officially back at school

  • Noah Czerny: *smiles and is happy*
  • Me: my skin is clear, my crops are flourishing, the sun is shining, I have 20/20 vision, I have straight A's, I'm properly hydrated-

Decided to take some selfies before I’m doomed to go back to school, officially the first day of spring semester and I’m not too excited about it. Oh well, I’m going to make myself stay positive because I know I can get through this! Hope everyone is having a lovely, confident day! 💖


Summary: In which Bucky mistakenly assumes he’s strong enough to see you again.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,214

A/N: Inspired by this Gilmore Girls gifset. Also, I’m officially back in school which means less frequent posting but I will write and post whenever I can. 

@avengerstories - you’re basically the Chris Traeger in my life and I couldn’t thank you more for that (or your editing assistance)

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Bucky is happy for you. He is. He is (he’s hoping that, if he says it enough times, it’ll be true).

“Buck, you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Bucky replies, making sure not to meet Steve’s blue eyes. If Bucky does, he knows he’ll say something that he can’t take back. Something that he means wholeheartedly, but doesn’t want to admit out loud. Once he does, it’ll be true. Undeniable. Real.

Then again, being here just proves that all of this is a nightmare that Bucky can’t wake up from.

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Let's Go

Ok so I don’t remember the exact request but it was just asking for Evan Peters smut, so here it is!!!

A/N: I’m officially back btw, sorry I took a short break bc school has been stressing me out but idk I’m back now!!!!!


“HeyEvan?” you yelled walking into your shared apartment with your boyfriend ofalmost two years. You took your coat off and hung it at the racks by the door just as Evan walked out.

“Hey (Y/N),” he said walking out of the kitchen with a half eaten sandwich in his hand. You smiled at his sloppiness, noticing that he got mustard all over his shirt.

“Sweet heart, you got a little something there, on your shirt,” you said giggling as he noticed how messy he looked.

“How was the photo shoot today?” you asked, remembering that he had a photo shoot all day today.

“Pretty good, I was pretty hot if I do say so myself,” Evan said giving his best attempt at being sassy. You just laughed out loud at how stupid he sounded.

“You are such a dork,” you said walking past him into the kitchen. You started to make yourself a sandwich when Evan came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. You turned your head back to smile at him, but his met your lips as he captured your lips in a sweet, everlasting kiss. He turned you around so you were facing him.

“When did you get so brave,” you said before kissing him again, this time more passionately. He snaked his arms onto your waist and pulled you closer to him, applying more force into the kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck and tilted your head up, deepening it. He licked your bottom lip, requesting access to inside your mouth, which you graciously granted. He explored your mouth with expertise, making you want more. You slowly started grinding against his hips, making him groan in pleasure. You smiled because you knew just what to do to turn him on.

Your grinding kept getting gradually harder and longer, making him grind back to get more friction.

“Ok, I can’t take this,” he said before lifting you up on his hips and carrying you to the bedroom. You kept your lips attached the whole time he was walking. Once you got in your shared bedroom, he put you down and closed the door behind him.

“Get on the bed,” Evan commanded; using his sexy voice that he knew turned you on big time.

You carefully lay on the bed, trying not to make a sound. He grimly smiled and made his way towards you, unbuckling his belt at the same time. As he made his way in between your legs, you had managed to sit up and begin to take his shirt off. You took a short moment to just admire his toned stomach and chest and how hot he looked at that moment. He slowly tugged at the bottom of your shirt, signaling he wanted it off. You quickly pulled it over your head and discarded it off the side of the bed. He reconnected your lips and you grabbed at his crotch, making him gasp. You giggled at how much control you had over him whenever you did that. He smirked at you and started kissing down your chest and hooking off your bra simultaneously. He started to kiss down the middle off your breasts, making his way down your stomach.

The way he kissed your body made the butterflies in your stomach flutter like crazy. You arched your back on the bed as he made his way to the waistline on your leggings. He pulled them down off your legs painfully slow. You groaned in annoyance because of how slow he was going, which only had him go even slower.

When he finally fully discarded them, he threw them in the growing pile of clothes next to the bed. He then proceeded to pull down the panties that matched your bra and swiftly introduced two fingers into you. You moaned in pleasure at the new sensation and he bit his lip, trying to contain his. He thrust his fingers in and out, in and out, pulling you closer and closer to the edge, but right before you climaxed, he pulled his finger out. You whined at the loss of heat and friction, but you were soon relived again when he entered his member into you.

From then on both of you were a mess and tangle of moans, getting messier with each thrust.

“God,” thrust, “you,” thrust, “are,” thrust, “so,” thrust, “amazing,” thrust. You felt the knot in your stomach getting tighter by the second and you raked your nails down his back, letting him know how close you were.

Within seconds, you felt your orgasm hit you like a ton of bricks, letting your juices flow. You could tell Evan was about to climax by how sloppy his thrusts were, and, within seconds his hit too.

He pulls out of you and flops down next to you on the bed. You both look at each other, you are both breathless and still high from the sex.

“You are amazing,” Evan said, kissing your forehead.

“So are you.”

what she says: I’m fine.

what she means: okay so what am i supposed to do when school comes back how will i be updated with whats happening to seventeen like will i miss a lot of things and are they gonna become so popular and travel all around the world even to antarctica and are there gonna be new fans slipping in the diamond life like much cooler fans and is the fandom gonna get an upgrade and not call themselves trash anymore are they gonna release like 1718162 songs and mvs and are they gonna have abs and mUSCLES and is jihoon gonnA BE LIKE A TOTAL GIANT AND will seungkwan junhui chan and seokmin be like the moST POPULAR MEMBERS and is seungkwan finally going to release his mixtapes and is hansol still gonna say he’s only 17 and only got a few dollars and is jisoo and minghao gonna turn into bad boys and is wonwoo gonna get more attractive oh my god i’m gonna miss so many things why does school have to exist


this week officially marks the beginning of senior year! since I’m back in school, I went back to the standard bujo layout… but still decided to decorate it a bit ✨ I’m feeling a bit stressed about my final project (which my graduation depends on btw) but I think I’m going to be just fine if I stay on top of things 😌

Since graduating officially and never having to return back to that school building, Beckham had found new ways to occupy his time. He took more hours working, obviously, and spent a ridiculous amount of time at the boxing gym. That, of course, didn’t stop him from working out even when he was home. So now, despite coming home to shower, he immediately rolled out his yoga mat and began working out once more while he waiting for Jude to get home. Music playing loudly on the speaker, he had just made it through his final set of push ups when the door opened. He’d had the music so loud he hadn’t heard Jude get home. He stopped, looking up at him breathlessly “Hey, baby. Good timing. “


It’s officially back to school time here in the Brandywine River Valley and, to mark the season, we’re sharing a few pages from the 1944 Ward’s Back-to-School Sale catalog. This catalog clearly shows that 1940′s high school students were snappy dressers. More interesting, however, are the revealing details give us a peek into daily life in wartime. Aside from the noticeable absence of older male high school students, the catalog also contains notes like:

Regarding Cuffs on Boys’ Trousers: Present Government regulations permit cuffs on trousers but still restrict maximum leg length. Some inseam lengths, therefore, may be finished with cuffs, others will be finished with plain bottoms.

Trade Catalog .W254 1944, in Hagley’s Published Collections