelessly nosy and a sucker for gossip. When he didn’t require privacy, he’d have the blinds open to slits just large enough so he could see anything going on outside the confines of his office. Clearly, this gave him a good visual of Carmen’s desk, which was exactly how he noticed when a familiar face stopped by. Immediately at the sight of the counselor, Rafael began to tidy of the contents of the work he had been busy with- but surprisingly, it appeared the man wasn’t there for him. No, instead, Carmen rose to her feet and gathered her coat before trotting out of the office noticeably close to the attorney. A quick check to confirm his beliefs, and Rafael realized it was lunch time. Well, wasn’t that fascinating…

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anonymous asked:

I have never particularly cared for affluent men and I have never been a woman who dreamed of a Pretty Woman scenario or some such. Is that just it or is there something else that could draw me to the princes from BMP? I'm curious about the appeal of the game outside of my preconceived ideas and want to ask, but not enough to pay for it without some understanding of what I'm getting into.

Hi there!

I can honestly say that Be My Princess is in no way, shape or form, a Pretty Woman story or even a Cinderella story for that matter. The MC is not a poor, lower-class, destitute girl from the wrong side of the tracks who dreams of a Prince Charming to come and whisk her away to his castle in the sky.  On the contrary, the MC is a hard-working girl with goals and dreams of her own, who by coincidence happens upon six very different princes, many of them not very charming at all initially lol.

What I find so intriguing about BMP is that the princes are depicted as very human men trying to live under the heavy weights of the crowns placed upon their heads. They are not perfect people – not even the sweet and flowery Prince Edward (though he’s close lol). Each has his flaws, foibles, fears, hopes, and dreams. The conflict for the MC in each route is experiencing the reality of what happens when you fall in love with someone who has immense responsibilities as a world leader.  Everyday relationships aren’t easy, but how much harder is it when the man you love can’t freely roam the streets without being mobbed? Who is stuck in meetings with government officials all day, working through the late hours of the night? Who rarely gets a day off and who you may only initially get to see every few weeks? Who’s never experienced everyday things like grocery shopping or picnics?  Or who isn’t really free to love the person he wants because his future spouse must be approved by political committee? And knowing your life will change completely if you can and do marry him?

It’s these types of challenges that made BMP a favorite of mine, because it’s about falling love with someone and not letting anything get in the way of that. Not Kings, Queens, Parliament, rules, or public opinion. It’s about loving a man who has everything but nothing without you, and loving him against all possible odds.

It really is a very layered and multifaceted game, one of Voltage’s best IMO. I don’t think you will be disappointed!


Friendly reminder to Wander Over Yonder fans that just because the “finale” has been announced does not mean this is the end. Just because the end of season 2 is premiering and Disney xd is calling it the finale of the series doesn’t mean it’s time to stop fighting for season 3. They can order a season 3 any time after season 2 ends. If anything we should be fighting more, and really making sure we tune into these last few episodes. Show them that woy does have a big audience worthy of season 3.
This is not the end, we knew the end of season 2 was approaching fast when we started. That doesn’t mean we should give up. That’s exactly what Disney wants us to do.

Good morning

Summary: Just you and Bucky engaging in some good old morning sex

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, oral (female recieving)

Word Count: 1503

Originally posted by winterfellcobain

You woke up to the feeling of Bucky’s cold lips ghosting over the delicate skin of your neck. Bucky’s hands were wrapped around your waist pulling you closer into him because of this you could feel his dominant morning wood at your hips. You groaned knowing what was about to happen because it always happened when you woke up to him - morning sex. It was never something you could avoid mostly because Bucky and that damn smirk of his drove you crazy. It wasn’t strange to wake up to Bucky in the state he was, he was horny all the time and you couldn’t help but want to satisfy his needs.

You peeked at your alarm clock and realised you only had half an hour till you left for work, you hoped that maybe this would stop Bucky from continuing to leave small kisses on your neck but you were wrong.

“Bucky stop!” You exclaimed as you felt his hand drop from your waist and get lower. You knew he wouldn’t give up but neither were you. You had been late for work five times in three weeks all because Bucky being horny at the wrong times, you weren’t going to let him get you fired.

Bucky didn’t say anything in response to your pleading but he move himself closer to you making his prominent erection push further into your body. You knew what was going to happen and you also knew how much you wanted Bucky even though you tried your hardest to cover your desire. Bucky’s hand came up and brushed a few strands of hair away from your neck, the touch sent shivers down your spine.  Then he brought his plump red lips to the crook of your neck and began placing light and somewhat hungry kisses to your neck. You moaned softly in response to the small simulation, just one touch and he had you going crazy already.

“Bucky I have to go to work in like 30 minutes please stop!” You pleaded as his hands snuck under the sheets and down to the waistband of your panties. Bucky smirked against your skin as he could feel you squirm under his touch, he loved the effect and the hold he had over you; he could never get enough of how crazy he made you.

“Bucky please!” You begged your voice sounding whiny, you silently whimpering under his cool touch, his metal hand was cold and every time he touched you it sent chills down your spine.

“No Y/N. Work doesn’t matter what matters is this.” Bucky said pushing his manhood further into you causing you moan out.

“See Y/N you like this, you want this. You love morning sex, you love how much I can make you moan and scream like crazy with just one touch.  I want you Y/N.” Bucky said sexily and it was enough to make you nod frantically in need.

You didn’t say anything more, you didn’t beg and plead him to stop and he took this silence as a sign of your permission. Bucky turned your head to face his and crashed his lips onto yours in searing and hungry kiss that conveyed just how deeply he wanted and needed you. He slowly and swiftly lifted up the t-shirt you had thrown on last night after sex because you knew how cold it got in your house at night. The cold hair hit your nipples instantly causing the peaks to stiffen, his hands came up to your breast kneading them lazily before planting a sloppy kiss on your lips. You could tell Bucky was still tired by how careless his moves were, he didn’t care he just wanted you underneath him moaning his name.

“I need to taste you, I know you taste so sweet.” Bucky said and you nodded raking your teeth over the skin of your bottom lip. You watched as kissed down your body leaving a trail all the way down to your clothed sex. Soon your panties were in between his Bucky’s teeth and quickly he ripped them off your body. At this point you didn’t care that he just destroyed another pair of you underwear or you cared about was the feeling of him devouring you.

He kneeled in between your legs, his hands running up and down your thighs soothingly. His hand then reached your hips where they gripped them tightly in anticipation of what was about to come. You moaned softly as you felt his lips come into contact with your clit. Your hands balled into fists in the sheets of the bed as he thrusted his tongue inside of you.

He was being ravenous devouring you tasting every single drop of you as you screamed at the top of your lungs in pleasure. Bucky loved tasting he deemed it a ‘sweet treat’ and you loved it, Bucky was amazing in bed and he always knew how to bring you to the height of pleasure. His teeth raked across your sex and you felt yourself coming undone as he mercilessly thrusted his tongue, you felt yourself seeing stars and he sucked on the spot that made you come undone. But it didn’t get to that because Bucky heard your increased moans and heart beat and you knew your orgasm was near but he wanted to be inside of when that happened.

Bucky retracted himself from inbetween your legs causing you to whimper out in loss.

“Don’t worry baby there’s more to come but it seems you’re gonna be late for work if that’s alright with you.” Bucky said taunting you about the fact that you always made sure you were early.

“It’s more than fine just fuck me already.” You said with a huff and Bucky smirked at just how needy he had made you and you hadn’t even got to the good part.

“Oh I will.” Bucky said removing the sheet from himself and you cursed yourself for not realising he was completely naked underneath sooner. Bucky smirked at the image of you with your jaw dropped, he thought you had realised he was naked but obviously not.

Bucky was quick to hover above you lining himself at your entrance. You brought yourself up to capture his lips with yours and he took that time to thrust into you, he waited giving you time to adjust. You wanted him to move so desperately because you knew once he did you could get yourself to your orgasm which always gives you a bliss like no other.

After a few very long moments Bucky began thrusting into you at a steady pace. The thrusts were sloppy and sometimes out of pace but it was to be expected because Bucky looked like he was half asleep. He was awakened by the sound of you moaning profusely into his mouth, he was kissing you but you were doing most of the work. You were more awake than him and so you senses were more alert, more sensitive to his touch. Bucky detached his lips from yours wanting to hear you moan his name like you always did.

You were close and you were bound to come any second now, you were on edge from when Bucky ate you out and now you were so close you could feel the pool of heat form in the pit of your stomach. Your hands wrapped around Bucky’s waist trying to cling onto him as he gave you some of the best morning sex ever.

“Faster!” You commanded wanting to get to your orgasm quickly because you couldn’t wait to be in that state of euphoria once more.

“Whatever my baby wants she’ll get.” Bucky said and he began to use his supersoldier speed and strength to thrust into you faster. He hitched your leg further up his torso, he began thrusting into with his need found pace at this angle causing him to hit your g-spot with every thrust. You knew it wouldn’t be long until you came undone and the way Bucky was fucking you like it was the last time was driving you crazy.

“I’m c-close.” You managed to exclaim in between moans and deep breaths.

“I know baby and so am I.” Bucky said continuing to thrust into you at his heightened speed.Bucky brought his metal hand down to your clit and began rubbing circles on it getting you closer and closer. You couldn’t help everything was doing was sending you over the edge. You came watching as Bucky still thrusted into you trying to get himself to his orgasm. You were still moaning as you calmed down watching you in such a state got Bucky to same place as you.

He pulled out before he collapsed on the bed next to you.

“You’re officially late for work” Bucky announced.

“Who cares let’s just stay in bed all day.” You said and Bucky smirked.

“Round 2?” He asked and you smirked matching his own wide grin.

“You know it!”

Strictly fangirling 2014 : Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

I am a big picture kind of girl. I need to put things down in a big picture/single chart like this. Call it occupational hazard or habit. Halfway through the making of this chart, it just makes me realised that it is rather pointless because the BASE of analysis is from questionable sources, fans and paparazzi having their agendas in publishing the content and dates of the photos.

I have long given up reading the content and headlines of tabloids. My habit of screening through lies and BS is like this, ANY pictures or headlines with watermark or headlines from any tabloids are skipped over and ignored as noise (I have written a long list and realised that I should not help publicise their names) instead I will tell you which are the lists I go to for trustworthy news; BBC, Russian Times, NYtimes, you will be surprised I do follow People sometimes, but still question their credibility. They are lesser of scums in entertainment industry (in my opinion).  A side note, their treatment of this Twigbert story? Only once is the showmance given a report, that is when google glasses video was first released with a ‘reportedly’/’supposedly’ gf of Robert Pattinson. The poor woman in the video was not even given a headline. And throughout the report, it sounded like a standard piece of public release for the new google glass advert video, which sounded eerily similar in all forms of media (current news/technology news/entertainment news). By the way for those interested, when two venture capitalists pull out of google glass venture, it is as good as dead. So another failure to launch in one of many technology products and gadgets in the world, but hey publicity is what it is, there are risks and no guarantees. It is a personal consumer choice and industry competitiveness, not to embrace something so invasive even it seems like a good idea. It is a win for all parties when everyone got publicity and we all know what it is now.

Highlighted red are official functions/events or filming locations. I considered Rob’s work with FKA Twigs work related (highlighted orange). Need me to justify why she is considered work then read my previous posts, or check out DIDY, HKN, SRWN who offer all forms of analysis and explanations in different forms and styles.

Casual Observations (just based on pictures/sightings) pictures:

Kristen Stewart :                                                                  

  • High usage of umbrellas especially during Still Alice (March 2014) and Clouds of Sils Maria filming (2013)
  • Always with a companion on locations in private/public functions before May
  • Always in baggy clothes, layered, and no longer spotted with signature knotted T-shirt before May (in all paparazzi photos). The knotted T-shirt returned in late summer.  In a handful of official assignments, the ingenious work of Tara (Kristen’s stylist) showcased the fuller, thicker waist of Kristen with a small bump ‘in your face’, depending on the angle
  • THE video with the bump moving in a THR shoot (also Kristen was in long sleeves and always in a jacket for photo shoots prior May)

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Apparent lack of sightings from mid-April till end-May (Cannes Film Festival). Last seen Rob’s photo is on 15th April (Rob at Sam Smith Concert/LA) till Cannes in May. Kristen (unless you trust the dates of Nola and American Ultra papped photos), non-existent in April until a quick MET appearance with Riley as chaperone on 6th May, and then came out glorious in Cannes. Both only turned up for official work functions.

Information from social media

  • Pic of Rob with an Australian fan in January/LA (taken by Kristen according to him) with the message of asking for privacy while he (Rob) awaits the birth of his first child.
  • A blur video of Rob and Kristen running (from paparazzi?) in NYC when Kristen was shooting Still Alice and Rob was supposedly in Toronto for the shooting of Life. And a pic with (yes an umbrella again) Rob and Kristen in NYC back/side view by the roadside/traffic light.
  • Casual mention of ‘his wife’ (Kristen) from a Dior rep by a fan’s encounter when innocently asked about Florabotanica’s availability and retail locations.
  • A supposedly snide remark of ‘his little wife’ from the bride of Bobby Long (Rob’s friend) in one of her twitter slip-up during a war of words with fans on her wedding night.

Well, these are just some known information in my radar, some have been removed (assumed purchased by Rob’s/Kristen’s team/minions) and not released, while those still remain true to their encounters and stood by their stories.

# Fact: Robert and Kristen are married and have a child. 

If you are accepting this as a fact, and then want to believe that Rob and Twig is NOT a showmance then you are deducing:

  • Rob is an adulterer, or he has divorced his wife (doubt he will even publicly admit he has a child)
  • Rob is so in love he doesn’t mind giving the gossips and tabloids stories of his personal life before the lens
  • Rob is fine with his supposedly girlfriend’s multiple hook-ups and open attraction to other people while in a ‘romantic’ relationship with him. 

When a fan like me starts accusing someone of being a cheater or adulterer, it makes me a fool and hypocrite in every sense because 1) I don’t know these people personally in this supposedly affair. 2) I do not have a right to draw conclusions on people’s personal lives, nor any business in it. There is simply NO foundation for my judgement or defence of their personal relationships because I don’t know them! That is a very serious claim to accuse someone of cheating. Adultery can only be concluded and determined with physical DNA evidence (like an illegitimate child – Arnold Schwarzenegger), and/or confessions. Confessions to God, and to your spouse/partner, no one else because there is no one else involved in that relationship. Any other stories and judgements are just nosy gossips, people who do not look at their own relationships honestly or truthfully.

I should not defend any one’s relationship or their status just like no one else has the right or knowledge to know of mine.

Given the information of Rob and Kristen from the general media and social media I can only see what is given to me, a picture tells a thousand words but makes up of lots of lies too. Being a supporter of Rob and Kristen I will only believe what are the messages behind words coming out from their own mouths (as in videos or interviews and press junkets and official media appearances).  The last we have of public Rob giving interviews is in August for the promotion of The Rover, Kristen has been in public appearances and interviews due to the timing and release of her movies, including the Oscar run Sony is running for her.

So I can only give you the professional milestones/accolades they have in 2014, from publicly available  information.

Many people ask ‘why the PDA?’ Rob and Kristen both said their relationship is not for sale, and they do not want to cheapen it by talking about it. In other words, when there is PDA, it is for SALE, meant to be talked about, so you know who FKA Twigs is. IF there were no PDA, no one would talk about it, tabloids will not hound them, no money shots to be made for sale, then FKA twigs does not get the exposure (mainstream news or not, it is what the internet news is for!) Rob is an actor by profession and choice, his very private moments with Kristen were sold and splashed across tabloids for years without his permission, with his and Kristen’s safety and privacy compromised. He ducked down quickly when spotted the paparazzi filming his private moments with Kristen in Cannes 2012 at the balcony, he was extremely pissed when heard of the pictures of his private moments at his own house with Kristen, friends and their dogs (that is why they MOVED people!). Today he is giving paparazzi the best angle, without even working for it by wearing matching clothes, standing right next to the windows, looking in love, and smiling and joking before the lenses.  

In case one is wondering if Rob is the only one pitching storylines for the paps, well I can confidently say 60% of those Kristen’s pictures from the paparazzi were of Kristen and Alicia. The timing of the dual ‘sightings’ cannot be ignored because Rob and Kristen will be missing in action, radio silence for a period of time, and when Rob/Twigs photos appear, Kristen will be out and about with friends too( usually Alicia). I have no idea if Rob and Kristen are working with or against these paparazzi. But one thing is for sure, they are using each other for their own benefits.

It takes a village to raise a child; it also takes a village to protect one. Not one of Rob or Kristen’s inner circle or family has hummed a word or dismissed the ‘phantom child’ as non-existent. Previously all the gossips and headlines that raised the issue of a pregnant Kristen during their movies’ promotion (during BD1 or 2 junket press or talk shows), they were just picked up and laughed at by RK themselves. These days, private lives are strictly-forbidden topics, besides pets/parents. When a host in an American morning show (2013) out rightly asked Rob if he is still with Kristen he glared and retorted ‘Which part of the contract stipulated that this question needs to be addressed (along that line)’, and Kristen cryptically said in another interview to ‘keep them guessing’. I always see Rob as the tighter-lipped one, and extremely protective. So multiply that many times when there is a little one involved. Good job Rob on this divide and conquer strategy! ‘Can’t beat them, join them’ for the paparazzi in selling the story YOU want.

In conclusion, 2014 has been an extremely productive year for Kristen Stewart. Rob met with some challenges and obstacles beyond his control, but he will survive this rise and fall of stardom with his close knitted friends and family. Here are a list of New Year wishes I have of Rob and Kristen:

1) Nothing gets cancelled for any movies that Rob/Kristen has signed on for. I pray for no schedule conflicts, smooth pre-production, production, post-production and business-smart distributors.

2) I hope to hear more of Rob’s and Kristen’s music projects, new songs, new album, new music. (However, I refuse to like LP1/FKA Twigs, just not my cup of tea, sorry Rob!)

3) To catch a glimpse of Kristen’s art, like her painting, more poetry, cook book, any writing or book.

4) I hope no loved ones get hurt in this strange obsessive world and fandom of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Not only Rob and Kristen’s family and friends, but also the fans’ own family/friends.

A tall wish but as a fan I hate to go to tabloid and paparazzi sources for  information, I wish they have a channel to address directly to fans. Then again, knowing how divided fans are and how rabid some can be, the resources to keep an honest open public dialogue are too high and dangerous. Not to mention how private these two are. Here‘s to hoping!    

*Disclaimer: I am not remotely related or connected to Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart, not even by a 6 degree of separation. Nor do I have insiders’ or exclusive information.

Week of one-shots, Day 4

I have a lunch to attend today and won’t be able to write during my normal 30 minutes.  So - surprise!  You get an early morning one instead!

Today’s prompt comes from a lovely anon: Killian and Emma talking about being True Love and what that means for them.   I hope this is what you were looking to see!  This is very unedited; typos are gloriously mine.

Read Monday’s prompt here.

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Title: True Love Personified

Rating: E (for everybody!)

It was a beautiful fall day, the leaves slowly falling from the trees in the front yard as he and Emma sat on the porch and watched.  It was never something he’d imagined during his long years, having a quiet moment quite like this, but he couldn’t be happier with his love by his side, her small hand curled around his hook and her head resting on his shoulder.  It was a moment, like so many others in his life now, when he was at peace, content with himself and his fate, wanting nothing more than to experience the beating of his heart in rhythm with Emma’s.

“I love you, you know,” she tells him softly and he turns his head enough to place a tender kiss to her temple, a happy smile lifting the corners of his mouth as he does it.  

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y’all can be as delusional as you want about luke being vanilla in bed but he’s one kinky fucker. not in the obvious ways that michael and ashton are, but it’s definitely there. in a cheeky public ass-grab, covering you in hickeys and making sure there’s at least one really visible one that you’d have so much trouble covering up until he told you to “not bother, babe, it looks good on you” with a wink, conveniently forgetting to do the laundry you asked him to do because you were late for work but you were officially out of clean underwear so that when you got home all you’d have to walk around the house in was one of his shirts that, yeah, it was large on you but it didn’t quite cover your ass, sex on Michael’s bed because “he told me I wouldn’t dare, babe”, making you wear his snapback while you ride him kinda way.

fuck you me, luke hemmings

I’ve been toying with the idea of making a bloodborne art book lately given the lack of an official one out there… so I’m working on some material to try out styles and test the waters. This is just a rough work in progress. I’m still figuring out whether I could make this happen in a legal way and whether people would be interested in it… I’ve never done something like this before so I’ll need to do my homework, but I’m going to look into it bc I’ve received very positive responses so far and I’m really excited to make this idea a reality.