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Okay but how much you want to bet Bitty shows Tater’s text to Ransom when he’s feeling particularly Petty™ about something but it totally backfires because Ransom just keeps following him and begging for Tater’s number and now Ransom says “swaws” too because “OH MY GOD ALEXEI MASHKOV ABBREVIATED S’WAWESOME HE IS SO FUNNY AND BRILLIANT EVERYTHING HE TOUCHES TURNS TO GOLD” etc etc

Jack says it’s okay if not every role he does becomes an ego, but what he doesn’t know is that we need enough egos for him to fight Mark’s egos, Nostalgia Critic’s egos (plus the egos of his friends), and Rhett and Link’s combined egos. 😆

An epic ego fight to the death!


Good luck has never been my friend
I’ve always been the fool
Please don’t follow shadows of mine
‘cause the time is running out for me

The trouble seems to always wanna
Follow me

I don’t really have an excuse for this besides my will to draw those masks, haha

The Easterbunny Comes to NGC 4725 : At first called Easterbunny by its discovery team, officially named Makemake is the second brightest dwarf planet of the Kuiper belt. The icy world appears twice in this astronomical image, based on data taken on June 29 and 30 of the bright spiral galaxy NGC 4725. Makemake is marked by short red lines, its position shifting across a homemade telescopes field-of-view over two nights along a distant orbit. On those dates nearly coincident with the line-of-sight to the spiral galaxy in the constellation Coma Berenices, Makemake was about 52.5 astronomical units or 7.3 light-hours away. NGC 4725 is over 100,000 light-years across and 41 million light-years distant. Makemake is now known to have at least one moon. NGC 4725 is a famous one-armed spiral galaxy. via NASA


[170828] fancafe update trans

This is Choeun Entertainment.

Here is Choeun Entertainment’s position on the official color. 

As the team name 24K means gold, we tried to use the colors Glitter Gold and Yellow Gold, but we recently filed a complaint in the parent company that they [colors] are the same as Metal Gold Pearl (t/n: Infinite’s official color), and the company has decided not to use the official color for the time being.

We thought we should be careful not to overlap the official color with other groups, we have accepted the same objection in the fandom, we sincerely apologize for the fact that we have caused confusion over the official colors.

The official color of 24K will be announced as soon as its decided. 

August 28, 2017
Choeun Entertainment

They are  #Taekook #태꾹  ~(‘▽^人)

Can I say something real quick?

I just realized how many things that Michael and Gavin have done together over the years of them knowing each other, and stuff that they still do now!

• They have pet names for each other, calling each other “boi”

• They have an official team name that they celebrate every Valentines Day

• They have their own SHOW just for them to play games with each other (Play Pals)

• Their SHIP NAME is in a fucking video game (Surgeon Simulator: Alien Transplant for the Gavichael)

• They made a tunnel in Minecraft that connects their houses together, so if they both win, THEY CAN SHARE THE TOWER

• Michael and Gavin have been in a movie together

• Michael and Gavin assumed the 69 position IN A MOVIE

• They made 2 seasons of “Immersion” together

• When Michael won the wrestling belt, Gavin was the first person to challenge Michael, which created “VS”

• Michael and Gavin are on a poster together (Surgeon Simulator: Deep Space Doctors)

• Michael and Gavin have MATCHING NECKLACES that Michael bought himself

• Michael has openly said that when he met Gavin, he could not get enough of him, and he wanted to do more and more stuff with him and he said that he and Gavin meeting was dynamite, and that he cares for his boi (Game Time with Michael)

• During Michael’s Heist in GTA V, his plan was to kill everyone else, and split the money between HIM AND GAVIN

• they MATCHING shirts that they wore in “The Gauntlet”

• When they were competing against each other on “The Gauntlet” they both talked about doing a truce and winning they game together!

Let me give you a quote from Michael in that episode: “I think me and Gavin are going to do like, a temporary truce, kind of thing. If we both the same kill at the exact same second, we might like, throw a wrench in the whole game. Team Nice Dynamite in the finals, it’ll be great.”

• Also, in “The Gauntlet” they had like a 20 second moment between the two of them where Gavin was telling Michael how much Michael was his boi, and how much he wanted the two of them to win as a team (The Gauntlet: season two, episode seven)

• All of Michael’s tweets on Valentine’s Day. All of them. They celebrate the anniversary of them meeting each other, which just so happens to be on Valentine’s Day, this year of 2016 they went to see a movie together, and all of Michael’s tweets on Valentine’s Day about Gavin are the sappiest things in existence.

• Gavin making his character “kiss” Michaels

They are the ultimate team, and I will forever love them

The only panel I find legit enough in #700.

There’re also glimpses of Taka following, if you look closer.

  • And the four of them are dicovering the world all over again. And it’s all right in that world.
  • And they restored the heads of Madara’s and Hashirama’s statues.
  • And Karin is glancing from up there in the branches down to Sasuke. Of course he knows they’re present up there, her, Juugo and Suigetsu. And Sauce is almost smirking, always battle-ready, swift and agile, yet having found new trust in his comrades. And there’s still so much for them to see - together. Never alone, not anymore.
  • And Orochimaru is playing pai sho (with Yamato) in his rebuilt Otogakure and sending Tsunade sms with smileys and snakeys, and Anko is tall and slim, and loved by Kabs, because hell yeah snake clan ftw.
  • And Sakura forbids Naruto to name their firstborn with a dog’s name (they’re not Inuzukas, for chrissake!), so that no one is ever ashamed of anyone.
  • At times when Karin is cooking dinner, she teases Sasuke for his love of tomatoes like, “You passion for those is so intense you could name a kid after a salad” - and Sasuke blushes, muttering “Don’t be ridiculous, Karin”, meanwhile thinking “I will never name our child something as weird as that” whereas Suigetsu just snickers imagining how crazy a Salad Uchiha could sound.
  • Sasuke forbids them to talk about it again, but the idea of him naming his kids… Starting a family, restoring the clan… It lingers and entices. That stubborn Uzumaki woman sure has a way with him.
And God (Madara) is in his heaven, and all’s right with the world.


(you know from where I’m quoting this last one, dontcha)

Long live the fanon!

Blessed be the crackshippers.

May I present to you the (Shiny) Swords of Justice brought to you by Keldeo

askshinyvirizion askshinycobalion askshinyterrakion

aand askshiny-keldeo

we started shenanigans together, follow us yee B’D

110% Team Family now.

- Aaron saved Team Family

- Aaron convinced Rick that he wasn’t a bad guy (let me sleep with injured HUSBAND (BF just doesnt cut it with these two) or shoot me)

- Rick doesn’t like Aaron?

- Glenn defends Aaric

- Glenn likes Aaron

- Aaron talked to Noah about help (aka hope)

- Noah liked Aaron :,(

- Aaron gave Daryl a job

- Aaric gave Daryl Spaghetti

- Aaron gave Daryl a bike (that wasn’t 10 speeds)

- Aaron convinced Daryl to go and mingle

- Daryl and Aaron helped save each other

- Daryl likes Aaron

- bunch of other stuff

- Aaric was at the Rick meeting (firmly believe Eric was speaking for the two of them) and I would think they’d be defending him? ya.

- bunch of other stuff -


- Rick likes Aaron?

- Aaron supports Maggie

- Aaron saves Maggie

- Maggie tells Aaron something very personal

- Maggie and Aaron have hugs in a sewer

- Maggie and Aaron rub names off the memorial

- Aaron made Maggie smile

- Maggie likes Aaron


- Rick does not LOSE HIS SHIT when Aaron confesses to putting Rick’s two children and everyone else in danger  (nothisfault2k15)

- Rick likes Aaron?



So Aaron is officially Team Family. 

+ Aaron’s ‘name your first born after me’ means he’s a keeper. He better be a keeper.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Is there a rule that says that goalie cant be team captain? Thank you! :)

There is! Rule 6.1, to be exact (or at least that’s what it was last season, so now the NHL will probably change the number just to make me look like a fool). And if you want a little cool hockey history behind that rule, then I am so here for you, anon.

In the history of the NHL, we’ve seen 6 goalies serve as official team captains. Well, we probably actually haven’t seen them, because the last goalie to be named captain was Bill Durnan of the Montreal Canadiens, during the 1947-48 season. But, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, because the first goalie captain was John Ross Roach of the Toronto St. Patricks in 1924-25. Apparently, prior to this, the NHL decided that each team needed to designate a single player to talk to the referees. The problem, at the time, was that if that player wasn’t on the ice at the time a problem arose, he couldn’t actually talk to the referee. Kind of a big issue, eh? So, the coach of the Toronto St. Patricks said no thank you and appointed his goalie as the team captain. The goalie is always on the ice so, problem solved. Well done, coach.

Following John Ross Roach (whose nickname was actually “Little Napoleon,” come on), we saw five more goalie captains. Hell, the 1932-33 season saw not one, not two, but three goalies serving as captain with George Hainsworth of the Montreal Canadiens, Roy Worters of the New York Americans, and Alex Connell of the Ottawa Senators all captaining their teams. During the 1933-34 season, Charlie Gardiner was named captain of the Chicago Black Hawks (with the space, which didn’t actually go away until 1986). Fun fact, Gardiner is the only NHL goaltender to captain his team to a Stanley Cup win. And then, in 1947-48, the Montreal Canadiens named Bill Durnan team captain and all hell broke loose. Well, not literally, but stick with me here.

So now you might be asking, okay, Meg, but why did this all change after Durnan? What happened in 1947-48? Why can’t our favorite goaltenders serve as team captains now? Well, prior to the 1948-1949 season, the NHL actually made a change to the rule because of Durnan. They’d received so many complaints from opponents of the Montreal Canadiens, that the NHL decided to prohibit goalies from being captains or even alternate captains altogether. Apparently, Durnan left his crease to argue with the referee at seriously strategic points during games, which resulted in unscheduled timeouts and delays in the games. Seriously, they don’t call this the “Durnan Rule” for no reason. 

Now, some of you might be scratching your heads because you recall a time in the not so distant past when the Canucks apparently didn’t get a copy of the rulebook. The Canucks named Roberto Luongo as the team captain for the 08-09 and 09-10 seasons. But here’s the kicker: Luongo couldn’t actually act as the official captain during games. Willie Mitchell acted as the on-ice captain, with Henrik Sedin and Mattias Ohlund performing any ceremonial aspects of the captain position, including pre-game faceoffs. In fact, Luongo couldn’t even wear the captain C on his jersey. No way, he had to have it painted on his mask instead. So while Luongo was technically the captain of the Canucks for those two seasons, he wasn’t officially recognized as such by the NHL. In fact, he wasn’t even noted as captain on the official roster reports.

So there you have it! Goalies cannot be named official team captains in the NHL, and we can all blame Bill Durnan for that. Thanks, Bill!

I said I would and I did

So, a while back, I noted that I should make a list of things not to include in FT fanfics. So I made a list of things I personally wouldn’t write in a FT fic (but is totally okay for someone else to write). Here it is. Please note that a lot of this is just my opinion, and it’s okay if you disagree with it. Even though I’m right. (That last part’s a joke, by the way~)

Things I Won’t Not Put in a Fairy Tail Fanfiction Summary/Title/Story and Why:

  • Non-capitalized character names (“sting” instead of “Sting”). This demonstrates a lack of effort.
  • My Immortal should not be used as a title. Harry Potter ruined it for everyone (and come on, I have more creativity than that).
  • “Stfu” as a title; I shouldn’t have to explain why.
  • “[Name of character]: [Super fancy stupid title, usually "noun of the noun”]“ as a title; this is dumb in so many ways (to me), even if your story is good don’t. (It works sometimes, but almost never.)
  • DO NOT PUT QUESTIONS IN YOUR SUMMARY. I cannot stress this enough: unless the summary is dialogue found in your one-shot, questions do not belong in a summary; it is a no-no on so many levels (there are some exceptions).
  • "X has a twin brother/sister”. Long-lost relative fics are, ninety-nine percent of the time, extremely stupid. Long-lost twins are worse.
  • Use spell-check. If your computer (somehow) doesn’t have one, get a beta. I’m not reading your story if you can’t spell the word “true” correctly.
  • Apostrophes and commas are your friends. Use them.
  • Titles (as in, the titles attached to one’s name) should be capitalized. Erza teaching at a school should be “Professor Scarlet”, not “professor Scarlet”
  • Do not ever say, “this is my first fanfic”. That’s just an excuse in case it sucks, and I’m not going to judge it any less harshly.
  • Capitalize locations. “Tenrou Island”, not “tenrou island”. You’re just holding down the shift key, it’s really not that hard.
  • Include the pairing in the summary, not the title.
  • Conjugate your goddamn verbs.
  • Spell the characters’ names correctly (for characters with commonly misspelled names like Merudy, Ultear, and Sherria, this is an acceptable error). There are goddamn character boxes of; it doesn’t take a genius to use them.
  • “Lucy leaves Fairy Tail”, “Natsu kicks Lucy off of the team”, and “Lisanna has replaced Lucy” are unacceptable. Not only will I not read that story, I will not read anything else you write ever. First off, the team is not rock solid. Characters come and go – Warren, Imitatia, and Elfman have all been on the team at times, and all of the members of the team have gone off on their own at times. Third, the person who came up with the idea (Plue), the founders (Natsu, Happy, and Lucy), and the person in charge (obviously Erza) are all different people. Fourth, teams are formed in order to make things easier; some teams are formed just for one quest and disband once said quest is complete. Fifth, the team the fans call “Team Natsu” does not have an official name. It is referred to sometimes as the “strongest team”, but the team officially lacks a name. Sixth, there is no limit to the amount of people on a team. Teams can have anywhere from two guild members to all of the guild members. Seventh, there is a process one undergoes when leaving Fairy Tail. Eighth, stories with these plots are usually shit.
  • The question “who will she choose”. Yes, this question gets it’s own category because it pisses me the fuck off. Love isn’t about “choosing” – Lucy doesn’t get to pick which hot guy will go out with her. Love is a goddamn two-way street.
  • BASHING. Character bashing is a no-no for me. If you can’t write a goddamn story without hating on Lucy/Lisanna/Juvia/Jellal/Wendy/someone else, I’m not gonna bother reading it.
  • Don’t include unnecessary OCs. At one point, they were acceptable, but now all of them are annoying Mary-Sues. If your fanfic is just about Mira trying to set Natsu and Lucy up, “Samantha Sweetheart Sparkle Morningstar” does not need to get involved.
  • Lucy joining other guilds. Look, unless Lucy met *insert person who isn’t Natsu here* in Hargeon, this isn’t going to happen. Even if there were some huge misunderstanding, the other guilds would help her rather than just start hating Fairy Tail. Blue Pegasus would be thrilled to have her, but Bob was a member of Fairy Tail and Ichiya has a thing for Erza and wouldn’t want to hurt her. Mermaid Heel is an all-girls guild, but Millianna and Kagura are both very close to Erza, and, again, would make sure Lucy went home. Quatro Cerberus has expressed interest in a female Celestial Wizard before (Yukino), but Goldmine is a former member of Fairy Tail as well and Bacchus and Cana are drinking buddies. Lamia Scale has Lyon, so they’d send her back too (along with a few mocking words for Gray). The idea of her going to Saber Tooth pisses me off a lot because, even if it was during the time Minerva wasn’t there (which was, what, a week?), Sting has way too much respect for Fairy Tail to believe that they kicked her out. I think the most irritating thing is when Lucy joins Crime Sorcière. The members of Crime Sorcière are former Dark Mages, which Lucy isn’t, and are trying to atone for their sins, of which Lucy has none. If she was on a solo mission and got in trouble and they were in the area, sure, they’d help her. But she doesn’t fit the criteria for the guild, and every single one of the members has ties to Fairy Tail.
  • Natsu blowing up at Juvia in Gratsu fics. Look, I don’t mind Gratsu, but when I see Natsu – Natsu, mind you – threatening to kill a member of his own guild? No.
  • Erza forgetting about Jellal completely. Okay, I don’t really mind fics that pair Erza with someone else, but I hate it when they ignore Jellal entirely. The relationship between Jellal and Erza is extremely important, romantic or no.
  • Jellal trying to “steal” Erza away from Natsu/Gray/Lucy/whatever. Okay, time for a fun fact: the person most against the Jerza relationship is Jellal. If Erza ended up with someone other than him, he’d be thrilled. He truly believes that she deserves someone better, and he’d probably be the best man at the wedding. Sure, he loves her, but that’s why he pushes her away. In case you haven’t noticed, he kinda hates himself. Also, Erza doesn’t belong to anyone – she’s not an object.
  • Lisanna and/or Lucy being written as bitches towards one another. These two are some of the nicest, sweetest, kindest, friendliest people in the series, and they have a pretty good relationship with one another. Lisanna actually asked Lucy to take care of Natsu, and she was just as concerned as anyone else when Lucy got the shit beaten out of her by Minerva. Lucy showed an equal amount of concern for Lisanna in the Tartaros arc as well.
  • But how do I solve relationship problems if I can’t demonize everyone who gets in the way? Easy. SHIP THEM WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Fairy Tail doesn’t slack on the ship tease. If you want to write NaLu, pair Lisanna with Bickslow. If you want to write NaLi, pair Lucy with Mira. If you want to write Grayza, pair Jellal with Ultear. Hell, pair Lisanna with Juvia, Lucy with Erza, and Jellal with Natsu or whatever. There’s a lot of gay ship tease too. And, if you don’t like any of the available options, make up a crack pairing. Ship Lisanna with Flare, Lucy with Jackal, Jellal with Sting, whatever. Hell, maybe the characters don’t want to be in a relationship. Writing a Miraxus fic? Have Freed be aromantic or asexual or something. Ship Sorano and Lucy? Have Natsu be completely uninterested in being with anyone. IMAGINATION IS YOUR FRIEND.
  • Speaking of imagination, next gen kids. I’ve gone over this a million times in my head. Hell, I’ve even got a list of ten rules to abide by when farting out spawn of our beloved characters. If you want to see those rules, ask me later.
  • Character talents. We know Mira can sing. We know Levy reads. We know Juvia can’t cook. We know Erza can’t act. Think about what you know about the characters before giving them talents they don’t canonically have. For example, maybe Erza is just as bad at singing as she is at acting and dancing. If Sorano is obsessed with angels, maybe she has the voice of one as well. Is Erik a really good cook because of his nose, or a really bad cook because he adds too much spice? Juvia likes to knit, so maybe she can crochet too.
  • Battle of the bands. Okay, so I’ll admit that this is just a personal pet peeve, but I get annoyed at seeing “boy band meets girl band, they all get together”. It’s just… been done so many times. There’s no meat to it anymore.
  • Saying “read and review”. Fun fact: most of the people who read your story aren’t going to review it. There are lots of reasons for this. Maybe they’re lazy, maybe they don’t have anything to say, or maybe they’re just shy, whatever. Point is, telling people to review, doesn’t make them want to review. If you want people to review, you’re gonna have to make sure there’s something for them to say. That’s your job, not the readers’.
  • Saying “flames will be ignored” implies that you expect flames. Why? Is your story bad? If so, why should I read it? Plus, this hints that you’re not open to constructive criticism, which is something that is very helpful for writers.
  • Another pet peeve is people saying “don’t like, don’t read”. This irritates me because that should be obvious to everyone, but also because writers should encourage feedback of all sorts. I personally would much rather hear “I didn’t like X because Y” than “good story lol”.
  • Saying “no smut” in the summary of an M-rated fic. Look, I get that you’re warning people, but there are lots of reasons to rate a fic as mature. Unless people get triggered by lack of sexual activity, I don’t think “no smut” is a warning that really needs to exist.
  • Paragraphs without spaces/indents or sentences are a huge turn-off (from anon)

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