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I love your ocs and I was wondering if you have any tips for designing cog ocs? Either in-game ones or fan ones.

[[Thank you, anon! And I have no clue how to dictate how fan!cog designs go, so I guess I can just focus on how I would make in-game cog ocs?]]

STEP 1: Pick a cog.

Some cogs are more popular than others, so if you’re into having a super unique cog even though they’re mass produced in factories LOL, I’d say avoid Ambulance Chasers, Spin Doctors, Bloodsuckers, Big Cheeses, and Minglers. Of course, picking those cogs as ocs is not bad at all!!! I love those and have a Big Cheese of my own.

I just picked a Bean Counter because I haven’t seen many of them and I like their teeny hats.

STEP 2: Get references.

Always try to get refs at different angles, since cogs have interesting low-poly side profiles. I also like using the trading card art so I can see how the official art portrays them.

STEP 3: Start sketching

Now is the time to go through your references and find those distinguishing features that would make others recognize what kind of cog your oc is. The features I noted were: the teeny hat, big triangular nose at side view, Cone shaped head, and weird pouty mouth.

From there, you can start sketching and mix those features into your style. I tend to give my cogs giant chins, so that kind of…happened. But you can still see his head is rather cone shaped.

As for eyes…most cogs have their eyes closed, so it’s really up to you.

STEP 4: Colors

Cogs are dull and grey. Avoid bright, super-saturated colors. If you suck at color theory like I do, you can even just pluck colors right off of your reference.

If you soft shade, unlike myself, avoid shading with black. It makes the entire oc look muddy.

STEP 5: Personality//Story

The last step is really up to you. Go onto the TTO/TTR  wikis and look up stuff about your cog. What are their battle phrases? Do they have any Minglermail documents? Use in-game information to get a basic feel of what your cog is supposed to act like, and use it as a springboard for their personality.

Now, this guy was mostly used for example purposes, so I’m not going to go into too much detail, but I’m getting a “disgruntled office worker that is tired of counting beans, loathes toons for having such stupid currency, and secretly wants to be a Downsizer instead” vibe from him.

When it comes to picking names, I try to go with ones that are related to their type (i.e. Legal Eagle named Benjamin after Benjamin Franklin or a Number Cruncher named Cuspid, which is a tooth) .

I want him to be associated with counting and numbers, so I’m gonna call him “Uno”….because why not. They’re cogs. Who cares.

ALSO: Things to (generally) avoid.

First of all, THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE AN ATTACK ON ANYONE. Everyone has their own style. Ocs are meant for //you//, so ///you// do what you want with them.

Ths is simply a list of things I personally would not do when designing a cog oc.

  •  It looks more like a 12 year old green bean mafia boy than a businessperson or a robot. If you’re going for the extremely humanoid design route (which is totally fine!!!), make them look like cogs and not like middle schoolers.
  • The colors are super saturated and aren’t very cog like. He looks like he’s made out of mint ice cream.
  • Cogs are business robots. Their hair should be up to businessy dress code…multicolor hair and emo bangs would get them written up for sure.

Of course, these are just my personal opinion and you don’t have to listen to me. Some of my favorite cog ocs on toonblr are designed with aspects in the picture above. It’s when you do a lot of them and have a shoddy story as well that it turns into a hot mess.

And that, dear anon, is how I would go about making a cog oc.

Hope it helps!!!

digi-order submitted:

Alright, I was contemplating whether or not to submit this but we’ve got three ladies here from a rather familiar game.

Ysera, Alexstrasza and Sylvanas. Blizzard decided to use the same exact models for each of them with some changes here and there.

…However, the first two are actually dragonesses while the last is an undead banshee queen who was a ranger in her past life….Also she’s supposed to have a mangled body.

So I think everyone can see what I’m getting at for these gals.

astringofpearls submitted:

World of What-the-What???

This makes me so angry. This character is a Death Knight and they are the baddest of asses. Why is she in a bikini with chaps? Does this look like plate armor to anyone else?

onewingedangel submitted:

Sylvanas Windrunner.

spectrumfizz submitted:

This is official art from the World of Warcraft trading card game, for the character Elumeria Wildershot. I and a friend managed to find several problems with it:

  1. She should be wearing at least light leather armour for protection.
  2. The cape/skirt shown is ridiculously impractical for dense forest.
  3. Her hair should be braided/tied back, to keep it out of her line of sight.
  4. That’s not even close to an appropriate loading/firing position.
  5. Unless that’s a shortbow, she should not be holding it like that.
  6. Why is her left hand that close to what looks like a flaming arrow?
  7. Why is her pet spider floating near her back?

Someone please fix this, it makes me sad. :<

As I get older, I begin to seek solace in the familiar. Bikini armor, old friend, thanks for always being there for me. The world would be unrecognizable without you. Also probably better protected and warmer? Mostly unrecognizable.