officially late for work


my dear is it all we’ve ever been?


I just want to turn to God for the answer

Friendly reminder to Wander Over Yonder fans that just because the “finale” has been announced does not mean this is the end. Just because the end of season 2 is premiering and Disney xd is calling it the finale of the series doesn’t mean it’s time to stop fighting for season 3. They can order a season 3 any time after season 2 ends. If anything we should be fighting more, and really making sure we tune into these last few episodes. Show them that woy does have a big audience worthy of season 3.
This is not the end, we knew the end of season 2 was approaching fast when we started. That doesn’t mean we should give up. That’s exactly what Disney wants us to do.

y’all can be as delusional as you want about luke being vanilla in bed but he’s one kinky fucker. not in the obvious ways that michael and ashton are, but it’s definitely there. in a cheeky public ass-grab, covering you in hickeys and making sure there’s at least one really visible one that you’d have so much trouble covering up until he told you to “not bother, babe, it looks good on you” with a wink, conveniently forgetting to do the laundry you asked him to do because you were late for work but you were officially out of clean underwear so that when you got home all you’d have to walk around the house in was one of his shirts that, yeah, it was large on you but it didn’t quite cover your ass, sex on Michael’s bed because “he told me I wouldn’t dare, babe”, making you wear his snapback while you ride him kinda way.

fuck you me, luke hemmings


Mark your calendar because Baavira week will officially start on June 26 throughout July 2. Contribution can range from fanarts to fanfics to edits to videos. You may either submit it through our submission or post it on your own. The official tags will either be baavira, baavira week, or baaviraweek, and please do make sure to tag it as one of the first five.

You may submit your work early or late.

Here are the official prompts/themes:

Day 1: AU/Music
Day 2: Hair/Taste
Day 3: Rough/Soft
Day 4: Early Morning/Late Night
Day 5: Shenanigans/Forgiveness
Day 6: Past/Future
Day 7: First Date/Engagement

“Guys if yo wanna make it dirty all the nsfw material is more than welcome.” - words by @saigneux