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We've Got Tonite (Pearlet/Trixya/Jivy/Shalaska/) Part 1 Prologue - Saiphl

A/N: Hello again, I’m sharing this work again and maybe many of you have already read it cause it was previously published in AO3, recently some anon asked for some fluff involving one of the shipings of this story, so, I decided to bring it to AQ.

Remember I’ve written this one more than a year ago, and was my first job in this fandom, so I hope you find it good.

Don’t forget to leave your comments and reviews, that helps to finish the new project I’m working with.


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Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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The June image for the Bhutanese royal family’s calendar has been released- and it’s as adorable as you’d hoped. It honours the Queen’s birthday (4th June) and Bhutan’s conservation efforts with a beautiful photograph of Her Majesty and His Royal Highness The Gyalsey at the Lingkana Palace gardens 🇧🇹

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Hello there!

Considering that I’ve just come off of hiatus due to finals, and now that that is over, I want to finally make my official reappearance onto the roleplaying scene! I am by no means a new blog, but I have been here for a while, and considering these types of promos gain traction much faster than an edited promo, here I am!

My character, Walter C. Dornez, is from Kouta Hirano’s manga series Hellsing Ultimate and has a very heavily headcanon based background and story line, but still remains true to his underlying character! There will be heavy themes on this blog, such as gore, violence, murder, swearing, smut, and everything else in-between. I am private and heavily selective, but I will give most others a chance, so don’t be shy to approach me!

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Zestiria AU where they’re all a bunch of college students playing a riveting game of DnD

- “So what are we fighting?” “Idk, evil? Bad feelings?”
- “But what do the ruins look like?” “Guys, do we need to spend an hour on this?” “You can throw an enemy in there, just humour us ok?”
- Sorey’s cat climbs atop the table on the third session, messing the board up and crowning their official villain.
- “I take my shirt off for the battle.” “Ooookay…”
- “Alright, roll for punching him.” “Nat20!!” “*sigh* Ok, So he goes flying across the room…”
- “I take my shirt off and run down the building” “wow, showoff much?”
- Lailah makes cookies and origami weapons for everyone to pretend to fight with over the table
- Sorey and Mikleo won’t shut up about the details of the ruins
- Alisha goes on vacation halfway through but they keep her updated through Skype on her “rescuing”
- Edna describes crushing her enemies in vivid detail
- Eizen is not allowed to play because of how badly he messed up the last game they played
- “I take my shirt off to-” “you know what? How about we just retcon this shit and assume you never owned a shirt? Will that make you stop?”

The climax happens in exam season.

“That’s ridiculous, Sorey. You can’t just stop evil by taking a nap”
“But listen here, my buddy, my pal: If I took a nap for a thousand years…”

  • Mingyu grew up as the youngest son of a family of three. So kid had fun growing up. 
  • He had so much freedom being the youngest because he was never supposed to take the throne or the stress that came with it. 
  • of course he put this freedom to good use.
  • Since he could talk he would never be in the castle, always roaming around the city with a bodyguard. 
  • As he got older, he’d go on further and further expeditions, going to towns and cities in the kingdom and exploring but also learning from the people there. 
  • He was like 10 but no one can deny the prince.
  • The chefs were 90% sure that letting the young prince this close to an open flame was a TERRIBLE idea but he just looked so excited…. and his bodyguards are scary……
  • When he was 12, he was sent away to a boarding school.
  • and it was one of those, celebrities and royalty from small countries type of gig like it was HELLA prestigious 
  • and he easily climbed to the top of his class
  • Mingyu was blessed with a natural ability to be good at everything. He wasn’t the best, but he could do it all. 
  • and that’s where you came in. 
  • you really didn’t see what all the hype was around mingyu but you didn’t really care. 
  • his following of girls was a little annoying but no one bothered you so you didn’t care. 
  • the problem came when he started being good at things that did pertain to you. 

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