Haruka and Makoto enter Iwatobi Junior High School and decide to join the swim club there. But unwillingly, they come to unite with Asahi and Ikuya in the same medley team. These four boys ae quite different in their thoughts about swimming. What is necessary for them to become a “team”? what is Haruka thinking in this new situation? Now, devoting their time and youthful energy to swimming, their bright future starts here.


K Return of Kings

The beautiful color-themed kings posters from K Return of Kings were showcased in the Spoon.2Di (Amazon US | Japan) Illustration Issue, with art work by GoHands staff character designer Shingo Suzuki (鈴木信吾), chief animators Takayuki Uchida (内田孝行) and Naoki Okada (岡田直樹), and animation director Rina Ueki (植木理奈).