Be thankful for what you have

Today, I went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with my mom to present her 5 year cake. I met some amazing women there. A lot of them had years of sobriety, and some, with only a few weeks. But what I noticed about each of these women, is that they were struggling day by day, yet they still held strong. At least 5 of these women tonight shared about their financial struggles. Many of them had lost their families because of their alcoholism and were struggling to feed themselves. Even the women who still had their families were struggling to put food on the table. So many of them had lost their jobs. One had lost her job because her boss was sexually assaulting her, and when no one believed her, she left.. This resulted in her living a life of poverty. It’s horrible to see such nice people live such stressful lives.
It made realize how lucky I was. I may not have a beautiful house on the beach, or expensive clothes, but I’ve got enough. I don’t need to wear the latest fashions to get by, all I need are my friends and family surrounding me, and an open heart to those who are in more need than I have ever been in my entire life.
Moral of this, be happy with what you have, no matter how fucked life may seem, because one day.. It could all be gone.