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is this old news or is no one talking about the reddit place thing

reddit has a white canvas that any user can place one color pixel per 5/10 minutes

there’s currently negotiation fucking treaties between corners and patterns (which by the way have their own subreddits)
and official allies/enemies and propaganda and cults

theres a dude pixeling a marriage proposal, the fucking blue corner has taken over everything (but lost in a battle with purple for the top left corner) there’s intense strategy regarding the rainbow, people trying to make a black border around the whole thing, the center is a void of white 

there is also whatever the fuck this is

im terrified of it but it seems allied with the trans flag so i can trust it for now


Okay, we can all agree this scene is amazing. 1) Jon and Dany obviously not wanting to be separated 2) Everyone noticing. EVERYONE. 3) Jon’s little smirk when Dany sides with him and his almost oh shit face at the end where he’s like, that actually fucking worked, now what? 4) Irritated/Sad Jorah giving Jon the this fucking guy look 5) Dany trying really hard to look casual about the whole thing at the end and failing epically.


I also love this scene because Jon and Dany just only officially became military allies. Yes, she asked for his advice in episode 4 but other than that, not much. Now, Jon has bent the knee and officially declared for Dany and she’s just letting him have the run of her armies. She has taken a step back and is letting Jon call the shots. She’s got advisors all around the table, one of whom is her commander of the Unsullied army and yet, Jon is the one in control. Can we all just appreciate it for a moment? 

Gahh love these two!

To The Nagging Voice In My Head That Says, “Why Do You Have So Many Mutuals?”

It is truly the greatest feeling. The feeling of camaraderie and openness and communication and care and love. It is in the desire to want to check on them and wish them well and heal their ailments and make them feel like they have gold-plated ribs and treasure chest hearts. It is treating them with the worth they have always had, but quite often forget. It is showering them with the love they always wanted to live and wanted to die for. It is the victory in washing away the sting of their defeat. It is being in the same room and looking each other in the eyes in separate countries. It is looking at their worst and trying to draw a silver lining all around. It is painting them masterpieces with their own bone marrow, and showing them they are works of art. Or works in progress. Or work that’s worth the trouble. Always.

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Do you collect the bnha merch? Like the nendoroid or figma figures?

i don’t collect nendos bc of how expensive they are or i’d have like…all the haikyuu nendos by now BAKUGO NENDO LOOKS SO GOOD THO!!

for merches i tend to collect fanmade ones instead, like art prints, charms, stickers, etc, to support my art friends!! i’m still new to the fandom so no bnha merches as of now, but i’m waiting for my first bnha prints from this talented bun to arrive!!!! 🙏

Ally McBeal  [INFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by enfjs-r-us

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Ally gathers information at hand, assesses the situation, then decides which course of action to take in alignment with her concept of self and sense of justice. As Ally’s dominant (Fi) function is introverted, the mental process may not be completely inherent until something crosses her boundaries. Once a boundary is crossed, however, Ally can be startlingly quick to take a stand. As such is the case when she abruptly leaves her first law firm to ‘save her dignity’ or suddenly needing to leave a situation at her workplace, to regroup when faced with Billy Thomas.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): “Sometimes I’m more persuasive when I lack conviction”. Ally is able to pull off newfound arguments to sway judges and juries, even when not fully convinced herself. Ally enjoys preparing and delivering a legal case because it presents an opportunity to explore and problem-solve all different angles. She tends to use internal imaginative metaphors and dreamy images to communicate with the audience (turning herself tiny, making out in a cup of coffee, etc).

Introverted Sensing (Si): Ally frequently reminisces over the past, including subjects like her childhood sweetheart Billy Thomas. Ally tries to pinpoint the exact moment she fell in love with Billy and why, in order to make sense of the direction of her life now. Ally’s vivid, detailed memory sometimes acts as a hindrance from moving on from the past, with Billy or others who were once let into Ally’s inner world (Fi). However, Ally can also call upon this function for comfort. When feeling anxious in the courtroom Ally digs into her childhood memories of watching her father; poised and collected, while delivering his addresses as lawyer, and is instilled with confidence to deliver the current case at hand.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Ally is motivated, well read and can quickly make sense of cases uncorrelated to her field of law. However, ally is insecure about being taken seriously by the firm and their clients – fearing to go into conference meetings with clients, because she feels as though clients will view her as “a little girl”. Once she gets pass this fear, however, performs well and is able to get her point across in a straightforward, succinct manner; helping the firm land preferred clients. She also becomes rude, blunt, and confrontational under stress (”This isn’t like me!”).


I have spent way too much energy in the past on hating my body, missing out on events or opportunities bc I was ashamed of how I looked, skipped meals, remained quiet so as not to draw attention to myself and after so many years of self sabotage…I’ve committed myself to the radical act of loving myself unconditionally. The most important thing I’ve learned is that self love and confidence is a journey and not a destination. There will be bad days, weeks even, but what’s important is coming back from that and realizing just because I was having these shitty thoughts about my body, doesn’t make them true. I’m here for all the little girls who had to shop in the plus size section, or buy smaller clothes bc they were too skinny. For the girls who go back for seconds at the family parties even tho their tías be callin them out and for the ones who only grab small portions to avoid being shamed. For the girls who aren’t big enough or small enough because body shaming doesn’t discriminate. Whatever stage you’re at in this journey of self love, keep on going because once you experience self-love you’ll find there’s no greater feeling tbh.


Disclaimer: Contrary to popular (?) belief I don’t actually “hate” Silver. His characterizations make sense and it’s very compelling to watch– what I’m NOT here for, is the constant defense of him by various fans/shippers. He’s allowed to be a flawed character, you know, and people are entitled to feel disdain towards him and his harmful (yes, they are harmful) actions. 

Let’s break it down, then:

In retrospect, this is an odd scene because why would Silver even entertain the idea of them walking away? They should be focused on the war and trying to win, yet he speaks about the two of them walking away unscathed like it’s a certain outcome. And to ask Madi if he would be enough, when he’s well aware of the answer (judging by how invested she is now in her war), is telling. This gets echoed by Flint in 4x10, where he tells Silver that she won’t be enough for him anymore because the war brought purpose to all of their lives. Of course, knowing what we now know with the knowledge of 4x10, Silver has in actuality already obtained information about Thomas and that he is indeed alive and well in Savannah. In his mind, the option of walking away from the war is already set in stone, seeing as he’s got everything he needs to put an end to it– the only question remains is a matter of when.

He knew the Spanish were coming, he knew that there would be massive casualties yet he went along with it anyway. He knows Madi found her purpose as the next Maroon Queen, as this war only solidifies her will to liberate her people even more. He knew, yet he betrayed her anyway– because her legacy, the life of her people, the subsequent treatment of future generations of her people, doesn’t matter to him as much as her life. It’s an utterly selfish act, and it’s an act of someone who refuses to be supportive of the woman he loves, regardless of the fact that perhaps it’ll cost Madi’s life to achieve her goals (collateral damage is a-ok as long as it’s not the woman you love, I suppose?). He, a cishet white man, definitively stripped away Madi’s own freedom of choice and her power as a leader, merely because he doesn’t want to lose her. Her and Flint’s war isn’t important, because the struggles of marginalized people never affected him, and never will affect him. He simply doesn’t care. He’s the man with no backstory, a man who can spin tales to fit whatever narrative he wants to tell, while Flint and Madi’s backstories are the driving force of their character.

James McGraw said it best: “In most cases, a man trying to change the world fails for one simple and unavoidable reason: everyone else.”

Silver, and people like Silver, are exactly the reason why Madi’s people had to suffer for centuries. The curse of the Cishet White Male™.

Sinbad no Bouken 150 RAW

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 150, which is titled “The Founding Ceremony”. The day we’ve all been dreading has finally arrived, and it starts off as such a beautiful day too… 

As many of you already know, I am no longer providing detailed summaries of the chapters. For a more detailed summary, be sure to check out chapter summaries done by @itsdanystormborn!   I will, however, provide a very brief description of the chapter down below so I can share my thoughts on it! I hope you enjoy~! ^^b

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken every day on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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Why Are You Here?

Request: “Can I get a Harry Hook imagine where the reader is the leader of a rival gang that wanted to rule the Isle instead of Uma and when they set up a meeting to make a deal, the reader gets there and Harry’s sitting there instead? Please, Thank you, and I absolutely love all of your imagines.”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

Originally posted by adisneylover92things

You walked towards Ursula’s Fish and Chips, your ankle boots clicking every time you took a step. People backed away quickly making a path for you as you walked past them. Girls wished they could be you and guys wished they could have you. But there was only one guy that owned your heart that was Harry Hook.

You opened the doors to the shop and noticed that Harry was sitting down waiting for you. You looked at him confused as you looked around trying to see if you could find Uma, but no luck she wasn’t around.

“Harry what are you doing here the deal is between Uma and I not you.” You huffed crossing your arms.

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The Notebook: Allie Hamilton [INFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the mod.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Allie is a free spirit. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but also doesn’t believe that her mother understands her feelings, and becomes very offended at the implication that she does – until her mother proves to her that she too fell in love with someone “from the wrong side of the tracks.” She prefers to ruminate in her feelings… alone… her happiest time is painting in Noah’s house after they have made love; her unhappiest time is staring into nothingness in the bathtub, wearing her veil, after she has discovered the truth about Noah. Though she engages in some people-pleasing at times, she also has no problem putting her foot down – she often winds up fighting with Noah and absolutely refusing to back down from her side of the argument. When others at lunch imply that she and Noah are not a good match, she argues with them assertively, with the implication that they cannot tell her what to do.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She is somewhat naïve and idealistic in believing that they can maintain a relationship long-distance, or that they can make it work despite being from  such different social divides. Imaginative flights of fancy catch her attention, and she wants Noah to share in her symbolism to some degree (“I’m a bird! Say it!”). She is not altogether comfortable in settling down or making wedding plans when she sees Noah again, and starts thinking about a bunch of different possibilities for her life. She would rather paint and be a free spirit.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Her tug-of-war between traditional values and what she wants most yanks her from one place to another – she constantly fights her desire to please her family, and ascribe to social hierarchy and to cast it all aside and do what she wants. When seeing Noah, she relives all the same emotions that she has suppressed for so many years; they rise up in her and cause her to chase after them again. She doesn’t mind settling down and returning to the old house. When old and losing her memories, she admits that, “I think I have heard this story before…” because it is hitting an emotional note in her soul.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Being realistic is not her first priority; Allie prefers to deal in her wants and dreams. She doesn’t like making major decisions and will run away from her problems rather than face them. But once she does know what she wants, she goes after it decisively. She can be tactless and hurtful when she is angry, by laying down the cold, hard facts.

Note: Retyped. I mistook her for Fe the first time around, but even though she likes to keep people happy and doesn’t want to hurt their feelings, all she really wants in her life is to be authentic, and to have the boy she loves… Noah. She also doesn’t open up about her feelings much.