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One of my favourite little things about Farah and Amanda being healthy and stable girlfriends (as opposed to the absolute trainwreck that is Dirk Gently and Todd some days) is the fact that they’d end up sharing clothes a lot of the time, so we’d see Amanda vandalising phone boxes while wearing Farah’s crisp brown leather jacket and Farah spending lazy weekends in Amanda’s leggings and old band shirts.

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As I understand it there were official wedding photos taken at the church (inside and outside), the wedding breakfast (from 1pm-3pm), and the evening bash. These are the ones which will be released to the media and these are what we have to wait for. If she gets the 'family photo' she wants, her, H, W&K, and the kids then that will say it all - it's serious. If not then she's done for. Hope it's the latter.

she desperately needs the family portrait to make her look legit, and carry the farce for a couple of months, but the distance and work will out do her, even if she gets her shot, that’s all she’s getting, enjoy the memories MM. I can’t wait for nyc to spill tomorrow.

thanks anon  

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평생 아끼고 사랑하겠습니다

I will treasure and love you forever

(T/N: ‘평생’ is literally ‘for my whole life’ but it is often translated as ‘forever’ ;
the verb ‘아끼다’ is one of my fav words and is often translated as ‘to adore,’ but I think ‘to treasure’ is a lot closer to the original meaning. It means to hold something/one close and consider it/them as something extremely precious.)

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