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The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw - Everyone the One Direction boys have collaborated with on their solo material so far - BBC Radio 1
As rumours swirl about Louis working with Bebe Rexha, we look at the boys' other collabs

Exciting news for One Direction fans: it looks like there’s more solo material on the way from both Zayn and Louis. While Zayn’s collab with PARTYNEXTDOOR is confirmed and dropping “soon”, the Louis rumours all stem from one excitable Bebe Rexha.

“[I just finished a new song] with somebody really big from a boyband,” Bebe told CBS Radio’s Culinary Kitchen. “It’s a really massive record. We just finished it and it’s about to come out in a month or so and it’s amazing. It’s probably one of my favourite songs I’ve ever been a part of in my whole career.”

Hmm. We know what you’re thinking: there are many, many boyband stars Bebe could have worked with. But, when you consider Louis recently followed her on Twitter, and she followed him on Instagram… Yes. All fingers point to a Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha collaboration (we hope).

While we await further news from Team Tomlinson, check out everyone the 1D lads have worked with on their solo material (so far).

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Speaking of ‘Up’, it was good news for the single this week as on streams and downloads of the album track alone it stayed inside the UK top 5 again this week!

Even better though, is the news from the Official Charts Company today that, with just under half a million copies sold in a month and a bit, 'Never Been Better’ was the 8th biggest selling album of 2014 overall, putting Olly inside the top 10 biggest selling albums of the year in the UK for three years running!

Massive congratulations to you Olly from all of us at OM Daily, and much continued success with the album and its future singles in 2015!

As you’d expect, the entire line-up had some kind of connection to Taylor Swift, from her mate Ellie Goulding, to John Newman, who by his own admission is “very good friends with her boyfriend.”

John Newman featured on Calvin Harris’s track Blame which reached number one in the official UK singles chart last September.

Despite being a “little bit star-struck” the first time they met, John thinks it’s simple why Taylor Swift is such a big star right now.

“Because she works very, very, very hard. And she’s genuinely a very nice person, she’s got no ego.“

Vance Joy is 13 shows into his support slot on Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour, with another 62 still to go.

Taylor covered his track Riptide in Radio 1’s Live Lounge in October 2014.

“She did a fantastic job and I was totally flattered,” Vance Joy said.

“Now I’m 13 shows in with her and I’ve learnt a lot about performing from watching her. She’s super composed and gives a lot of herself every night, she’s super poised.”

He doesn’t know if he’s made it into Taylor’s inner circle quite yet, but is confident that he’s “in one of the circles.”

They hung out after a gig in Pittsburgh recently that ended up with a guitar being passed around between Taylor Swift, Vance Joy and some other bands that had been on stage.

“We sang Blink 182,” Vance Joy recalled, “and we all didn’t know the lyrics to What’s My Age Again?”

—  John Newman & Vance Joy discuss Taylor Swift at BST.

Good news #MursArmy! Even though ‘Never Been Better’ has been knocked off the top of the album chart this week by Take That with their huge comeback album 'III’, we still have reason to celebrate as the album was certified GOLD this week for sales of 100,000+ copies in the UK!

It’s still selling hugely in the run up to Christmas too so we could even be looking at another platinum album for Olly before the year is out! It’s good news too for 'Wrapped Up’ as that spends a third consecutive week in the top 5 this week - it also surpassed streams of 1 MILLION on Spotify and Deezer this week too!

Congratulations Olly from all of us at OM Daily on your continued success with the album!


Great news to start 2014 with! The Official Charts Company revealed today that having shifted 1.1 MILLION copies in over a year, the RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME album was the 5th biggest selling album of last year in their end of year chart, whilst DEAR DARLIN’, Olly’s 3rd huge hit from the album last summer, was the 20th biggest selling single of last year! Meanwhile over in the States TROUBLEMAKER has placed as the 82nd biggest seller of 2013 on Billboard’s End of Year Hot 100! Congratulations Olly from all of us at OM Daily :)

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Skinny Love
Skinny Love

 I hated being dependent on people, I really did. But as soon as he came around, I realized that I needed him, just like a child needs his mother. And him going away on tour didn’t help. He tried to get me to visit, he tried to talk them into letting me stay with them, but nothing worked. I was forced to sit at home and go through my daily routines and have an empty feeling in my chest. I had grown to ignore the empty feeling, but when the thing that fills it is gone, you can’t ignore it any longer. And that’s when I picked up a blade. It was sharp and shining, practically calling me as soon as I picked it up. He had been gone for four months, he probably had found someone else, he wouldn’t care. These thoughts played over and over again in my head as I sat on the bathroom floor with a bottle of vodka in one hand and the blade in the other. I could end it right now, and no one would care. I could be done of this life of dependency, I could be done with everything. So that’s what I did. I put the bottle on the counter, not even feeling the slightest bit drunk which was a bit sad considering I drank a good three fourths of the bottle. I sat on the floor, my back against the bathtub and I dragged the blade across my wrist. The first cut was one of reassurance, letting myself know I can do this. I slid the blade across my wrist again, dangerously close to the first cut. And I did it again and again until my whole forearm was coated in my own blood, the ruby substance dripping off my arm and onto the tile floor beneath me. And I cried. I cried because this was me giving up, this was the end to everything I had. Leaning my head back and looking up at the ceiling, I muttered something, I don’t even know what, and I shut my eyes, ready for the automatic blood loss end me. After a few minutes, there was shouting, and then a breaking noise, and more shouting. I picked my head up and looked at the door, my vision blurred from the tears and blood loss. “Y/N!” The voice shouted repeatedly. Shit, it was Luke. “Y/N baby please where are you!” His voice was distraught and it made my chest hurt. I wanted to get up, but as soon as I even attempted to stand, my body rejected the thought and brought me to the floor, my head thankfully landing in a pile of laundry. But the thump of my body must have caused him to find me, because the door swung open, inches away from leaving a gash in my head. “Fuck,” he said quickly dropping down next to me. I couldn’t look at him, my body getting as much energy as it could to simply turn my head to the wall as he rolled me onto my back. “Fuck Y/N why did you do this,” he cried, his hand stroking my hair as I still looked at the wall. “Because you left, and I never thought I had to be dependent on a person until you.” I turned my head and saw how his blue eyes were surrounded in a pool of red. “Baby, you…you could have called me, you…fuck,” he said picking up my upper body and pulling it into his chest. My arms wrapped around his shoulders as I sobbed into his shirt. “You’re getting my blood on your shirt,” I said noticing how it was his favorite band shirt. “Your life is a hell a lot more important than some stupid shirt.” He kissed my temple, his lips lingering as I rested my head on his shoulder. “Lets get you to the hospital,” he said moving his hands under my knees and picking me up. I had to spend two weeks there and those two weeks he didn’t leave my side. He never left my side after that, and I was thankful that I could at least have him in my life.

Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars No. 1 Again

‘Uptown Funk!’ rules for a ninth week, helping parent label RCA to a record-tying multi-format domination.

“Funk!,” released on RCA Records, logs a ninth week atop the Digital Songs chart with 240,000 downloads sold (down 7 percent) in the week ending March 1, according to Nielsen Music. It leads Streaming Songs (18.8 million U.S. streams, down 5 percent) and the subscription services-based On-Demand Songs (5.2 million, down 3 percent) for a seventh week each. On Radio Songs, “Funk” reigns for a fifth week with a 2 percent lift to 189.8 million in all-format audience.

Ronson and Mars’ collab, thus, crowns the Hot 100 and its three main component charts (Digital Songs, Radio Songs and Streaming Songs) simultaneously for a record-extending fifth week (nonconsecutively).

Also, as reported in Tuesday’s “Ask Billboard” reader mailbag, the song has joined an elite club globally: “Funk” is one of just four songs ever to lead the Hot 100 and the Official UK Singles chart for at least seven weeks each. (The others: Bryan Adams’ “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You,” 1991; Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You,” 1992-93; and Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” featuring Jay Z, 2007.)

The continued command of “Funk!” on multiple Billboard airplay charts additionally contributes to a coup for RCA, as the label ties for the most concurrent No. 1 rankings, six, in a week, in the nearly 20 years that Billboard’s nine currently-produced primary singular-format pop, rock and R&B/hip-hop airplay charts have coexisted. “Funk” crowns Pop Songs, Adult Pop Songs and Rhythmic Songs, while RCA boasts three other leaders this week: Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance” tops Alternative Songs; Three Days Grace’s “I Am Machine” rules Mainstream Rock Songs; and Usher’s “I Don’t Mind,” featuring Juicy J, takes over atop Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop.

Source: Billboard

Warriors - Charts

Imagine Dragons’ latest single was released 5 weeks ago and here are the peak positions it got in the following charts:

Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40) - 56

Canada (Canadian Hot 100) - 60

Czech Republic (Singles Digitál Top 100) - 18

France (SNEP) - 48

Germany (Media Control Charts) - 58

Hungary (Single Top 20) - 34

Ireland (IRMA) - 80

Netherlands (Single Top 100) - 66

Portugal Digital Songs (Billboard) - 13

Slovakia (Singles Digitál Top 100) - 29

Sweden (Sverigetopplistan) - 7

UK Singles (Official Charts Company) - 54

US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles (Billboard) - 2

US Hot Rock Songs (Billboard) - 10