Who is @officialcas

It’s 4:08 A.M. and after finishing up some last minute blends, I was going over old r&b hip hop music, and came across one of my favorite records: “@officialcas feat. @iamdiddy” entitled “must be love" 

From the start of the kick to the snare hit, melody is very soothing. Sometimes it’s great to go back and hear a nice cow bell to a harpsicord guitar sounding instrument to carry a dope melody.

Recall the "Brown Sugar” flick where Taye Diggs “Dre” tells his best friend, “your a tight verse on a dope beat”? or something along those lines, so don’t quote me on that as I’m doing my best to para phrase that line. Well This “Must Be Love” record with Cassie reminds me of a fly hook over a dope verse. 

Then going over and catching up on other Cassie songs, I’m wondering what happened here? This artist has a great feel, great look, and most of all some of the records from “Must be Love” “Thirsty” & “don’t go to close” barely broke or not even came close on billboard charts? 

What happened? 

Either or, its great to know that Cassie is still on her grind, and excited to see what Bad Boy Records King “@iamdiddy” has in store for the talented artist. This is my first blog, and I’m excited to give u my spin on the “Must be Love” record with Cassie feat. Diddy, or (Puff Daddy) a few years back. 

Enjoy the music: